Michelle Troconis Flips On Her Greek God Fotis Dulos

Michelle Troconis Flips On Her Greek God Fotis Dulos

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Fotis Dulos & his girlfriend Michelle Troconis dumped plastic bags containing the blood of his estranged wife in dumpsters all over Hartford. Trononis is now ratting out Dulos to the cops

Jennifer Farber Dulos’s Jewish family founded fashion house Liz Claiborne. Jennifer’s father was a member of Temple Emanu-El Synagogue located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan facing Central Park. Temple Emanu-El is a giant orate historical building, the Jewish equivalent of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Ed Koch and Cardinal O’Connor made frequent campaign stops at Temple Emanu-El and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Ed Koch had his funeral held at Temple Emanu-El. Cardinal O’Connor had his funeral held at St. Patrick’s. After Cardinal O’Connor died his sister reported that mother O’Connor was a Jewess who converted to Catholicism. O’Connor was buried at St. Patrick’s Cemetery. Koch was buried at Trinity Church Cemetery. Koch’s tombstone reads: “My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish.” Koch was a proud Jew, even though he was buried in a church cemetery. Cardinal O’Connor was a self-hating Jew and was buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Jennifer married a Greek man named Fotis Dulos whom she met at Brown University. Jennifer and Fotis have five kids who were all given Greek names: Petros, Theodore, Christiane, Constantine, and Cleopatra Noelle. I have yet to determine their Hebrew names.

Jennifer and Fotis were embroiled in vicious divorce proceedings for the past two years. After they split up Fotis hooked up with a South American woman named Michelle Troconis. Michelle and her daughter moved in with Fotis in his mansion in Farmington. The mansion was paid for with money Fotis borrowed from Jennifer’s family. Jennifer’s family is suing Fotis for defaulting on millions of dollars in loans.

Jennifer disappeared from her house on May 24th after she left her kids off at a private school in New Canaan. Blood was found in her mansion in New Canaan. Police have videos of Fotis and Troconis driving around the Hartford area dumping large plastic bags containing items stained with Jennifer’s blood in dumpsters all over Hartford.

At his first court appearance Fotis was represented by Attorney Eugene Riccio. Fotis then replaced Riccio with Attorney Norm Pattis. Norm represented Pakistani Yale undergraduate Saif Khan, who was acquitted of raping a Russian Jewish Yale undergrad. I reported on that trial. I was actually surprised that the jury acquitted Khan. The jurors didn’t think much of the State’s Attorney Michael Pepper, whom they referred to as Mr. Magoo. They didn’t think much of the victim, who couldn’t remember much of what happened, as she admittedly blacked out from too much drinking that night. One of the jurors told me that he was impressed with Norm’s courtroom theatrics. Norm is a frustrated actor.

Norm showed up with his entourage of loyal Normies at the Stamford Courthouse to defend Dulos yesterday. Norm stood next to Defendant Dulos with his sidekick Attorney Kevin Smith. Norm announced that he and Kevin Smith would be handling the case. Norm and Kevin both sport ponytails, but Kevin also has a goatee. Kevin is a younger version of Norm. Norm announced that his “law student intern” Patrick Nugent would also be appearing before Judge Blawie, in order to “get his feet wet.” Patrick has yet to grow a ponytail, but I did notice peach fuzz under his nose. Norm grew his ponytail after he graduated from the three week Gary Spence trial practice boot camp in Wyoming. Norm used to frequently talk about how he learned trial law from the greatest pony tailed trial lawyer of all time: Gary Spence. Norm is the new and improved Gary Spence, with his abnormie cult following. When I was attending the Khan trial I sat next to a few Normie fans. They told me that “Norm is the greatest.”

Norm and Kevin smiled and warmly embraced murder suspect Fotis Dulos as if they had been best friends for years. Law intern Patrick Nugent stood in the back. He looked frightened. Dulos’ first lawyer Gene Riccio hardly made eye contact with Dulos when he appeared with Dulos for his first court appearance.

Norm asked Judge Blawie to lower the bond. State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo asked Judge Blawie to increase the bond. Colangelo said that DNA of Dulos was found on a kitchen faucet mixed with the victim’s blood. Norm said that Dulos was at the house a few days prior for dinner. Colangelo said that Dulos was in the backyard and never entered the house. Either he was in the house or not in the house. Who is lying to Judge Blawie? Either way, the State should find out if Jennifer had a cleaning lady who showed up after Dulos left the premises.

Colangelo told Judge Blawie that Defendant Dulos told witnesses that he “was worried” about his DNA being found in Jennifer’s house. Norm argued that it was perfectly reasonable for a suspect in a murder investigation to be worried about his DNA being found in the house. This is a reasonable argument, but how do you explain Dulos caught on camera dumping bags of his wife’s blood all over Hartford.

Norm argued to Judge Blawie that whatever Dulos said after Jennifer’s disappearance cannot be admitted into evidence if he was ever charged with murder. Norm cited the “corpus delicti” rule and the admission against interest rule. The corpus delicti rule is not even on the bar exam. These rules are subject to interpretation by a Judge. Norm is not the Judge. Norm wishes he could wear the robes. Norm doesn’t have enough political connections to get tapped. Norm didn’t go to Yale. Norm has no patience for mentally challenged politicians anyway. Norm is always the smartest man in the room. Norm prides himself on not hiring Ivy League law graduates because they are not down to earth. Who is Norm kidding? Norm can’t afford to pay Ivy League salaries.

Norm argued to Judge Blawie that his client’s cell phone was “stolen” by the New Canaan police. Norm said that he had a signed affidavit from some attorney named Yakov Pyetranker. Norm had a hard time pronouncing Pyetranker’s name. Pyetranker appeared with Dulos at the police department and the cops asked Pyetranker for Dulos’ cell phone. Pyetranker gave the cops his client’s phone without asking to see a search warrant. The cops kept the cell phone and told Pyetranker to take a hike. Who is this putz Pyetranker? Did Pyetranker get his law degree from Cooley Law School? Norm, and his Normies, would have never handed over the cell phone. I never heard of this Yakov Pyetranker. He is probably a Russian Jew. Apparently Yakov is a divorce lawyer who works for the high priced flamboyant Stamford divorce attorney Gary Cohen. Yakov is no longer involved in the Dulos case. Norm has taken over.

Defendant Dulos scowled when State’s Attorney Colangelo told Judge Blawie that Dulos told witnesses that he was worried about his DNA being found in Jennifer’s house. The only witness who could have told Colangelo that Dulos was worried would be Dulos’ girlfriend Michelle Troconis. You just can’t trust women from South America these days. When Troconis showed up to court for her first appearance a few weeks ago she looked distraught. She looked like a real criminal. Yesterday when she appeared in Court she smiled and looked happy. Troconis must be ratting out Dulos.

Norm argued to Judge Blawie that the hindering prosecution charges were brought in order to force Troconis to rat out Dulos. Norm called it the “Prisoner’s Dilemma.” Norm bellowed about the “Bill of Rights” and “the Republic.” Norm can bellow all he wants. The cops are currently searching lakes for Jennifer’s body. The cops obviously couldn’t find Jennifer’s body in any garbage disposal or dump. Troconis must have told them to look in the lakes.

In my last blog I predicted that Troconis would rat out Fotis. I don’t think Troconis had anything to do with murder. She may not have even been aware that the garbage bags contained Jennifer’s blood.

Fotis must have went to Jennifer’s house after the kids went to school. Fotis knew that Jennifer would be alone. They probably got in a very bad argument. Neighbors heard a loud bang the morning Jennifer disappeared. Fotis probably shot her. Fotis dumped her body somewhere, either in a lake or somewhere else. Fotis didn’t have time to bury her body, not even enough time to dig a shallow grave, as he had to quickly get back to Hartford so he could have some kind of an alibi. Fotis cleaned up the bloody mess and put everything in black plastic garbage bags. He later dumped the trash bags all over Hartford. He stopped at 30 dumpsters because he couldn’t decide which one to use. Norm told Judge Blawie that Fotis had an alibi for “most” of the morning and the afternoon that Jennifer disappeared. Norm told Judge Blawie that Fotis wouldn’t have enough time to murder Jennifer, clean up the bloody mess and return to Hartford. Norm revealed the State’s theory of the case. Norm wants to counter the State’s theory before Fotis is charged with murder. I predict that Jennifer’s body will be found soon. The reputation of every cop in Connecticut is on the line.

Fotis was spotted taking a jog in his neighborhood. Fotis should enjoy his freedom now, before the cops find Jennifer’s body. Today is June 12th. On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death in Los Angeles.

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