Mirlis files Amended Witness List

Mirlis files Amended Witness List

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Jury selection for the trial of child molester Greer is on schedule for May 10th at 9 AM in the Federal courthouse located in Hartford, CT.   The jury will hear evidence probably a week later.  The judge will set the date for evidence on May 10, depending on the court schedule.

Mirlis has submitted an updated list of witnesses whom he will be calling to testify.  The people on the list:  Daniel Greer, Avi Hack, Eli Mirlis, Shannon Mirlis, Julian Ford, MD, and Sarah Greer.  Each witness is expected to take at least an hour or two to testify.

Daniel Greer has not submitted an updated list of witnesses.  Greer’s current list of witnesses includes people whom I have been told are not willing participants. Greer may have to subpoena his own witnesses. The website “Lost Messiah” has posted articles about J. David Bleich, who sits on the Board of Directors at Yeshiva University (YU).  Bleich is on the Greer witness list.  Lost Messiah posted an article entitled:  “Why are Jewish Newspapers not Covering the Rabbi Greer Rape Case?  YU – Where are you?”

Daniel Greer is expected to hide behind the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any questions.  Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis are expected to testify about how they were molested for years by Greer as teenagers.  Greer’s attorney will try to get them to admit that they returned to the compound years later and “honored” the man who raped them.  Greer expects a jury to believe that these two men made up this tale of rape.  This is just some kind of lovers spat that should be settled outside the courthouse.

Dr. Julian Ford is expected to testify that the Greer rapes caused Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which Mirlis and Hack will suffer for the rest of their lives.  Sarah Greer is expected to testify about the interactions between her husband and Mirlis and Avi Hack.  I am not sure what she will add to the case.  She will come across as a clueless ewe who is still standing by her beau.

Juries in similar child molestation cases have awarded at least a million bucks.  A Waterbury jury in a case in which a boy scout was molested recently awarded $12 million.

Greer’s net worth is probably between $5 and $10 million.  Hopefully a jury will bankrupt the old goat, and a criminal prosecution will follow.

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