Mirlis Files Motion to Attach Greer Properties

Mirlis Files Motion to Attach Greer Properties


The man who was victimized by Greer is looking to attach the portfolio of properties owned by the old goat and his non profit entities.  Today Attorney Ponvert filed a motion asking the Court to move the trial up from March of 2017 to January of 2017.

Attorney Ponvert stated that the old goat has raised no defenses to the lawsuit.  Ponvert stated that the old goat refused to testify at his deposition by taking the Fifth Amendment.  Ponvert indicated that the old goat has not taken one deposition nor has he sought any information or documentation from the Plaintiff, as is normally done in a personal injury case.  In addition, the old goat, his wife, and his hand puppet attorney William Ward, have violated one court order after another.

Ponvert stated that when the old goat takes the Fifth Amendment at trial, the jury will be instructed to hold that against the old goat and make a “negative inference.”  Ponvert stated that in light of these facts, it is highly likely that a large verdict will be rendered against the goat.

A large verdict will be rendered against the old goat while he is in absentia.  The goat will be too busy watering the trees he planted near the cemetery on Whalley Avenue to attend the trial.  His wife, Rebbetzin Sarah Greer, will be locked up in Danbury Federal prison for contempt of court for refusing to testify, and also miss the trial.

Ponvert said that he suspected the old goat was going to unload properties in order to avoid paying Mirlis.  Ponvert stated:  “Based upon the defendant’s blatant contempt for this Court and for the rule of law, there is every reason to believe that, to prevent the plaintiff from collecting the inevitable judgment, they may hide, convey, encumber, or waste their assets between now and the end of March.”

The old goat has been wasting assets by refusing to abide by court orders and getting slapped with sanctions and attorneys fees by the Federal Judge.  I have been checking the New Haven land records and have not seen any recent real estate transfers by the old goat. The old goat should pay my fees for doing a title search on his properties.

The only recent filings on the New Haven land records have been notices filed by the City of New Haven notifying the old goat that children living in his properties on Norton Street, and now Maple Street, have been diagnosed with lead poisoning.  Greer has been ordered to clean up his properties or be subjected to criminal prosecution.   A public nuisance and unsafe structure notice was recently filed against the goat’s property on Elm Street, the building that practically torched to the ground.  Luckily the tenants were able to escape the fire, even though the goat did not provide them with working smoke detectors.

I have heard that the goat and the Rebbetzin have not left town and are still living on West Park Avenue.  I am sure the smoke detectors work on West Park Avenue.

Ponvert told the Court in his motion that he wants to file an application for a prejudgment remedy attachment to attach Greer’s properties.  You cannot attach a defendant’s property while a lawsuit is pending without permission from the Judge.

A prejudgment remedy attachment hearing would take just as long as a trial.  During such a hearing the plaintiff has to present his entire case to the Judge, who then determines how much the case is worth, and how much property should be attached.  Rather than have a four day prejudgment remedy attachment hearing, and a four day trial a few months later, Ponvert asked the Court to schedule an earlier trial, so there would be no need for a prejudgment remedy hearing.

Ponvert would get his verdict in January and start the process of foreclosing on goat owned properties.  Hopefully the New Haven police department will lock up the goat after he gets run out of his properties.  But it would be a shame to spend taxpayer dollars on feeding and housing this depraved goat.  It would be better to lock up the goat in his garage with the rest of his animal brethren.

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  1. Is evicting rent paying Jews with false cause from his properties something they should take into account when considering if he is intentionally harming the value of his assets?

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