Mirlis Hires Collection Lawyer to Go After Greer Gold

Mirlis Hires Collection Lawyer to Go After Greer Gold

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The man who won a $20 million dollar verdict against Daniel Greer has just hired a lawyer who specializes in collections to go after the Goat’s gold.  The lawyer who won the verdict, ie., Ponvert, only handles personal injury cases.  Ponvert doesn’t know much about collecting from a deadbeat debtor.  In most personal injury cases the insurance company picks up the tab and mails out a settlement check.  In this case the Goat refused to get his insurance companies involved.  The Goat chose to fight it out himself.

Mirlis has hired Bridgeport attorney Matthew Beatman to beat the Goat with a stick until he pays the $20 million.  Beatman is a partner at the legendary Bridgeport collections law firm of Zeisler & Zeisler. Beatman just filed an appearance on behalf of Mirlis in the Federal case.  If the Goat tries to use Attorney William Ward to avoid paying Mirlis, Beatman will beat Ward as well.  Ward doesn’t know anything about defending a deadbeat debtor.  Ward only knows how to lie to a Federal judge, ie., when he told Judge Shea that he had a restraining order against me when he didn’t have anything other than a court date, which he didn’t even attend.

The man who got raped by the Goat as a child will end up getting screwed by the Goat as an adult.  After Ponvert takes his one third, Beatman will take a third.  Mirlis will be left with the remaining one third.  But costs of the litigation, such as expert fees, court costs, marshal fees, investigator costs, etc…, will eat into the one third that Mirlis is left with.

Beatman could force the Goat into an involuntary bankruptcy.  A bankruptcy trustee would be appointed to liquidate the Goat’s assets and pay creditors. The only assets subject to collection are the Goat’s residence in New Haven, the Goat’s two condos in Newport, a couple of lots in the name of the Yeshiva of New Haven located in Bethany, and a lot in Massachusetts. The condos and residence are half owned by the Ewe, so Mirlis can only collect a half on those assets.

The Goat is on the board of many non-profit entities.  These entities were dropped from the Federal lawsuit as defendants.   A board member of a non-profit does not own the assets of the non-profit.  A board member is a trustee for the non-profit.

Bankruptcy trustees are private attorneys hired by the Office of the United States Attorney to seize a debtor’s assets and pay creditors.  The trustees get paid out of the bankruptcy estate.  They usually submit a very large bill at the end of the case.  They take their cut first, and then pay off creditors.  If the Goat hired a bankruptcy attorney to defend him on the bankruptcy case, that attorney would also take fees out of the estate.  An involuntary bankruptcy filing would almost guarantee that there would be next to nothing left over for Mirlis.

The only justice to come out of the civil trial would be if the evidence from the trial is used to bring criminal charges against the Goat.



3 thoughts on “Mirlis Hires Collection Lawyer to Go After Greer Gold

  1. even is mirlis does not end up with much money to speak he is to be commended for following through and for going after what is his due — in principle. most certainly he will make greer’s life more difficult, might enforce disclosures of his financial dealings, and open up a whole can of financial “worms”, i.e. matters that greer would want to keep to himself. maybe a fraud indictment might come out of all this , too. since mirlis hired someone very good it is also my hope that this lawyer might find and know of ways to go after the greer financially that are not common knowledge. anyway, i really wish mirlis the very best: money always helps, but there is also the knowledge that he is putting greer on the defensive and that there is a chance that he might seriously harm greer. good for mr mirlis!!!

  2. Sounds like you think the Goat is the type to be hiding any liquid assets under his mattress instead of in the bank.

    In other news, someone named Kanarek was arrested by the FBI this week. It seems he may be the brother in law of Notis from the Goat compound.

    Someone else named Ehrman who was arrested in the same group of raids at the same time & place as Kanarek is the son of an Ehrman from a child rape scandal that took place years ago in Brooklyn.

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