Mirlis Offers to Settle Rape Lawsuit

Mirlis Offers to Settle Rape Lawsuit


Today Mr. Mirlis filed a document in Federal court where he offered to settle the rape case against the old goat for a specific amount of money.  This court document is called an “offer of compromise.”

An offer of compromise gives the old goat the opportunity to make amends to the victim of his crimes.  The old goat will never be able to fully compensate Mr. Mirlis.  Getting raped as a child by a goat is something that will haunt Mirlis for rest of his life.

The attorney for Mirlis filed this offer of compromise under seal.  The public cannot view the amount of money Mirlis will accept to settle his case.  I would guess he asked for a million dollars.  Similar cases have settled for a million bucks.

If the old goat refuses to settle the case for a million dollars, the old goat will be on the hook for interest on any judgment rendered against him.  The interest would be calculated from today’s date.  The interest rate the court imposes is 12% per year.

If Mr. Mirlis gets a jury verdict one year from now in the amount of $1 million, the old goat would be liable to pay Mirlis one million plus $120,000.00 in interest, representing one year of interest at 12% per year.

If Greer appealed the case and it dragged on for a couple of more years the interest would be compounded.  A few years could provide Mirlis with hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional compensation.

The fact that Mirlis filed the offer of compromise at this point in time raises many questions.  Since Halloween the old goat hasn’t responded to any paperwork filed in court against him, causing the Federal judge to impose sanctions.   Two days ago Mirlis filed a subpoena to compel Sarah Greer to testify against her husband at a deposition.

I believe that there is either a criminal investigation going on or the old goat is looking to flee the country.  Why else would this combative old goat play dead?

It is possible that attorney Ward and the old goat are fighting.  The goat may be unhappy with the legal representation Ward is providing.  Or the old goat may have refused to pay Ward’s legal bill.  But even if he failed to pay his legal bill, Ward is still obligated to provide representation and defend the goat.  It could be that the goat is looking to hire another attorney, but has yet to make a payment to the new attorney.

It is possible that Mirlis attempted to settle the case with the old goat.  The belligerent old goat refused to offer anything close to what Mirlis requested.  If there is no settlement the case will go to trial and a judgment will be rendered against the old goat.  There may not be much of a trial, as the ornery goat is not fighting the case.  There may just be a hearing in damages to determine how much the goat should pay Mirlis.  Mirlis is filing the offer of compromise in order to maximize his compensation.

The goat doesn’t want to pay Mirlis for a number of reasons.  The goat feels that if he paid Mirlis he would be admitting guilt.  In his mind it is better to have a court order him to pay than to pay voluntarily.  Plus it wouldn’t look good if he faced criminal charges.

The deposition of Sarah Greer is still scheduled.  Sarah Greer has yet to hire an attorney to represent her at the deposition, or object to the subpoena.  She can’t use the old goat’s attorney William Ward.  That would be a conflict of interest.  Ward is useless anyway, he hasn’t filed a single document defending the old goat in months.  Sarah Greer would have to hire her own attorney.

I think Sarah Greer should hire a female attorney in order to promote diversity in this case.  The Federal Judge on the case is Michael P. Shea, a White male.  Mirlis is represented by White male Antonio Ponvert III.  Greer is represented by White male attorney William “Wonder Bread” Ward.  Avi Hack is represented by White male attorney Stephen Errante.  The Italian attorney Errante is the only ethnic person in the case, although Tony Soprano would probably refer to him as a “wonder bread wop.”

How come none of these Jewish litigants hired a member of their own race?  As a fellow member of the tribe I am dismayed and embarrassed that these fellow landsmen, who would never be caught dead in a German car, refused to help out a fellow Yid.  There are plenty of good Jewish female attorneys whom Sarah Greer could hire.

Sarah Greer could hire pit bull attorney Debbie Marino.  Marino is her married name.  Or she could hire attorney Anne Epstein, who is married to the son of a law abiding Orthodox rabbi.  There is the prominent Marsha Moses, who is a member of the Anti-Defamation League.  Or she can settle for Debbie Dorio.  Dorio is not Jewish but she has a big following among relocated Brooklyn Orthodox Jews up in Waterbury.  She even knows how to say “L’chaim” properly.

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