Mirlis Testifies While Sarah Greer Defends the Goat

Mirlis Testifies While Sarah Greer Defends the Goat

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Sarah “the Ewe” Greer took the witness stand today.  She began her testimony by stating that she never liked Mirlis.  She defended her pedophile husband.  Her testimony was consistent with the Goat’s testimony.  She threw Avi Hack and Rabbi Emmanuel Gettinger under the bus.  She told the jury that the Goat was “NOT the rabbi at the time, currently he IS the rabbi.”  She said Rabbi Gettinger was there to provide Mirlis with moral guidance and Avi Hack was there to run the day to day operations of the school.  The Goat was just an animal in the background who made grunting noises in the shul.

The Goat took the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer questions about whether he taught Jewish history or theology.  Yet the Ewe told the jury that the Goat did indeed teach Jewish History and some other classes to Mirlis.  The Goat and the Ewe obviously didn’t trade notes on that question.

Sarah Greer argued with Attorney Ponvert in the same way that the Goat argued with Ponvert on the witness stand.  She was indignant.  She spoke down to Attorney Ponvert as if he was one of her third grade students.  She doesn’t have elementary school students anymore.  Her elementary school closed over a year ago after all her children and friends left the compound.

The Ewe looked to the Goat for help during her testimony.  She stared at the goat and waited for cues after Ponvert asked her a question.   The Goat was seated right behind Ponvert.  When the Goat shook his head the Ewe played dumb and said she either “didn’t know” the answer or “couldn’t recall.”  This is a sleezy technique attorneys use every now and then in court.  Usually it is the attorney who signals to the client how to answer, with a nod of the head.  In this case the Goat’s attorneys weren’t going to risk getting caught with even more sleeze tactics in front of Judge Shea.  They let the Goat, who is also an attorney, do their dirty work for them.

When asked if the Goat served alcohol to minors the Ewe shook her head and chuckled and told the jury it is part of “our religion to serve wine to everyone to begin the Sabbath.  This is what we do.”  She laughed and said that even an eight day old baby is given a taste of wine.

When asked whether the Goat took Mirlis to a private motel room in Paoli, Pennsylvania, she said that Mirlis went to the motel with the Goat after the Mirlis parents gave Eli “permission” to spend a night with the Goat.  The trip to Pennsylvania was part of a school “outing.”

Mirlis later took the witness stand and told the jury that he and the Goat were traveling to Pennsylvania on a Friday afternoon and got stuck in Paoli, PA.  The Goat didn’t want to violate the Sabbath by driving after sundown, so they had to stay in a motel in Paoli.  They were there from Friday night until Sunday.  Mirlis testified that the Goat repeatedly raped him in the motel room.  The Goat was careful not to rape Mirlis on the Sabbath.  The Goat waited until after sundown on Saturday night in order to rape Mirlis.

Dr. Julian Ford, an expert on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), also testified.  He told the jury that Mirlis has all the signs of a person suffering from PTSD.  The attorneys questioned him about information Mirlis provided as part of the evaluation.  The entire courtroom gasped when Dr. Ford testified that the Goat’s sons may also have been raped by the Goat.

Mirlis testified that the first time the Goat attempted to rape him was his second year at the high school.  He said one night the Goat told him to go to 777 Elm Street. A bottle of alcohol and cashews were on the table.  The Goat tried to seduce Mirlis. I heard the Goat tried to seduce another student from the late 2000’s with a bottle of alcohol and peanuts.  The Goat told Mirlis that he needed to relax and not worry about the financial struggles of his family.  The Goat then kissed Mirlis on the lips.  Mirlis said that he freaked out and told the Goat that this was “not acceptable.”  The Goat told Mirlis, “this is nothing, I did this to my kids all the time.”  The Goat kept coming back to Mirlis again and again.  Eventually Mirlis submitted to oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation with the Goat.

The Goat raped Mirlis in buildings all over the compound.  The Goat also raped Mirlis at the Branford Motel on Sunday afternoons.  The Goat would wear a cap, khaki or green olive pants.  At the Branford Motel the Goat made Mirlis watch porn films.  One Sunday afternoon the Goat took Mirlis to land owned by the Goat in Bethany.  The Goat took a blanket and some food and raped Mirlis in the forest.  It started to rain so they went back to the Goat’s car.

If Mirlis didn’t put out for the Goat his grades would suffer and the Goat would yell at him and humiliate him in class.  Avi Hack and Ezi Greer both knew that the Goat was repeatedly raping Mirlis.  Mirlis testified that they eventually tried to stop it, but were unsuccessful.  Mirlis told the jury that he was treated like a ping pong.  When he rebuffed the Goat, the Goat screamed at him in class.  When he went submitted to the Goat, Avi Hack would get mad at him.  At one point Avi and Ezi tried to stop the Goat from raping Mirlis.  They banged on the door of a room where Mirlis was getting raped by the Goat.  Mirlis testified that the door was “double locked” and they could not get in.

Mirlis was also questioned about whether he reported these rapes to the police department.  Mirlis said he reported the Goat to the police about a year ago, but “nothing came of the complaint, not yet.”  The Goat turned white as a ghost.

After Mirlis testified, Attorney Ponvert told Judge Shea that he “rested his case.”  Judge Shea told the Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys that they would start their defense tomorrow morning.  The Goat plans on calling one witness, the Goat’s secretary Jean Ledbury. The Goat’s attorneys indicated that they did not expect Ms. Ledbury to be very long.  The Goat’s attorneys did not look very optimistic about their case.  They didn’t look enthusiastic about just having Ledbury defend the Goat.  I think the Goat insisted on Ledbury.  If it was up to his $3,000 an hour wet dream team of attorneys, I think they would have rested without calling Ledbury.

Mirlis looked very happy to see a good number of people on his side of the courtroom today.  I think Mirlis was even pleased to see Larry Noodles in the bleachers.  The Goat’s side was completely empty, other than a couple of court clerks and news reporters.  The jury must have been wondering why Ezi Greer and Dov Greer, whom they heard so much about, were not in court supporting their Goat father.

There was a mystery person on the Mirlis side of the Court today who is a member of the extended Greer clan.  Larry Noodles took the blogger oath and promised that he would not reveal this person’s identity.  This person shook the hand of Larry Noodles in front of the Goat and his Ewe.  The Goat and the Ewe walked up to this person with daggers in their eyes.  Nothing was said, but if looks could kill…

Wednesday will be closing arguments and the charge to the jury.  The case will start at 9 AM.   I strongly urge anyone who cares about Mirlis to make the trip to 450 Main Street in Hartford and show your support.  The Larry Noodles bus has a few extra seats available.  There are some guys coming in from Brooklyn if you want to catch a ride.

The Goat is a menace to society.  He needs to be locked up.  The jury needs to shut down the compound.  A ten million dollar verdict should do the trick.

No amount of money can compensate Mirlis for what he endured and what he will suffer for the rest of his life.  The same is true for victims Avi Hack and the Goat boys.   You can give them a billion dollars, it still wouldn’t be enough.

5 thoughts on “Mirlis Testifies While Sarah Greer Defends the Goat

  1. An Ewe is a female sheep. Why do you call her an Ewe? Truth is that she is a victim of the goat as well. The fact that she is backing him is just evidence of how severely victimized she actually is.

    1. Ewe sounds better than a doe or a nanny under these circumstances. Ewe is closer to EWWWWWW! There is no law against a goat marrying a ewe.

  2. The case should also be against Sarah Greer. All you need to do is ask any of the girls who attended her prison style High School. I’m surprised that reading all the articles there are no claims against her but only on him. To the girls she was way worse than him & the girls were petrified of her. JCW recieved testimony from some of this girls.

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