Monsey Banker Robs Park Avenue Bank

Monsey Banker Robs Park Avenue Bank

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Frum Attorney Mendel Zilberberg, former director of the Park Avenue Bank, was just indicted with his co-conspirator Aron Fried, for bank fraud, embezzlement, & misappropriation of bank funds. Zilberberg, along with former Bank President Charles Antonucci, raped, pillaged and plundered the Park Avenue Bank, causing it to go under and taken over by the FDIC
Former President / CEO of Park Avenue Bank Charles J Antonucci Sr. only got 30 months after he ratted out his Jewish co-conspirators. You can’t trust the goyim. Antonucci owes $54 million in restitution to the FDIC. Antonucci was the first banker who was indicted for scamming TARP money from the Feds. After Antonucci pleaded guilty the Feds indicted at least 80 bankers for making false representations to the Feds in order to get approved for TARP bailout money. Antonucci didn’t have time to change into his bankers suit or comb his hair when the Feds knocked on his door.

Attorney Mendel Zilberberg, of Zilberberg, Einhorn & Karpel of 4405 17th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, was busted by the Feds this week for bank fraud. Zilberberg’s co-conspirator Aron Fried was also busted. Zilberberg used to be the Director of Park Avenue Bank, which went under ten years ago. As a Director of Park Avenue Bank Zilberberg helped get multi million dollar loans for his co-conspirator Aron Fried, who was identified as the “straw borrower.” Zilberberg and Fried recruited another guy, whom the Feds identified as “CC-1”, or co-conspirator 1. CC-1’s name was not revealed because CC-1 is ratting out Zilberberg and Fried to the Feds. The Feds indicated that CC-1 had a criminal record. I probably did Federal time with CC-1. I would guess that CC-1 is most likely a guy who graduated from Otisville prison. Why would a successful Jewish banker / lawyer get involved in a scheme with professional criminals, straw borrowers, Otisville graduates and confidential informants? Cardozo Law School graduate Zilberberg is in way over his head in chicken schmaltz and lokshen kugel.

At about the time that Zilberberg was running his scheme, the Park Avenue Bank was also being scammed by a goy named Charles J. Antonucci Sr. Antonucci was busted for committing massive bank fraud at Park Avenue Bank. Antonucci cooked the books at the bank in order to receive millions of dollars in TARP funds from the Federal government after the 2008 housing crash. Antonucci was also involved in other bank fraud schemes with an investment banker named Allen Reichman of Irvington, NY. Antonucci ratted out Reichman and also ratted out Park Avenue Bank Vice President Matthew Morris. Reichman got 21 months in Federal prison. Antonucci, Reichman, Zilberberg, Fried, and a few other criminals caused the $500 million Park Avenue Bank to go bankrupt. The FDIC took it over and was left holding the bag.

Zilberberg’s linked in profile, which I expect will be taken down very soon:

A visionary, strategist, and entrepreneur, Mendel Zilberberg has developed seven service-based companies over the past ten years. His businesses, some of which are internationally based, range from legal and allied legal services to healthcare related entities. Mr. Zilberberg’s latest business ventures are in healthcare while his initial enterprises continue to flourish under his guidance.

Admitted to practice law in both state and federal courts in New York, New Jersey and Florida, Mr. Zilberberg remains active in the law directly through his firm, and indirectly through the time he spends working in the community at large. The independent and highly acclaimed peer review board Martindale-Hubbell has recognized his excellence in the law by awarding his law firm an AV rating, the highest rating possible.

Areas of Legal Focus:
* Healthcare – As it currently stands, almost 17 percent of the GDP is spent on healthcare in the
United States. In other words, that means that 17 percent of every dollar made in the United
States goes to healthcare. It is for this reason that Mendel Zilberberg & Assoc. has embarked
on a program that focuses on HIPAA – HITECH, reimbursement trends, regulatory
compliance, and keeping abreast of as well as keeping our clients informed of both changes in
healthcare law, regulatory initiatives, and relevant news regarding the general healthcare arena.
* Litigation
* Arbitration
* Judiciary Law Section 487 matters
* Business/Partnership/JV Formation
* General commercial matters


  • Admitted to practice law in the New York, New Jersey and Florida State Courts as well as the United States District Courts for the Eastern District of New York (E.D.N.Y.), the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.), and the District of New Jersey (D. of N.J.). He is an active member of the New York and New Jersey Bar Associations.

    Areas of Focus:
    * Healthcare
    * Litigation
    * Arbitration
    * Judiciary Law Section 487 matters
    * Business/Partnership/JV Formation
    * General commercial matters

  • CEO Superior Environmental Contractors: Superior focused on Environmental Contracting and performed numerous projects for fortune 500 Companies including Kraft General Foods and Ciba Giegy. In addition Superior performed services for the Department of Defense and West Point.
  • CEO, Very Fine Resources Inc.


  • Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University
  • Cardozo Law Review
    Alexander Fellow
    Samuel Belkin Scholar

Volunteer Experience

  • Community Board 12: The Community Board is the official municipal body whose primary mission is to advise elected officials and government agencies on matters affecting the social welfare of the district. All meetings are open to the public. Board Members are appointed by their respective Borough President, half of them at the recommendation of their local City Council Member. They serve in a voluntary capacity for two year staggered terms. Board Members are your neighbors – people who live, work, own a business, or have some other significant interest in the Community District.
  • Bronxwood Home for the Aged: Bronxwood is a not for profit senior citizen facility committed to preserving the comfort, health and dignity of senior citizens and others who are in need of varying degrees of assistance. The Board’s function runs the gamut from oversight of regulatory compliance, physical operations, human resources and facilities management.
  • Project Yes is a not for profit organization that recognizes that in today’s environment, even good kids from fine homes sometimes face difficult choices. This is more so for children who grow up in challenging environments. Our goal is very simple: prevention. There are so many challenges facing teenagers these days – some obvious, some treacherously deceptive.

Zilberberg was released on a $500K bond secured by his residence at 206 Grandview Avenue, in Monsey, which is appraised at $650K. Zilberberg is allowed to travel in the tri-State region, as well as to the State of Florida. I don’t know what kind of business Zilberberg has going on in Florida.

Zilberberg hired Modern Orthodox Jew lawyer Ben Brafman, the most highly paid Jew lawyer on the East Coast. Brafman is highly sought after by the biggest white collar Jewish criminals in New York. Harvey Weinstein hired Brafman to defend him against rape charges. Weinstein proved to be a very difficult client. Brafman dumped Weinstein as a client. It is very rare for Brafman to fire a client. Weinstein obviously didn’t properly pay the pit bull street lawyer Brafman the proper respect. Brafman graduated from a Yeshiva High School, Brooklyn College, and Northern Ohio University Community College of Law, at the bottom of the US News & World Report law school rankings. It’s not as low as Cooley Law School, where Michael Cohen graduated, but it is close.

Zilberberg’s case just got started. Zilberberg won’t cut a deal with the Feds for at least a year. After Zilberberg pleads guilty he is going to have to get ready to self-surrender to Otisville. Otisville could use a few good men, a few good Jewish men.

Pit bull Jew lawyer Ben Brafman with his former client Harvey Weinstein

“The hand of HaShem lay heavy upon the he-goats, the ewes, the crooks, the politicians, the Yalies, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

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