Mordachai Biser Did Not Have Sex With the Goat

Mordachai Biser Did Not Have Sex With the Goat

During the legal proceedings in the case of Eli Mirlis v. Daniel Greer court documents were filed asking Daniel Greer to either admit or deny that he had sex with Mordechai Biser.  Greer initially did not respond to these legal documents. Greer’s attorney William Ward claimed Greer had lost the documents.  Then Ward claimed that the Goat was insulted by the questions, and refused to respond.  Eventually the Goat did respond and denied ever having sex with Mordechai Biser.

Recently I was granted an exclusive interview with Mr. Biser.  Mr. Biser contacted me and told me that he did not have sex with Daniel Greer, or any other man for that matter.  He is a healthy heterosexual male, unlike the depraved Goat, who is an unhealthy pedophile who prays on young boys.

When I first reported about Biser’s name coming up in court documents, I pointed out that Biser’s Linked In page listed that he was the executive director of one of Greer’s non-profits from 1989 to 1995.  Biser has since removed all references to his employment in New Haven on his Linked In page.

When I asked some of the old timers in New Haven about Biser, I heard nothing but positive reports.  One local said that Biser felt bad about some mischief that Greer was involved.  Apparently the Goat was slandering a local New Haven rabbi.  According to this local, this is reason Biser left town, never to return to New Haven. I tried to ask Biser questions about his tenure in New Haven, but he had no comment.  At least he didn’t plead the Fifth Amendment, unlike the Goat.

Biser went to Yale University and Yale Law School from 1976 to 1987.  In 1981 Biser worked for famous New York pollster Louis Harris.  Louis Harris was a top aide to Mayor John Lindsay.  The goat had a big position in the Lindsay administration, before the goat lost an election and was run out of New York.  Lindsay and the goat both grew up on Riverside Drive in Manhattan.  Harris grew up in New Haven.  I tried to contact Mr. Harris and Mr. Lindsay to find out more information about the Goat.  Unfortunately Harris and Lindsay no longer exist, but I will try to reach out to their children and grandchildren.


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