More Greer Aftershocks

More Greer Aftershocks


Since Larry Noodles was subjected to the violent attack by the little old man who calls himself Daniel Greer, Mr. Noodles has received much correspondence, revealing even more details about this monster.

One reliable source told Larry Noodles that Greer rewrote history.  Everything published about Greer is full of half truths.  No doubt Greer threatened anyone with legal action if they dare tell the other side of story.  For example, the story goes that Greer left his powerful position in the Lindsay Administration in New York City in order to settle in the Land of Israel because he had a religious reawakening.  A Greer epiphany.  You would have to ask yourself why a man who craves power as much as Greer would resign as the Master of Manhattan in order to settle in Israel, which was a dusty backwater at the time.  They didn’t even have air conditioning back then.  The truth is that Greer left New York City because he was kicked out of the Lindsay Administration.  It is not clear how or why he was kicked out, but Israel would be the perfect place to hide at the time, it would have been very hard to extradite Greer back to New York.

Another question about Greer:  If Greer had a religious epiphany, why would he settle in the Holy Land and then pack up and leave in a few years? According to Jewish law, once one settles in the land of Israel, and makes it his permanent residence, it is not permitted to leave the Land.  But Jewish law does not seem to be much of a concern for “Rabbi” Greer.  This is the same man who is suing Larry Noodles, Avi Hack and Eli Mirli in secular court, refusing to take his grievances to Rabbinical Court.

Greer moved to Israel with the intention of making it his permanent residence.  Then after a few years he decided to pack it up and go back to America.  I heard Greer say many times that he left Israel because of the bureaucracy, the red tape, the politics.  He felt the Israeli political system was corrupt.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

According to one reliable source, Greer was kicked out of the Land of Israel.  Israelis are tough people.  They made an arid desert bloom.  They fought in many wars.  Israelis are referred to as “sabras“, ie., a prickly pear you see in the gourmet section of the supermarket, tough on the outside, sweet on the inside.  Israelis talk with their hands.  If they see you on the bus and want your seat, they will physically remove you. Israelis all serve in the army.  Everyone is a reservist.  Greer, on the other hand, is a New York pansy.  He grew up on Riverside Drive, overlooking the Hudson River.  Greer was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Greer was never in the military.  Greer is the classic case of the chicken hawk.  He likes to talk tough when it comes to the military, but he would never have the courage to enlist, or let his children enlist.  He is a coward and physically unfit.  He is the Pillsbury dough boy.

Plus Greer is a homosexual.  Manhattan has always had a large homosexual population, especially in Greenwich Village.  Mayor Koch was gay.  There was never any shame in being gay in Manhattan.  Israelis are similar to the Italians.  Macho heterosexuals of the Mediterranean, married with a girlfriend on the side.  The “sidepiece.”  Greer was a fish out of water.  Where could a New York pansy go to have some fun?  Had anyone in Israel found out that Greer was gay he would have been tarred and feathered.  Greer had no choice but to move back to the States.

Why did Greer settle in New Haven?    Greer always said he settled in New Haven because he liked the fact that it was located midway between New York and Boston.  I could never figure out why being midway between New York and Boston mattered to Greer. There was nothing in Boston for Greer.  Greer never went to Boston.  But Greer did take Rabbi Avi Hack to Provincetown in Massachusetts, the gay capital of the Northeast, quite frequently, where he raped and sodomized poor Avi.

Greer probably figured that if he moved into the sleepy town of New Haven he could stay under the radar.  He was right outside of New York City, which had a sizable population of Jewish children.  He started a very small school, where he lured children far away from their parents.  He frequently took children into his office.  Have you ever been inside the Greer office?   I have.  It is a dingy, dark, scary space with no windows and very high ceilings.  I was told by another reliable source that Greer used to take children into the Greer office and close the door, for “tutoring.”

Larry Noodles has still not received a check from Greer for attending Sabbath services.  Greer is said to pay $50 for a Sabbath.  Noodles is still waiting for his money, and will sue Greer if he has to.

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    Please provide evidence for “But Greer did take Rabbi Avi Hack to Provincetown in Massachusetts, the gay capital of the Northeast, quite frequently, where he raped and sodomized poor Avi”

    What is the basis for this statement?

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