More Greer Victims Out There

More Greer Victims Out There


I have previously written about another possible victim of Molester Greer.  I found out more information about this student.  This student was enrolled in the rape school in the late 2000’s.  He was taken out of regular classes and given private tutoring with Molester Greer.  He was taken out every Sunday afternoon by Molester Greer on “private field trips.”

Most students at the Rape school were from the New York area and took the train into the New Haven’s Union station.  They usually hitched rides from the train station to the Greer rape school.  This was before the days of Uber.  Sometimes they would walk the 2 miles and could be seen on Whalley Avenue shlepping their suitcases to the Rape School.  Sometimes if I wasn’t busy I spotted them and gave these poor kids a ride.

But one student got a private chauffeur service from the train station to the school.  The Undertaker would get contacted by Avi Hack when this boy arrived at Union Station.  The Undertaker was told to pick up this boy and leave him at the rape school.  I verified this with the Undertaker himself, the same man who is currently being evicted by Molester Greer.  When this boy was ready to go home during break the Goat himself would personally drive this boy to Union station and put him on the train.

I do not know if Greer ever raped this boy, but I do know that this boy was suddenly removed from the school by his parents in the middle of the school year with no explanation.  This boy is now a young man and from what I understand he is under the radar and has had a number of difficult years since he left the compound, which is typical for most who have had the unfortunate experience of spending time at the compound.  Hopefully he will read this and contact the police.

One has to wonder whether Greer’s behavior with this boy raised any red flags with Avi Hack.  Avi testified that he knew what went on with Mirlis, and yet failed to report Greer to the police.  Avi testified that he failed to report molestation to the Department of Child and Youth Services (DCF) while DCF was in the compound investigating claims of Greer locking up students in rooms without heat.  Avi testified that if he blew the whistle on Greer he was afraid Greer would “yell and scream” at him and everything his family built up in the compound would be “destroyed.” Avi testified, on pages 60-63, that his mother and father were both involved in the rape school, with his father serving on the Board of Directors and his mother the treasurer.

Did Avi suspect anything inappropriate between this boy and Daniel Greer?  Avi was the one who arranged to have this boy picked up by the Undertaker, while all the other students shlepped their luggage through the slums of New Haven.  Avi must have known that this boy was taken out of regular classes and put into the private care of Daniel Greer.  There were only a half a dozen boys in the entire school.  Avi must have known that this boy was taken on private field trips with Greer every Sunday.

When rumors of molestation were first beginning to surface back in 2015, Avi was even asked by former students whether it was this boy who was the one who was threatening to sue Greer for child rape, not Mirlis.  Greer must have caused Avi to suffer major psychological damage to the point where Avi said nothing while the Goat tried to rape other children.  Avi testified in his deposition that he was in psychological counseling.  Who knows how many other victims of Daniel Greer are out there.   The body bags keep piling up.

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