Moshe Butler Facing More Federal Charges

Moshe Butler Facing More Federal Charges

Moshe Butler schemed with fellow Otisville inmate Effraim Frenkel to commit new crimes while they were locked up in 2015.  As soon as Moshe was released from Otisville in 2016 he changed his name to Ed Wharburg.  Frenkel stayed in Otisville.  Frenkel kept his name and inmate number.  On the outside Moshe conducted business under the name “Ed Wharburg.” Moshe returned to the outside to resume his life of crime. 

Moshe was never rehabilitated in Otisville, as if rehabilitation is even possible in prison.  Prison is a degrading place.  Prison makes you feel like an outcast of society, a failure.  A complete degenerate.  Guys do not come out of prison with healthy attitudes towards society.  Most guys are angry at the world.  Most guys not ready to adjust to civilized society after having lived like an animal in prison.

Fellow inmates warned Frenkel not to get involved with Moshe Butler.  Butler was bad news.  After Moshe got out of Otisville Frenkel called Moshe from the prison phone to see how the scheme was going, as Frenkel had a number of his buddies invest money with Butler.  Moshe never answered Frenkel’s calls.  Frenkel vowed revenge.

Moshe had a serious gambling problem.  Moshe even gambled while he was locked up in Otisville.  Nobody would wager with him.  Everyone knew that he would never pay up if he lost.  Not that Moshe was the only one who squelched on his bets.  Squelching on bets was rampant in Otisville.  Every guy in Otisville is a convicted felon, what do you expect.

After Frenkel realized that Moshe wasn’t going to return his calls, Frenkel ratted Moshe out to the Feds.   The Feds investigated Moshe for almost two years.  Moshe was busted two months ago.  The Feds charged Moshe with obtaining money under false pretenses and lying to the Office of Adult Probation.  Moshe submitted fraudulent monthly income reports to the Probation Office that did not report the income he was getting from his latest scam.  It’s like when Al Capone didn’t pay taxes on selling booze during Prohibition.  You can read the criminal complaint by clicking this link.  Moshe quickly copped a plea with the Feds.  Moshe is lucky he didn’t get charged with tax evasion, as was the case with Capone.  

Moshe pleaded guilty to one count of obtaining money under false pretenses and another count of lying to the Probation office about his fraudulent income.  Moshe will probably get another year or two in Otisville, depending on Judge William Walls.  You can read a copy of Moshe’s plea agreement by clicking this link.  Moshe’s sentencing date is scheduled for January 15th, 2019. 

Moshe just got into even more trouble with the Feds.  Moshe requested that the Office of Adult Probation allow him to fly to Texas for one day on December 20th for business purposes.  Moshe’s probation officer denied his request because of Moshe’s new charges.  Moshe’s lawyer sent a letter to Judge Walls asking that the Judge override Probation and allow Moshe to travel to Texas for one day.  Moshe’s lawyer argued to Judge William Walls that Moshe had to go to Texas in order “to meet with caseworkers for member of the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that veterans are placed in appropriate detox treatment programs, to work with a number of Dallas homeless shelters in an effort to expand his company’s existing services and to meet with other treatment centers that refer his company clients.” 

When Moshe was released from Otisville in 2016 Probation allowed Moshe to travel to Texas and New York for business purposes.  In 2018 Moshe got busted with his new charges, ie., for fraud and for lying to Probation.  If you commit new crimes while you are on probation the Office of Probation can violate your probation, ie., revoke your probation, and send you back to jail to serve the remainder of your original sentence. 

Probation never violated Butler when he recently got charged with his new crimes.  That may soon change.  According to paperwork submitted to Judge Walls, Butler’s attorney stated: “Mr. Butler will address Probation’s allegations that he has violated the terms of his supervised release if and when such charges are filed; indeed, such charges have been anticipated since long before Mr. Butler’s guilty plea, which – after all – included a plea to a charge of lying to Probation. But the fact that Probation may seek to file a petition alleging that Mr. Butler violated the conditions of his supervised release at some unknown and undisclosed time in the future should not alter this Court’s initial ruling allowing his travel for business purposes especially since the Court was also aware of this possibility at the time it set his conditions of release given the nature of the charges to which he pleaded guilty.”

Judge William Walls granted Moshe’s request to travel to Texas for one day.  Moshe left on December 20th and came back today, ie., December 21st.  You can read Moshe’s travel request and the request to travel submitted by Moshe’s lawyer to Judge Walls by clicking the links below:  

Moshe is getting sentenced next month for his new Federal crimes.  It remains to be seen whether Probation files paperwork violating his probation.  Piling on the charges.  What’s the point? Prison offers no treatment for guys with gambling addictions, or any other addiction for that matter, other than RDAP, which everyone knows is a joke. 

Locking up Moshe Butler is a waste of Federal tax dollars that could be better spent building a giant wall to keep out the foreign criminals.  No matter how much time Moshe is locked up it’s not real punishment.  Moshe spends most of his time in prison either consuming 10,000 calories a day in junk food and soda, watching television, or sleeping.  Why should Uncle Sam subsidize such a lifestyle?  The psychologists call this enabling, coddling, and pampering.  Moshe will never grow up. 

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