Moshe Butler Gets Jewmark In Trouble With The Feds

Moshe Butler Gets Jewmark In Trouble With The Feds

The angriest man in Otisville was inmate Ed Stein. Ed was the perfect anger management teacher. Who would be more qualified to teach angry inmates how to control their anger? I graduated from Ed Stein’s class and I have the certificate to prove it. Ed did close to ten years in Otisville. He thought he owned the place. He was a former investment advisor on Wall Street. He took clients’ money and invested it in his penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Nobody got interest or dividends.

David Jewmark and Moshe Butler were best buddies and worst enemies. They had a love-hate relationship. What they had in common is that they were gambling addicts. Moshe was locked up for losing a million dollars of investors money at the casinos. Jewmark was busted for wiring $10 million dollars into his personal off shore gambling account. Jewmark was the Chief Financial Officer of a billion dollar hedge fund. It took the hedge fund a few years to realize that $10 million was missing. Jewmark and Butler both ended up in Otisville at about the same time. They quickly befriended Jewish street thug Russell Lockewicz. They walked on either side of Russell all day. Russell terrorized every inmate in the camp. Russell got busted right after he got released from Otisville for drug dealing. Russell ended up going back to Otisville for another two years.

Jewmark got out of Otisville in the summer of 2016. After he got out he was in a halfway house for some period of time and then was on probation, ie., supervised release. Jewmark didn’t comply with the conditions of his supervised release. Jewmark wasn’t supposed to have contact with Otisville inmates or felons out on the streets. The Feds caught Jewmark having hundreds of contacts with inmates in Otisville. They even caught Jewmark sending inmate Alton Powell $100.00. Jewmark was caught talking to Russell Lockenwitz, Bennett Orfaly, Charles Naselsky, Michael Oppenheimer, Edward Stein, and Alton Powell. Naselsky was an attorney who got 70 months for tax evasion. His big client was Will Smith.

Moshe Butler’s name was mentioned all over Jewmark’s Violation of Probation report: “During an office visit on May 2, 2018, Jewmark was specifically asked if he had contact with anyone convicted of a felony. Jewmark replied that Moshe Butler had texted him the previous week. When asked what the text was in reference to, Jewmark stated Butler texted him because Butler believed he was under investigation by the FBI. Jewmark stated that he did not respond and that he deleted the text.”

Jewmark was also caught by the Feds using an alias, ie., “Newkirk.” Moshe Butler was also caught using an alias, ie., “Ed Wharburg.” What do the Feds have against and inmate using an alias when he gets out? When you go to prison the Feds take away your name and give you a number. It’s ok for the Feds to change your name but it’s not ok for a Jewish inmate to change his name to something that sounds more goyish?

When you are on probation you have to report your financials to the Probation Office every month. Jewmark gave the Feds a hard time with regard to accurately reporting his financials. The report stated: “Jewmark advised that his wife purchased a home in Montville, for $760,000 with an approximate $310,000 cash down payment towards the purchase of this home. Their previous home located in Towaco, had been foreclosed on. The source of these funds has been questioned but no documentation has been received to identify their origins.” Did Jewmark stash away millions before he got busted by the Feds back in 2012?

Jewmark was questioned about his business relationship with Moshe Butler. My sources told me that when Moshe and Jewmark got out of Otisville they were involved in a business together, which quickly turned sour when Moshe lost all the profits at Atlantic City. Jewmark kicked Moshe out of the business. The Feds stated in their report that Jewmark failed to disclose information about this business: “On July 23, 2016, Jewmark opened a business checking account with Boiling Springs Savings Bank, account number 3818533 under Jewmark DBA Recovery Options Group. Documentation indicates Jewmark was the president of this company, which was registered to his home address, Towaco, New Jersey. From July 2016 through February 2017, approximately $125,000, was deposited into this account and approximately $85,000 was withdrawn from this account through cash withdrawals. Most deposits were checks made payable to Jewmark from various addiction treatment centers. One check, dated December 15, 2016, for $4,000, was from Moshe Butler, a convicted felon.”

A couple of months ago Jewmark had a hearing before Judge William Walls on his probation violations. Jewmark admitted the violations. Walls sentenced Jewmark to 6 months of home confinement and 1 year supervised release. Not a bad deal. Jewmark was lucky Walls didn’t send him back to Otisville. Jewmark must have coughed up some serious cash to Probation. Probation will only go easy on you if you bring Mr. Green to the table. Mazel Tov Jewmark. Butler, on the other hand, had a hearing on his Probation violations before Judge Walls this morning. Butler is currently confined to his home with an ankle bracelet. Judge Walls kicked off Butler’s case to another date, which hasn’t been updated on the computer yet. Butler has a few doctor appointments this week that Walls approved.

Judge Walls is a Black jurist from Atlantic City, NJ, of all places. Walls must have sentenced many gambling addicts such as Butler and Jewmark over the years. Walls was appointed by Bill Clinton. Walls was active in politics in Newark, NJ, the hometown of Presidential candidate Corey Booker. Walls and Booker are both Yale Law School graduates. They must know each other. Corey Booker is also a Yale Law School grad and is very close with Jersey Jews, as well as New York and Connecticut Jews. Corey helped start an off campus Yale Jewish club called Shabtai. A Jewish Yale female undergrad of the Yale Daily News recently trashed Booker and his connection to Shabtai. I wrote a blog defending Shabtai and Booker, in order to set the record straight. I speak the truth, as opposed to everyone else who has an ax to grind. My blog is about truth and justice, the First Amendment, and the Jewish American way. My blog defending Shabtai and Booker caused some anger and hysteria among members of the politically correct Yale Jewish establishment. Yale President Salovey offered me a one way ticket to Israel with a free trailer in Judea and Samaria next to a hostile Arab village. I told Salovey I needed at least $24 million to keep me quiet, the same amount of money demanded by attorney Michael Avenatti. I think I just confessed to a new crime. I am waiting for the Feds to show up and haul me back to Otisville. Please don’t break my front door down, I will let you in, I am a man of peace, a Jewish Gandhi. In the meantime, I remain a free White man who can type with all my fingers, and thumbs.

See link to Jewmark’s probation violation below:

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10 thoughts on “Moshe Butler Gets Jewmark In Trouble With The Feds

  1. I remember talking to David during my brief time in Jewish Prison. We were both from Jersey and he seemed, at first, like just another white collar convict who got greedy and failed to pay-off the right politician. It also seemed like he was enamored with stereotypical criminals of a certain lot. When I told him I owned a garbage company in NYC and I’m Italian and I’d been involved in a 30 something man mob bust, his eyes lit up like he was speaking to one of the heads of the 5 families. I avoided him from that day on.

    I read the Violation of Probation file you linked up. I was surprised to notice that his PO, Dana, was also my PO. The guy I had before her was a total waste of a government paycheck. She happened to be very polite, courteous and professional. I joked with her, during one scheduled visit, that I had just purchased a piece of equipment for my business and financed another piece. When she asked me who I used for financing, I, without missing a beat, said “One of the inmates in Otisville, who I became very close friends with….he lent me the money…at 12% too…he’s such a great guy”….I thought her eyes were going to pop out and hit me in the forehead… But she was cool and she laughed when I told her I was messing with her. Then she told me that things like that actually did happen…but never had anyone just openly admitted to it. I assured her that I was well aware of that, which is why I made the joke. We got along just fine and I completed my full sentence of 19 months. 7 inside and 12 supervised release.

    I also had a single interaction with Moshe one day in the visiting/TV room, when he told me to move out of his way because I was blocking the TV. It was the way he said it which caused me to stop what I was saying mid-sentence and take notice of the frail, receding hairlined ginger who was lounging, feet up, before me. I don’t take kindly to young, dumb, mamas boy, entitled, coddled infants like Butler to begin with, never mind while being locked up in what I considered to be nothing more than a daycare for grown men. Butler met and exceeded every criterion for a person I would wholeheartedly enjoy sending to the emergency room. He is the reason we have prison camps for non-violent offenders. He would instantly get shanked inside a USP or a county or state prison. No amount of money would make a guy like Moshe safe in a real prison. He’s just that kind of guy. He most likely belongs institutionalized in a mental health facility, where he could be treated for his infantilism and acute criminal narcissism.

    Just about 80% of the men I met during my 7 months in Otisville, in my opinion, did not belong in prison. Some of those men included; every single inmate over 75 (including schlessinger, no matter what they claim he did), Artie (who I believe deserved an award for what he did), you (mr noodles) who made zero profit and lost your licensure as a result of your forced plea deal, big Pete (he was told to take the plea for 5 years and the judge would go light and give him 2 or 3…he got the full 5), Jason the hedge fund guy “flash” (the prosecutors over-inflated his victim count) and both guys from that case in Connecticut with the political donations thing. It was the cop and that hippie who did yoga. Ari Glucksman…another guy who, in my opinion, got railroaded and ratted out by fellow Otisville inmate Alex the rat. Earl from Canada…what did prison teach him that a hefty fine wouldn’t? He also had mental health issues. Ridiculous.

    To lock people up in an insane asylum run by local under paid hillbillies who definitely take money from inmates for…..”whatever”.

    It made me angry and it changed my entire outlook on my government and the politicians who run this disgusting system. Guys like Lipa get reduced sentences and rewarded for ratting out men who committed lesser infractions but face10 times the amount of time.
    Forcing people into plea deals is not the way you want to laud a 97% “conviction rate”. That’s not a conviction, that’s what’s known as coercion….strong-arming. How can we complain? Who would even listen to a bunch of ex-cons whining about how they were coerced into plea deals? Nobody.
    I was technically guilty of my charges. I conspired with others (the one who committed the actual crime was the rat) to transport allegedly (never proven) stolen garbage dumpsters (2 of them) across state lines. Had I taken it to trial, I would’ve gotten my charges dismissed like 12 of my other codefendants did once it was revealed that the FBI’s single rat (confidential witness) is a child molester. The federal government, my government, employed a man who they caught trying to have sex with a 12 year old girl, to have 32 men indicted. That child molester walks free among us in the NY metropolitan area to this day. He is not registered as a sex offender and he could be your neighbor. Great country we live in, isn’t it? I love my country, but I detest this corrupt government and its deplorable politicians.
    Which is why I remain a hermit and want nothing to do with anyone I haven’t known my entire life.
    Take care noodles. Don’t respond, I wouldn’t want you arrested for being on probation and speaking to a felon lol

    1. “To lock people up in an insane asylum run by local under paid hillbillies who definitely take money from inmates for…..”whatever” HILARIOUS! That sums up Otisville in one sentence. You have serious talent, I hope you don’t start your own blog, you would put me out of business!

  2. I don’t understand, Lawrence! Teaneck Trouble’s violations case was kicked off to another date again?? How many lives does this guy have? What is wrong with our justice system?? Is Judge Walls real or just a figment of your imagination??

  3. and lets not forget about every1’s favorite didling yidstein Jeffrey Epstein and his deferred sealed prosecution from the US attorney’s office

    and lets not forget about Steven A. Cohn and his deferred prosecution!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/20130726-nydn-18-e-id-3-pnum-18-cs-pg018.jpg

    The cosa nostra steals millions.
    The Kosher Nostra steals trillions and are trhe epitome of hustlers of cultures.

  4. I spent 33 months in Otisville and most of it was with Jewmark and Butler. We all know Butler wouldn’t be able to go straight. He was voted most likely to end up back there again. The one thing that stood out most to me was their greed and lack of morals. They got there bc they straight up stole money and when they got out instead of being thankful for a new start they continued their wayward ways. They were always plotting and planning a new scheme, it got so tiring listening to them. I am still confused how they could go into business together bc they didn’t trust each other. These two are to selfish to realize what their doing to their families and maybe someday they will realize that it’s not all about the money. we all were lucky that Otisville was as easy as it was but there was no way I was gonna end up back there again. I definitely lost some brain cells from the daily minutia. I will say I met some really good people and learned a good life lesson. O and Larry, Ed Stein is a good guy, he’s not as angry as you think lol. Thanks for all the info you have provided.

    1. Sorry to hear you had to spend so much time with Butler and Jewmark. I remember Butler was always thinking of new business plans that he was going to implement once he got out. The Butler plans eventually turned into scams because Butler couldn’t control his gambling habit. Jewmark used to complain about Butler all the time. I remember when Jewmark told me that Butler couldn’t spell and showed me a letter written by Butler. I don’t know why anyone would give these guys a wooden nickel, knowing their backgrounds. There should be some kind of reduction in criminal liability in cases where the victims are complete ignoramuses. Even though I appear to be jaded and cynical about humans, I would like to believe that Butler and Jewmark really wanted to go legit with their business plans but were always stymied by the monkey on their backs. I don’t think Jemark’s gambling addiction is nearly as bad as Butlers. Jewmark was not busted for scamming anyone, he only got in trouble for violating probation. Anyone who has big ideas for a lucrative business is by nature greedy and aggressive. Jewmark seems to know how to manage his money, he had enough money to purchase an expensive house, Butler would have gambled it away before the closing. I don’t know how Butler’s wife stays with him. Nobody could figure that out at Otisville, and you could say there was always a brain trust in Otisville, guys have a lot of time to think. With regard to Ed Stein, I know he was not always angry, he only got angry when he ran into Larry Noodles. I never accused Ed of being a bad guy, I only accused him of being an angry guy. Angry guys are not necessarily bad guys. Please pass on my apology to him if there was any misunderstanding.

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