Moshe Butler Sentencing Pushed Off Til March 26th

Moshe Butler Sentencing Pushed Off Til March 26th

Moshe Butler AKA Teaneck Trouble on the outside

Moshe Butler was released from Otisville prison in 2016 after doing about four years for fraud. In 2018 Moshe got busted with new Federal fraud charges. Moshe is a gambling addict. Moshe’s crimes are all related to his gambling addiction. The Feds don’t treat drug addiction, gambling addiction or alcohol addiction while you are locked up in prison. The self righteous prosecutors at the Justice Department view human addiction as a form of moral weakness. Not treating addiction as a mental illness guarantees that guys like Moshe Butler will end up back in Otisville, at the taxpayers expense.

Moshe signed a plea agreement and pleaded guilty to his new charges. Moshe is looking at a year or two based on his sentencing guidelines. Moshe is also at risk of getting violated by the Office of Adult Probation, which is a separate crime which would add more time to your sentence. So far the Office of Adult Probation hasn’t violated Moshe. 

Federal Judge William Walls has been kind to Moshe. Judge Walls recently granted Moshe’s request to travel to Texas for one day for business, over the objection of Federal prosecutors.  Moshe left on December 20th and returned on December 21st. 

Moshe was supposed to get sentenced on January 15th. Judge Walls continued Moshe’s sentencing date until March 26th. See below:

RESET HEARINGS as to MOSHE BUTLER: Sentencing reset for 3/26/2019 10:00 AM in Newark – Courtroom 4D before Judge William H. Walls. (ek) (Entered: 01/07/2019)

Moshe Butler may share his bunk with an “actor” from the reality show The Jersey Shore. Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino was recently sentenced to 8 months in Otisville. Sorrentino checked in to Otisville two days ago. Sorrentino is a hot head. Sorrentino was busted in 2014 for assault. If Sorrentino keeps a cool head he should get along with the guards and guys in Otisville.

Sorrentino won’t have much in common with the older Jewish inmates or white collar corporate criminals. Sorrentino should get along fine with the young goyim who are locked up for drug dealing. Sorrentino is a celebrity, so he will be treated like royalty. Guys will give him a seat in the tv room, he will get a seat in the mess hall, and he will get a time slot in the gym to work out. If he has some cash at his disposal he will be able to pay guys to do his laundry, clean his cubicle and do his prison job for him.

Moshe Butler will naturally try to scam “The Situation” Sorrentino. I doubt Sorrentino will fall for any of Butler’s scams. If Ken Starr, the financial advisor and attorney to the stars, were still locked up in Otisville he would also try to scam Sorrentino. Ken Starr used to sell screenplays to inmates at $10K a pop. Guys were stupid enough to get scammed by this career criminal. Ken Starr also tried to get guys to invest in his chain of “martini bars.” On the outside Ken pulled this scam, it was all over the internet. Yet here he was in prison trying to pull the same con job. A sucker is born every minute.

At one point Moshe and Ken Starr were spending a lot of time together. Spending a lot of time together meant walking around the outside prison grounds together. Every day guys walked around and around the prison grounds in circles, usually in pairs, sometimes in threes, or all alone. Some guys would walk for hours, clocking 5-10 miles a day. Everyone walked clockwise. If you walked around the perimeter counterclockwise guys would get mad and put you down. Insane asylum.

Ken Starr and Moshe Butler were the biggest con men in the camp. We all figured they were scheming when they walked together every day. But professional con men don’t work well together. They end up robbing from each other. We started to call them “Butt-Starr International.” Guys tried to listen to them and figure out what kind of criminal conspiracy they were plotting and planning.

Cooley Law School graduate Michael Cohen, The Donald’s star rat, will be checking into Otisville in March. I doubt anyone will talk to Cohen, as he is a rat. The Situation Sorrentino is not a rat. Butler is not a rat. Ken Starr is not a rat. Cohen will probably find a way to avoid prison altogether. Cohen has to testify before Congress next month. The blue boys running the Justice Department will file some motion to keep him out of Otisville indefinitely.

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4 thoughts on “Moshe Butler Sentencing Pushed Off Til March 26th

  1. The way our government treats addicts is absolutely disgusting. So many horrors befall people in prison. Putting nonviolent offenders behind bars, to be sexually assaulted and suffer other brutality, is pure evil.

    That said, LOL at Butt-Starr.

  2. He’s going by the alias “Marcus Butler” No longer being referred to as “Moshe” and he’s continuing to run scams while fighting this case

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