Moshe Butler Violates Probation In Vegas

Moshe Butler Violates Probation In Vegas

Moshe Butler Didn’t Tell the Feds He Went To the Venetian in Vegas
Moshe Butler has been charged with violation of supervised release

While Moshe Butler was locked up in Otisville in 2015 he planned new Federal crimes. Moshe convinced fellow Otisville inmate Effraim Frenkel to invest money in Moshe’s new business venture.   As soon as Moshe was released from Otisville in 2016 he changed his name to “Ed Wharburg.”  Frenkel stayed in Otisville.  On the outside Moshe conducted business under the name “Ed Wharburg.”

Moshe started a company named “Marketing Rehab Group.”  Moshe created a fictitious guy named “Ed Wharburg.”  “Ed” was the President of Marketing Rehab Group.  Marketing Rehab Group claimed to provide rehabilitation services for guys struggling with addictions.  Marketing Rehab submitted fraudulent invoices to it’s customers.  “Ed” convinced customers to pay the fraudulent invoices.  Moshe cashed the checks and didn’t pay back investors. The Feds paid a visit to Moshe and questioned him about the checks. Moshe told the Feds that Ed Wharburg ripped off investors, they should investigate Ed Wharburg. The Feds are stupid, but not that stupid. Moshe’s attorney advised Moshe to plead guilty to these new charges.

Moshe pleaded guilty to one count of obtaining money under false pretenses and another count of lying to the Probation office about his fraudulent income.  You can read a copy of Moshe’s plea agreement by clicking this link.  Moshe’s sentencing date is scheduled for March 26, 2019.

Earlier this month the Feds opened a new case against Moshe Butler. The Feds charged Moshe with violation of probation. Not only did Moshe lie to Probation about his Ed Wharburg investment scam, but Moshe repeatedly lied and violated the conditions of his probation. Moshe’s special conditions of probation required him 1. not to leave the State of New Jersey 2. Not to gamble 3. Register on the self exclusion lists for all casinos and race tracks in the State of New Jersey 4. Get mental health treatment for gambling and anger management 5. Not get arrested for new crimes or associate with convicted felons 6. Pay restitution of $500 a month

While on probation Moshe left the State of New Jersey, without permission, and gambled at the Parx Casino, Valley Forge Casino, the Venetian Casino, and the Choctaw Casino. Moshe got banned from the Venetian in Vegas because he gave the Venetian a bogus $40K check.

While on probation Moshe got busted in Fort Lee, NJ for a motor vehicle moving violation which he did not report to the Feds. Moshe didn’t pay the $95 motor vehicle fine. Moshe also got busted in Beaumont, Texas for motor vehicle violations, which he did not report to the Feds.

Moshe didn’t make any $500 payments to the Feds towards his restitution on his prior criminal case.

The Feds discovered that Moshe befriended convicted felons, a violation of his Probation. Moshe associated with convicted felons Samuel Zev Juravel, Rafael Mieles and Raoul Goldberger. Juravel got 262 months for exploiting and enticing a female minor. Juravel did his time in Fort Dix. Goldberger got 60 months for drug dealing. Goldberger did some time in Otisville. I met Goldberger when he was locked up in Otisville. He was a low key guy. Mieles got 120 months for distributing child porn. He was locked up down South somewhere. Why was Moshe Butler hanging out with convicted chomos Juravel and Mieles? Even Russell and Jewmark, Moshe’s old inmate buddies in Otisville, were more respectable than Juravel and Mieles.

If you wish to read a list of Moshe’s cash in’s and cash out’s at the casinos, click the link below:

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