Moving Trucks Spotted In the Compound

Moving Trucks Spotted In the Compound

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This past erev Shabbos Beresheit, Friday afternoon, workers were spotted moving large wrapped panels, as well as large tied up black plastic bags out of the Goat’s rape school for boys. This all occurred just before the foreclosure hearing today on the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street building

Rape victim Eli Mirlis started a foreclosure action against the Goat’s rape school building about two years ago. The Goat dragged it out with frivolous legal filings. The Goat hired attorney Jeff Sklarz, who is also the President of the Jewish Community Center of New Haven to defend him against Eli’s $20 million foreclosure. The Goat has no legitimate defense to the foreclosure. A hearing was held on Monday October 28th on the Goat’s foreclosure. The Goat is depleting his assets so that Mirlis will not get the money that was awarded to him by a civil jury in Hartford Federal Court. The Goat is transferring his money to attorney Jeff Sklarz in the form of legal fees. The President of the Jewish Community Center has no moral problem accepting money that properly belongs to a Jew who was victimized by the Goat. The Officers and Board members of the Jewish Community Center don’t have a problem with the President of the JCC accepting money that properly belongs to a Jewish victim of child rape. If it was one of their own children who was victimized by the Goat there is no way Sklarz would be defending the Goat. But these people don’t care. There is no concern for a Jewish child unless that child is one of their own children. If the child is from out of State and happens to land in the Goat’s lap, who cares? If it’s not my kid then the allegations against the Rabbi must be false. Blame the victim! Bad rabbis are bad for fundraising. It’s all about the Benjamins. The big macher UCONN law professor in the New Haven Jewish community, Steven Wilf, summed it up perfectly in his pompous editorial: “The most striking feature of Greer’s abuse was that he chose victims who he could dominate because their families were fractured -as in the case of Mirlis – or poorly equipped to intervene. The community is a victim rather than an enabler.” Wilf makes the Goat look humble. Avi Hack was raped by the Goat. Avi Hack’s family was anything but “fractured.” Avi Hack graduated from Yale, as did Mr. Wilf.

The pompous Wilf presented himself as an expert in the Goat school. Wilf stated in his editorial, “Greer’s own school fostered the teaching of texts that allowed students to find their own answers to questions rather than rely upon an authority figure.” What does Wilf know about what the Goat taught at his child rape school? When was the last time Wilf was even in the Goat school? Wilf hasn’t been near the Goat school in at least 20 years when he pulled his own kid out of the school.

Wilf went to great lengths to defend the New Haven Jewish Establishment. Wilf stated: “As a result of the uncontrolled and largely unknown behavior of an individual, the building might in a few weeks be transferred to pay the cost of a civil judgment…” Wilf is correct that the Goat’s behavior was out of control. The Goat molested students every chance he got. He molested Avi Hack, Rafi, and Mirlis. The expert in the civil trial testified that there was evidence that the Goat molested his own son Ezi. A graduate of Yale contacted the State’s Attorney and said that he was molested by the Goat back at Yale. The Goat even tried to have sex with his Polish gay janitor, at one point trying to seduce him a bag of peanuts and a bottle of wine. One of the former students told me that the janitor used to warn the high school boys at the school about the Goat. He never gave them details but he told them to stay away. I spoke with the janitor before he moved to Poland.

Wilf is correct that the Goat’s behavior was uncontrolled but Wilf is completely wrong when he stated that the Goat’s behavior was “largely unknown.” If even the Polish janitor knew all about the Goat Wilf can hardly describe the Goat’s behavior as “largely unknown.” If Wilf didn’t hear about the Goat raping students does this mean it never happened? Wilf didn’t do any homework before he wrote his letter to the editor. Wilf didn’t contact Eli Mirlis, Avi Hack, Rafi, Ezi Greer, the janitor, the Yale grad, or any other victim of the Goat. Wilf contacted the big machers at the Westville shul, the Jewish Federation and the JCC. They told Wilf that they didn’t have one inkling of the Goat’s depraved behavior. That was good enough for Wilf. Wilf wrote his letter.

Wilf is a fool, even for a Yale Law School graduate. Doesn’t Wilf realize that criminals try to keep their criminal behavior a secret? Criminals don’t like getting caught committing crimes. If you get caught you go to jail. Jail can be a very unpleasant experience. I spent 18 months in Otisville Federal Prison. I wish I was better at hiding my criminal activity from the Feds. Did Wilf expect the Goat to announce from the top of his Nightmare on Elm Street building that he was a pedophile for all the big Jewish machers to hear?

If the Goat’s behavior was “uncontrolled” for 30 years how was the Goat able to keep his behavior “largely unknown?” Note that Wilf did not state that the Goat’s behavior was “completely unknown.” Wilf was careful to use the words “largely unknown.” What was known and what wasn’t known Mr. Wilf? The Wilf will never reveal what he really knows about the Goat. That would be social suicide. The Wilf would be a social outcast. What would the Goldbergs think? Lou Goatberg skipped town and moved to Baltimore. Even Lou Goatberg had enough of the Goat’s shenanigans.

The Goat was able to keep his behavior as secret in the same way that Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein kept their violent acts a secret for 30 years. They had enablers. The circle of enablers that surrounded the Goat included Sarah Greer, Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Avi Hack, Harold Hack and their wives. People outside that circle either looked the other way or didn’t want to “get involved.” Anyone who dared to speak out against the Goat were threatened with lawsuits.

Wilf at the very least was aware that the Goat ran an abusive school for 30 years. Every Jew in town knew that the Goat locked students in rooms for days on end. Every Jew in town knew that the Goat publicly humiliated, embarrassed, yelled and otherwise abused his students. Even the girls school was known to be abusive. A number of graduates from the girls school contacted me and revealed harrowing tales of abuse in the compound. One girl nearly committed suicide. Some were asked to testify at the Goat trial but they were scared and refused to testify. The Goat twice kicked out a bunch of families from the kollel he started and then suddenly shut down. He then threatened them with lawsuits if they didn’t comply with his demands. One consulted with me for legal assistance. Every Jew in town knew about what the Goat did to these poor kollel families. The former secretary of the Westville shul, where Wilf is a member, told me about how the Goat tried to get a child arrested for breaking into his house by making up false accusations. I was told by one former high school student that a weakling in each high school class was bullied by the other boys. This was encouraged by Avi Hack. The weakling got constant beatings. For Wilf to completely ignore, and white wash, the well known abusive behavior that existed at the Nightmare on Elm Street for 30 years, which even Wilf knew about, reveals a lot about Wilf. I doubt Wilf is even human. He could be possessed by an alien living inside of his stomach. Dr. Siev may want to give Wilf a physical examination. The entire human race could be at risk.

Special counsel for Agudath Israel, ie., Yale Law School graduate Attorney Mordecai Biser, spoke with me at length about the Goat. Biser ran the Goat school before he was kicked out and Avi Hack took over. Avi was getting molested by the goat at the time. Biser told me that his experience at the Goat school for close to 20 years was the “worst experience of his entire life.” The Goat owed Biser a significant amount of money. The Goat stopped paying Biser’s salary. Biser said that the Goat was an abusive man, a madman. Did Yale Law School graduate Wilf ever speak with fellow Yale Law School graduate Biser about the Goat? Did Wilf ever speak with Ed Zelinsky, another Yale Law graduate who pulled all his kids out of the Goat school? Wilf white washed the Goat. For shame Mr. Wilf. For shame.

Mr. Mirlis is currently foreclosing on the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street, the building where he raped numerous young men. Mirlis has a $20 million judgment lien attached to the property. The property is worth between $500-700K. Since there is no equity in the property the judge will order that the title transfer to Mirlis at a certain date after the foreclosure hearing. There will not be a public auction. The foreclosure hearing was last scheduled for Shemeni Atzeres. After I blogged about it falling on a Jewish holiday the Goat’s attorney Sklarz filed a motion to have the hearing rescheduled because the Goat couldn’t attend due to the Jewish holiday. The hearing was rescheduled for Monday October 28th. I stopped by the Courthouse to see what was going on. The Goat was nowhere to be seen. The Goat got his hearing rescheduled so that he could attend and he never showed up. I guess the Goat had more important things to do in his house while on home confinement, like adjust his ankle bracelet.

At the foreclosure hearing the attorneys told the Judge that they were going to present testimony from two appraisers. The Goat had an appraiser and Mirlis had his appraiser. The hearing started in the afternoon. The attorneys told the Judge that they would need more time to present the testimony of the two appraisers. The judge allowed the appraiser for Mirlis to testify today, ie., Monday. The judge scheduled another hearing date for December 16th for the Goat’s appraiser to testify. I expect the Goat to lose this case. The title will be ordered transferred to Mirlis sometime early next year.

The Goat sued me for defamation about three years ago. My trial with the Goat is scheduled for Halloween, ie., October 31st. Goat vs. Noodles. I will be selling front row seats to the trial. Get your tickets now. You can pay with ramen noodles in lieu of cash.

For God, For Yale, For Noodles, Moshiach Now!

4 thoughts on “Moving Trucks Spotted In the Compound

  1. Is Biser still on payroll of AI?

    What did he do to get AI and its affiliate tora umesorah to address the issues at greers school?

    1. I don’t know his exact position at Agudas. They use him to render legal opinions and handle litigation, but I don’t know if he is employed full time in a house counsel type of position. He did nothing to get Agudas, or any organization for that matter, to address the Goat school. In fact he was contacted by me and the State’s Attorney and refused to help in the criminal trial in any way. He has been calling me for many months begging me to remove his name from my blog because he said my blog has negatively effected his shidduch prospects, if you can believe that, which I do not. I guess if your name is not on the Larry Noodles blog your value on the meat market rises exponentially. I told Biser I would remove his name from my blog if he helped out in the criminal case. He rejected my offer. I guess protecting the Goat is more important than getting a shidduch. I also told Biser to post his profile on JDate. Not sure if he took my advice. His profile may be on a frummer dating site, like Tinder or JSwipe.

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