Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw & The Tyrant

Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw & The Tyrant




Mr. Daniel Greer is trying to do everything he can to delay the child rape lawsuit.  Greer’s attorney convinced Mirlis’ attorney not to release the full deposition of Avi Hack, where Avi Hack testified that he was raped by Mr. Greer.  Greer’s attorney convinced the attorney that the Hack deposition would cause Mr. Greer to suffer financially, and less money would be available to Mirlis should Mirlis win the case.  It is not clear how Mr. Greer would suffer financially if his tenants were aware that he is a sexual predator, assuming they don’t know already.  There are  534 registered sex offenders who live in the City of New Haven, many located right in Greerville.  Mr. Greer may even rent an apartment to one of these deviants and not even know it.  One more sexual deviant rapist named Greer isn’t going to make any difference to people living in New Haven.

The real reason Mr. Greer wants to keep Rabbi Avi Hack’s deposition under wraps is because he does not want to be embarrassed by what Hack said in the deposition.  Greer is an arrogant, pompous man.  Nobody is allowed to question Mr. Greer.  Greer always kept tight control over public information about him and the compound, with threats to sue anyone who crossed his path.  How dare Rabbi Hack expose Mr. Greer’s dirty little secrets for the entire world to see.

The 75 year old Tyrant named Greer is using every delay tactic in the book to push off his day of judgment in the civil case.  He is arguing to Mirlis’ attorney that things cannot proceed too quickly, as his finances could suffer due to the lawsuit, and then Mirlis will have nothing to recover.  The old goat is full of hot air.  The reason he wants to delay and stonewall is because he wants to stash away as much cash as possible while the case is pending.  By the time the jury renders a verdict he will have money set aside to finance his exit strategy.  If Mirlis takes all his properties he won’t care.  He is probably not putting any repairs into them at this point.  He is bleeding them dry.  By the time Mirlis gets to trial the properties will not be worth much at all.  In the meantime Mr. Greer will set up his slush fund.

Mr. Greer will appeal a large plaintiff’s verdict.  An appeal could take a few more years.  The old goat will be able to stash even more money away. By the time this case is resolved this old man will be ready for the nursing home. Could you imagine an elderly, insane, violent Greer confined to a nursing home?  He has no choice, none of his children will take him in.  He would be the crazy old man strapped to the wheelchair with a muzzle on his mouth.  What goes around comes around.   Greer used to lock up his students for days in solitary confinement.

An appeal from a large plaintiff’s verdict will give the Greer gremlins even more reason to support him. They will say the trial was unfair.  The judge let in too much evidence.  The jury was biased.  The jury didn’t give the old goat a fair goat milk shake.  The jury was prejudiced against goats.  Mr. Greer will say the jury was anti-Semitic, and the jurors thought he had horns like his goats. But most of the blame will be directed at me.  Greer and his gaggle of gremlins will say that the jury read my blog and could not possibly have come to a fair decision.

While the rape case drags through the system, the Greer Tyrant will be protected by Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw, the former New York prosecutor who never fails to brag about how she worked for the great Robert Morganthau in the New York District Attorneys Office.  How dare someone like me, a disgraced attorney, question the Great Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw and her pal Mr. Greer?

But Quick Draw McGraw fails to mention that District Attorneys in the State of New York have a horrible track record of allowing Hasidic child pedophiles to roam free, in order to curry favor with powerful Hasidic rabbis who control big voting blocks.  The District Attorneys have to get elected to their positions.   The typical Hasidic child molester gets sentenced to probation or a few months in jail by New York prosecutors.  Yet a similar molester will get ten years to life if busted by the Feds.  Same crime, different time.  The Feds cannot be paid off by the Hasidim, unlike the local sleezebag New York prosecutors.

Pedophile Moshe Spitzer was busted by New York prosecutors and charged with 135 counts of sodomy, yet only served 3 months in jail.  Rapist Andrew Goodman was charged with 114 counts of abuse by New York prosecutors and only got 2 years in jail.  When released, Goodman got busted by the Feds for sodomizing a child across State lines and got 10 years to life.  Shimon Benisty, a violent sex offender, was busted by New York prosecutors and only got 11 months in prison. He was deported to Israel where he was convicted of abusing 11 more children.  Molester Rabbi Kranczer and his pedophile son fled to Israel before they could be busted by New York prosecutors on child sex abuse charges.  Kranczer’s other pedophile son, Yechezkel, didn’t make it to the airport and was charged with 72 counts of child sexual abuse by New York prosecutors and given probation.  Meilech Schnitzler was convicted of throwing bleach into the eyes of child victim advocate Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg and didn’t serve a day in jail.  The New York Prosecutor defended his lack of punishment by saying that Schnitzler “will have to take an anger management class.”  Is that what Quick Draw McGraw would recommend for Mr. Greer?  Anger management for his violent attack on me?

The great District Attorney Morganthau was in charge during a major corruption scandal in the 1980s where the police planted evidence, and  framed and entrapped people in order to charge them with crimes of sexual abuse.  The New York cops staged crimes to draw in bystanders, who were then arrested as accomplices.  According to the New York Times, “Worst of all the Transit Police -with the cooperation of Morganthau – covered up the abuses. A report by Lieutenant Dargan, documented the racist pattern of false arrests in Union Square. The report documented that Morgenthau’s office took guilty pleas from defendants in cases where the alleged victims told prosecutors that no crime occurred.  The Dargan report was buried.  The officers were neither prosecuted nor disciplined.  Morganthau’s office suppressed the report to protect themselves at a time when they were coping with allegations of police brutality surrounding the death of Michael Stewart, the graffiti artist.”

The great Morganthau never sought to bust any of the cops who submitted false affidavits used to convict innocent New Yorkers.  According to the NY Times, Morganthau “violated the Governor’s executive order requiring him to refer all cases of police perjury to the state’s Special Criminal Justice Prosecutor. Morgenthau referred neither the 1984 evidence of a false arrest pattern nor its eight-month investigation of the 20 decoy cases.”

The great District Attorney Morganthau would rather set up innocent men than go after real criminals like Daniel Greer.  Only the Feds are locking up serial pedophiles in New York.  The Feds cannot be bought off by Hasidic rabbis who control big blocks of votes.  The Feds can only be bought off by the big banks.  But to make child rape a Federal crime the rapist has to be engaged in interstate commerce.  According to the Mirlis lawsuit Greer took Mirlis to Pennsylvania and raped him.  According to Rabbi Avi Hack, Greer took him to Provincetown and raped him.  For many years Greer engaged in raping children across State lines.  Greer should be charged with a Federal crime.  Quick Draw McGraw should rat out the old Greer goat to the Feds, not me.

Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw is quick to threaten me with legal action and incarceration, right out of the Greer playbook.  She has her husband, Bruce Altman from Mr. Robot, as her trusted deputy.  But her husband cannot be trusted.  When he come to visit me in Federal prison one of the young girls in the visiting room was all over him, like a bee on honey.  They exchanged numbers.  Many people recognized this well known actor in the visiting room and buzzed around him.  I guess that’s the life of a movie star.  Quick Draw McGraw must not be too happy about this.  This must be the reason she is taking out her frustrations on this poor, weak, broken man, who was violently beaten down and kicked by Tyrant Greer, and thrown out of the compound.  I only pray she doesn’t shoot me, the way Elliot was shot last week on Mr. Robot.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw & The Tyrant

  1. I dont understand, how could anyone work with and live in such close proximity (school, synagogue, allow his kids near etc) G if he was a rapist? Something doesnt add up

        1. No it isn’t bizarre. Please take the time to educate yourself about abuse.

          The following is an excerpt from

          “Though it may be difficult for the public to understand, it is common for survivors of sexual abuse to continue relationships with their abusers after the abuse has stopped. Individuals react to trauma in different ways. For example, it is common for victims to maintain contact with their abusers because they may still feel affection for them even though they hate the abuse. This is especially normal when the abuser is a member of the family or a close family friend. It is also common for some victims to maintain contact in an attempt to regain control over their assault. Others may maintain contact in an attempt to regain a feeling of normalcy.

          Additionally, offenders often intentionally build a connection or a bond that isn’t broken as a result of sexual abuse. The abuse is often one element of an otherwise loving or fun relationship. Offenders may intentionally maintain the non-abusive parts of the relationship to keep victims feeling close to them and thus less likely to report the prior abuse.”

    1. I’ve been reading the Larry Noodles blog since it began and I thank GOD for Larry Noodles! No one else has been willing to expose the despicable crimes of the unspeakable monstrosity that walks on its hind legs and answers to the name “Greer” until Larry Noodles came along. Not the police, not the politicians, not the prosecutors… No one. As concerned citizens of the planet, as HUMAN BEINGS, we all owe a profound debt to Larry Noodles for his hard-hitting and incisive expositions of this modern day Devil. We should all help Larry Noodles to put this disgusting miscreation far, far away for the rest of his ugly, miserable, wrethched, meaningless life.

      1. Agreed.

        How else can abuse be exposed? Is it possible for someone to petition the court to allow the depostions transscripts to be made public? Osentsibly G is running a school and if the allegations are true in this case, those children are at risk.

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