Murray Huberfeld Headed to Otisville

Murray Huberfeld Headed to Otisville

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Murray Huberfeld was involved in a bribery and kickback scheme with New York City political wheeler dealer 35 year old Jona Rechnitz. Huberfeld and Rechnitz conspired to bribe New York City union boss Norm Seabrook. They paid Norm a $60K bribe to park the union’s retirement fund in Huberfeld’s hedge fund.

Rechnitz was a big donor to Mayor DeBlasio. Rechnitz has been bribing New York cops and politicians for years. The Feds eventually made Rechnitz an offer he couldn’t refuse. The Feds asked Rechnitz to rat out his friends in exchange for little to no jail time. Rechnitz ended up with a 5 month sentence.

Two years ago Huberfeld was sentenced to 30 months in Otisville. The Feds asked for 12 months incarceration back in 2019. In 2019 Huberfeld was sentenced by Orthodox Jewish Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein. Hellerstein went way over the Government’s recommendation of 12 months, for whatever reason. Its possible that Hellerstein didn’t want anyone to think he would go easy on a fellow Orthodox Jew. Or Hellerstein didn’t like the color of Huberfeld’s tie. Hellerstein is the same Judge who sprung Michael Cohen from the Otisville COVID gulag wing when the Feds locked Cohen out for violating a ridiculous condition of his probation imposed by the Feds preventing him from writing a book about the Donald.

One year ago the Appellate Court for the Second Circuit issued a scathing critique of Hellerstein’s 30 month sentence and sent the Huberfeld case back down to the District court for resentencing. The Second Circuit found that Hellerstein used the wrong Federal sentencing guidelines figures for bribery cases and stated: “We note that the district court cannot insulate its sentence from our review by commenting that the Guidelines range made no difference to its determination when the record indicates that it did. We therefore cannot be confident, despite the district court’s assertion to the contrary, that if the proper Guidelines range was before it—or even if it had properly calculated the commercial-bribery guideline range—the court would have imposed the same sentence of 30 months’ imprisonment.” Huberfeld’s attorney asked that Hellerstein be taken off the case. The Second Circuit refused and stated: “Huberfeld has failed to show that this is the type of rare circumstance where the distinguished district court judge would not follow our guidance.” Hellerstein ended up taking himself off the Huberfeld case when it got kicked back to the District Court. Huberfeld was resentenced by Judge Lewis Liman to 7 months in Otisville.

Over the years Huberfeld built up a successful hedge fund and made millions of dollars. Huberfeld donated tens of millions of dollars to Jewish causes, including Yeshiva University. Huberfeld is estimated to be worth $100 million. Why would a man who is worth $100 million conspire with Rechnitz to bribe Norman Seabrook? Huberfeld is no melach, no angel. Huberfeld had someone else take the SEC exam for him. Over the years the SEC sanctioned Huberfeld for breaking the rules. Huberfeld has vice running through his blood.

In exchange for the $60K bribe Seabrook’s prison guard union invested $20 million in retirement funds with Huberfeld. Huberfeld’s hedge fund charged the union $1 million in fees. The hedge fund went bankrupt and lost $19 million of the union’s retirement money. Huberfeld pocketed his six or seven figure commission before the fund went bankrupt. Huberfeld never went bankrupt.

Huberfeld only got charged with taking a $60K bribe, a Federal crime with a low sentencing guideline range. The Feds only asked for 1 year of jail time for Huberfeld. Why didn’t Huberfeld, or his hedge fund, get charged with earning a million dollars in fees after they paid Seabrook $60K? If I pay you $60K and I get a million bucks in return, shouldn’t I be charged with scamming the government in the amount of $940K?

Huberfeld initially pleaded not guilty. Eventually he pleaded guilty and paid the union $4 million in restitution. The Government dropped money laundering and Federal fraud charges, which would have jacked up Huberfeld’s sentence to well above 30 months. Money goes a long way when it comes to your jail sentence. Should Huberfeld be charged with bribing the Federal government in order to avoid jail time?

Huberfeld hired Donald Trump Jr.’s attorney Alan Futerfas. Why didn’t Huberfeld hire fellow Five Towns resident and Orthodox Jew Ben Braffman, the attorney of choice for rich and powerful Jewish white collar criminals? They probably got in a fight at a Five Towns shul during kiddush over the Donald. Politics and religion don’t mix.

Just before Huberfeld was re-sentenced by Judge Liman, Huberfeld’s brother, Dr. Seymour Huberfeld, a graduate of Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a specialist in sleep medicine, submitted a letter to the Judge Liman indicating that the “matriarch” of the Huberfeld family had just passed away. “We have lost the captain of our ship.” Dr. Huberfeld begged for mercy in his letter: “We beseech you, Your Honor, to answer our dying mother’s last request and sentence Murray to home confinement.” Liman refused to answer Huberfeld’s dying mother’s last request and sentenced Murray to 7 months in Otisville. Otisville will not be much different than home confinement. Murray will be able to hang out with a few Orthodox Jews who still remain in Otisville, including Sheldon Silver. Judge Liman better pray that Huberfeld’s mother doesn’t haunt him in his sleep for his refusal to honor her dying request. MOSHIACH NOW!

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