Mystery Witness Comes Forward To Defend The Goat

Mystery Witness Comes Forward To Defend The Goat

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The Goat filed another motion to set aside the $21 million child rape jury verdict yesterday.  The motion is based on a mystery witness whom the Goat claims would have testified in his civil trial.  The Goat claims that this witness is a former science and math teacher at the Goat school, and is currently a chemistry professor at a New York University.  This mystery teacher was fired from the Goat school by Avi Hack.  This mystery man has refused to sign an affidavit or attest to any information and has refused to reveal his name.

The Goat’s attorney William Ward filed an affidavit claiming to have spoken to this mystery man.  The Goat’s attorneys are asking Judge Shea to set aside the verdict based on hearsay evidence out of the mouth of William Ward, the same sleezy attorney who submitted a bogus restraining order to Judge Shea while arguing that I should be removed from the Goat trial.  This is the same William Ward who had a marshal serve Avi Hack with a Goat lawsuit for extortion, in the middle of Avi’s deposition, and then never filed the lawsuit in court.  This is the same William Ward who asked Avi Hack during his deposition whether he ever had sex with his own sister.

It is obvious that this mystery man is a fraud, a ruse, the Goat paid to call Attorney Ward.  This man called Ward and told Ward that he taught at the Goat school.  Everything this man said was scripted by the Goat himself.  Most of the teachers the Goat hired were Yale students.  The Goat wants Judge Shea to believe that a Yale graduate and University chemistry professor would risk his reputation and career by publicly defending a depraved child molester.  The Goat will never win on this motion, which is completely based on hearsay.  The Goat’s attorneys should be sanctioned for filing such a motion.  This is a fraud perpetrated by the Goat intended to influence potential jurors in the Goat’s pending criminal trial.  Nowhere in the Ward affidavit does it say that this mystery man said he was willing to appear to testify at the Goat trial and offer testimony.

I am familiar with the man the Goat paid to call Attorney Ward and make up this ruse.  When I first started blogging about the Goat I got a call from a young man who said he was angry about what I was saying about the Goat. This young man told me he knew where I lived and what kind of car I drove.  He was wrong about my car, I don’t drive a red car.  I laughed at him, which only angered him further.  I demanded to know his name, but he refused to tell me.  He said he was once incarcerated, as if I should be impressed.  I asked him if he was the Goat’s homosexual partner.  He got mad and told me to meet him in the back of the Walgreens parking lot on Whalley Avenue.  I hung up on him.  I didn’t go to the Walgreens parking lot.  I had no interest in meeting the Goat’s homosexual lover.

Here is the affidavit William Ward filed in Federal Court:

“I spoke to the individual on multiple occasions. The information he conveyed is outlined below. This summary is based on statements made directly to me:  The individual holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He taught at the Gan School / Yeshiva of New Haven during the 2002-03 and 2003-04 academic years, in the school’s high school program.  The individual recalls minimal contact with Daniel Greer. He recalls being hired by Sarah Greer. He reported to Aviad Hack, who ran the high school during his time teaching at the Yeshiva.  The individual taught math and science at the school. Plaintiff Eliyahu Mirlis was one of his students.  The individual observed unusual behavior by Mirlis. For instance, he would throw tantrums in class, and on at least one occasion engaged in destructive behavior while shouting he wanted to “kill all the Christians.” The individual also believed, based on his interaction with him, that Mirlis had a poor character for truthfulness; he described him as a frequent liar. The individual also had the opportunity to observe the relationship between Avi Hack and Mirlis during his two years at the Yeshiva. He found the relationship to be very unusual – in his opinion, not a normal student/teacher relationship. He often saw Mirlis in Avi Hack’s office, sitting on his desk or on a table in the office. This happened multiple times per week. On at least one occasion he saw them embrace.  The individual’s association with the school ended because of a disagreement with Avi Hack over his the individual’s treatment of Mirlis. The individual gave Mirlis an ‘F’ in a math class. Hack told him he had to change the failing grade to a much higher passing grade, and the individual refused to make the change. The individual believes that Hack ultimately made the change.  The individual resigned his position as a result of this incident, which occurred toward the end of the ’03-’04 school year. He then moved on to a position as a chemistry professor at a university in New York City.  The individual never shared his information about the Hack-Mirlis relationship with Daniel Greer. As noted, he reported to Aviad Hack during his years teaching at the Yeshiva, and had very little contact with Daniel Greer. He was motivated to come forward and share his
information with defense counsel after learning about the verdict and damage award in this case.”




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