New Criminal Charges Filed Against The Greer Goat

New Criminal Charges Filed Against The Greer Goat

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BREAKING NEWS:  A child was recently poisoned by lead paint in one of the Goat’s non-profit three family buildings owned by “Edgewood Village Inc.”  The Goat, the Goat’s wife Sarah Greer (the “Ewe”) and James McAdam are on the board of directors at Edgewood Village Inc.  James McAdam passed away a couple of years ago.

The scene of the crime was the third floor at 155-157 Maple Street.  This is where Andrew Carnevale, the Lead Poisoning Inspector, conducted an investigation and determined that the child was poisoned by the Goat.  Inspector Carnevale concluded that the child was exposed to dangerous lead paint that was chipping and cracking in the Goat apartment.  The child tested positive for lead poisoning.  Because the child is a juvenile, the name of the child and his or her family is not publicly available.

Inspector Carnevale mailed the Goat a certified letter notifying him of the violations and ordering him to remove the lead paint.  The Goat ignored the certified letter.  The letter came back to Inspector Carnevale without the Goat’s paw print.  Inspector Carnevale emailed Abby Rohd, the Goat’s secretary for the Goat’s real estate, notifying her of the lead paint violations.  Abby Rohd ignored the email, put on her headphones, and listened to Abby Road.

Inspector Carnevale then called Jean Ledbury, the Goat’s secretary at the Goat school, and left a message on Jean’s voicemail.  Ledbury called Inspector Carnevale two months later and told him that the Goat was in the process of evicting the parents of the child who complained about the lead paint.  Rather than offer these tenants a lead free apartment, or an apology, the Rabbi Goat hired Jewish Attorney Stuart Margolis and his side kick Jewish State Marshal Mark Winick to evict the victims of his crime.  I cannot locate the eviction case, I presume it is sealed because the child is a minor, so I cannot verify one hundred percent that Margolis and Winik were the guilty parties.  Innocent until proven goatly.

In November of 2017 Inspector Carnevale once again inspected 155-157 Maple Street and determined that the Goat had taken no action to remove the lead paint despite being ordered to do so.  Inspector Carnevale filed an affidavit in support of an arrest warrant for the Goat, citing the Goat’s violations of various sections of the City of New Haven Code, the City of New Haven Ordinances, and the Connecticut General Statutes.  Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Patrice Palumbo signed the arrest warrant.  I’ve dealt with Prosecutor Palumbo in the past when I practiced law in New Haven.  Palumbo is a tough prosecutor, she will show the depraved Goat no mercy.

The Clerk’s Office of the Housing Court opened a criminal file, captioned State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer, Criminal docket number CR17-0005458.  The Goat is scheduled to appear for his arraignment on the date of March 6th, 2018 at 10 AM, at the Criminal Court at 121 Elm Street, New Haven.  The Goat is scheduled to appear in the same criminal courthouse on March 7th at 10 AM for his child rape case.  The child rape case was originally scheduled for February 28th, but that date fell on a Jewish Fast Day, ie., Taanis Esther, so the Goat had it rescheduled for March 7th.  The Goat will get to enjoy Purim on March 1st and then go to the Criminal Court on March 6th and 7th for his criminal cases.

This is not the first time that the Goat faced criminal charges for lead paint violations.  Back in 2008 the Goat and his non-profits were sued by the Environmental Protection Agency for lead paint found in the Goat’s 40 New Haven buildings.  The Goat shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.  The Goat was worried about criminal charges.  He hired the best attorneys money could buy.  After the Feds decided not to file criminal charges, the Goat celebrated his victory at his annual fundraising dinner, ie., The Gathering.  The Goat was the man of honor.  The Goat’s days of getting honored by men of power have long come to an end.  The tables have turned on the Goat, just as the tables turned on Haman.  The Goat is now being prosecuted by the same men who once honored him.  This year the Goat may have to settle for a dinner held in a facility run by the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections and get honored by prison inmates.

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  1. LCI gave this criminal dozens and dozens of grants for lead remediation. Corporation Counsel has a database with every one, and probably a copy of the grant. Maybe even recorded on the land records. The funds were state and federal funds. Maybe Mr. Noodles can poke around, get the criminal charged with defrauding state/federal government.

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