New Directors Named At Rabbi Goat’s Non-Profits

New Directors Named At Rabbi Goat’s Non-Profits

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The Goat is preparing to spend significant time in jail.  The Goat recently amended the articles of incorporation of his non profit housing entities.  The Goat’s non profits own at least 40 apartment buildings in the Edgewood area.  The Goat added new members to his board of Directors.  Matthew Reinecke, a CPA at the accounting firm Whitten, Horton & Gibney, of Orange was added as a Director of Edgewood Village, Inc.   A guy named George Bussmann was also added as a Director of Edgewood Village.  Architect Jay Brotman has been a Director of Edgewood Village for a number of years.  Nothing new.  Rabbi Daniel Greer the “Goat” and his Ewe Sarah Greer remain on the Board of Directors of Edgewood Village. The Goat could remain on the board even if he is locked up in jail.  There is no law to prevent an inmate from serving on the Board of Directors of a non profit. 

Bussman, Brotman, Reinecke, the Goat and the Ewe are all on the Board of Directors of Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc.  The Goat recently added former Edgewood Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack to the Board of Directors of Edgewood Elm Housing. Thin Lizzy McCormack has been a Goat supporter for many years.  Thin Lizzy was recently photographed with the Goat at a rally to stop the closing of a firehouse in the Edgewood area.  Thin Lizzy looks like an emaciated red headed leopard next to the depraved Goat.  The Goat spoke at the rally about how firemen once saved his wretched tuchos from a burning building.  It was probably one of his own dilapidated buildings. 

Thin Lizzy McCormack

Bussmann, McCormack, the Goat and His Ewe are all on the Board of Directors at FOH (“Friends Of Ha-Gan”), Inc.   Goat secretary Jean Ledbury was recently added onto FOH as a Director.  Ledbury was rewarded for testifying for the Goat during his Federal civil child rape trial.  Jean Ledbury has never been implicated in any of the Goat’s devious activities, other than  defending the Goat on the witness stand during the rape trial.  She stared at the Goat while she testified, as the Goat coached her with facial expressions.  She looked frightened. She was not credible.  You can see why the jury awarded Mirlis $20 million.

I watched the entire testimony of Jean Ledbury.  I told Attorney Ponvert’s associate in the hall that the Goat was coaching her on the witness stand. She didn’t want to talk to me. I told her that I was a harmless, rehabilitated criminal.  There was nothing to fear.  The attorneys for Mirlis eventually spoke with me at the end of the trial.  As a fellow attorney, albeit temporarily suspended, I wanted to speak with the attorneys in the Goat case as a professional colleague.  We all went to law school. We all passed the same bar exam.  The Goat’s attorneys have given me the cold shoulder.  They refuse to acknowledge my existence.  They only communicate with me in motions for restraining orders or defamation lawsuits.  The Goat’s criminal defense Attorney Willie Dow is the only one who smiles and says hello to me, right in front of the Goat no less.  I guess Willie understands criminals better than the Goat’s civil and bankruptcy lawyers. I should be angry at Willie, after all he graduated from Yale Law School and he represented one of the guys who snitched me out in my criminal conspiracy.  But I graduated from anger management class in Otisville Federal prison.  I have learned to control my anger.       

Jean Ledbury has been elevated from lowly abused secretary to a full fledged Board member of FOH, Inc.  Jean was also named agent for service for FOH.  Yale law school graduate and Yeshiva University law professor Ed Zelinsky was removed as agent for service.  Ed failed in his duties as agent for service.  Ed was too busy defending himself against a civil lawsuit in Waterbury in which he is accused of robbing a trust of $1 million.  Trial is scheduled for late next year. 

Yeshiva University Rabbi J. David Bleich is still a Director at FOH and the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc.  The Yeshiva of New Haven has a $20 million lien against the Goat’s school building.  There is a foreclosure case pending against that building.  Rape victim Mirlis hasn’t pursued that case in the last six months.  The Goat may be trying to negotiate a settlement of that case short of having his prized possession put on the auction block. 

The Goat’s recent addition of new Board of Director members may be in response to motions filed in the Mirlis Federal rape case.  The attorneys for Mirlis have been requesting information from the Goat about income he receives from his non profit entities.  They have also been seeking information about the board members.  They may be trying to pierce the corporate veil and reach the assets of the Goat’s non profits.  By adding Bussmann, Reinecke and Thin Lizzy to his non profits the Goat and his Ewe are now minority voting members of these entities.  Bussman, Reinecke, Thin Lizzy, Brotman and Bleich can vote to kick the Goat and his Ewe off the Board.  Larry Noodles is giving these board members one week to schedule a Board meeting and vote to kick the Goat and the Ewe off the non profits.  If they are not kicked off the board Larry Noodles will expose intimate personal details of the mating habits of these new goats.   


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  1. WOW!! This is an explosive piece of reporting. Kudos to Mr. Noodles for an expose’ that rivals what you’d expect to see on 60 minutes.


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