New Haven PD Speaks with Larry Noodles About Greer

New Haven PD Speaks with Larry Noodles About Greer

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Many people have been asking me to contact the New Haven Police Department and tell them what I know about the Goat.  Last week I contacted one of the officers in charge of the investigation and shared some information with her that has not been posted on this blog.  Officer Cuddy was very professional and friendly.  She encouraged me to have others also contact her with whatever information they may have about the Goat.

Guys like Greer elude capture for many years because of highly placed connections in the City of New Haven and at Yale University.  Yalies look out for each other.  Yalies always seem to avoid the consequences of their crimes.

A recent article published on the Paul Bass web confirmed my suspicions.  Chris Peak and Paul Bass are both Yale grads.  Chris wrote a puff piece about fellow Yale graduates who grew up in New Haven.  He wrote about Assistant United States Attorney Aaron Zelinsky and Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz.  It was about how these local home grown heros made it big in the legal world.  Zelinsky is on a Federal prosecutor team investigating Trump.  Kasowitz is defending Trump.  I was sickened to read this article.

What the article didn’t mention is that the father of Marc Kasowitz was involved in a line of business that was notorious for corruption.  The junk, trash and scrap business was always known for having mob connections.  Tony Soprano’s occupation was “waste management.”  The Kasowitz family business was based in West Haven, or “Waste Haven” as it used to be called.

Marc Kasowitz has a twin brother, Stephen Kasowitz.  Stephen Kasowitz filed bankruptcy in 1998.  He attempted to discharge hundreds of thousands of debt he owed to Prime Bank and to the North American Bank and Trust.  These banks objected to his discharge and forced Stephen to make good on these loans.  Banks usually object to discharges in bankruptcy on the grounds that loans were obtained under false pretenses.

Federal criminal charges were brought against Stephen Kasowitz in 2002 for bank and mortgage fraud.  Kasowitz was able to avoid getting convicted, or even going to jail.  The Federal prosecutor offered a “Pretrial diversionary program.”  Pretrial diversionary programs are common in the State courts, but unheard of in the Federal system.  It allows a defendant to enroll in a “program” such as a drug program, family violence program, drivers education, or some other class set up by the Prosecutor.  If the defendant is successful in completing the program, all charges are dismissed.  Kasowitz was prosecuted by John Danaher III, who had a reputation for being tough on crime.  Yet Danaher, who is now a Connecticut judge, let Kasowitz off the hook with a slap on the wrist.  No conviction, no jail.

Stephen Kasowitz may have benefited from the powerful connections of his twin brother Marc Kasowitz.  After Senator Joseph Lieberman left the Senate, Lieberman went to work for the Kasowitz’ law firm. Lieberman, whose power base started in New Haven, was considered by Trump as director of the FBI.  Lieberman had to bow out because the Kasowitz firm was defending Trump in an FBI investigation.  You can’t have a lawyer prosecute and defend a guy at the same time.

Stephen may have benefited from his brother’s connections with Joseph Lieberman, who had connections with Prosecutor Danaher.  Danaher and Leiberman were both lifetime Democrats in the little State of Connecticut.  They must know each other.  They both worked for the State of Connecticut in prominent positions at various times.

Stephen may have also benefited from his brother’s connections with Ed Zelinsky, a former comrade of Daniel Greer.  Ed Zelinsky was a political power broker in New Haven for many years. Ed must have known Marc Kasowitz.  They were both based out of New Haven county.  Ed went to law school with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  At the time Stephen was indicted Sam Alito had just left the United States Attorney’s Office and was appointed Judge to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Chris Peak wrote about how Ed’s son Nathan Zelinsky became a Federal Prosecutor investigating Trump.  After law school Nathan’s prominent law professor Koh landed him a job with the State Department.  After that Nathan taught at a few different schools including Peking University, in China.  Nathan learned how to eat noodles with chopsticks when he was in China.  Even though his background was not too impressive for a Yalie, Nathan was next able to land a coveted clerkship at the United States Supreme Court.  This led to his job with the Office of the United States Attorney.  How did Nathan get this extremely competitive Supreme Court clerkship?  Nathan’s father Ed went to Yale law school with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Yale grad Christopher Peak failed to mention these “minor” details when he extolled the virtues of meshugs Zelinsky and Kasowitz.  Larry Noodles will continue to uncover the corruption that is lurking in every corner….

One thought on “New Haven PD Speaks with Larry Noodles About Greer

  1. Yalies can wield more clout than most could ever imagine if they are members of, or even indirectly connected to, the secretive Skull & Bones society. The society started accepting women in 1991. I don’t have any information on when they might have started accepting goats. This is the stuff of Presidents, CIA Directors, Wall St CEOs, and others among the rich & powerful. James Bush was Yale class of 1844 and all of his better known ancestors down to President George W. Bush have been members of Skull & Bones since then. This includes Dubya’s grandfather, CT Senator Prescott Bush who managed to weasel out of criminal charges despite being a significant Nazi collaborator. Although he also had help from the revolving door between State Dept hacks (& gracks?) and the powerful White Shoe law firm Sullivan & Cromwell.

    Let’s hope that if the Goat was ever inducted at “The Tomb” into Skull & Bones that he would have fallen out of favor with them for any of the following reasons:

    That he is a chomo child rapist.

    That he wore out his welcome at “The Tomb” by not cleaning up after his mess of peanut shells & empty bottles of cheap vino / malt liquor.

    That society members became increasingly annoyed that Ezi was pounding like a madman on the door of the windowless Tomb as he couldn’t figure out what the Goat was doing in there.

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