New Haven Police Called To the Compound

New Haven Police Called To the Compound

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On Saturday night, June 2, 2018, at 9:53 PM Chaya Notis called the New Haven Police Department and reported an incident at the compound.  A police report was prepared.  I obtained a copy of the police report.

Chaya Notis is the wife of Rabbi Avrohom Notis, who is actively running the Goat shul and rape center.  Rabbi Notis recruits wayward boys and at risk youth to the compound by offering them free food and greenbacks.  The Goat pays Rabbi Notis and the youths who spend Shabbosim at the compound.  The Goat also pays Attorney William Dow, Attorney Stuart Margolis (husband to Federal Judge Margolis), Attorney William Ward, the Sklarz Law Firm (Jewish Federation machers), Attorney Amanda Nugent, and Attorney David Grudberg.

The Goat has a large payroll to meet every week.  Where is the Goat getting all this money to meet payroll?  Donations to the Goat shul have dried up. Government grants have disappeared.  Money paid to the Goat by the City of New Haven to plant and water trees has gone down the drain.  Half the Goat’s apartment units are empty.  The Goat’s 8500 square foot office building on the corner of Norton and Whalley is vacant except for the Goat and his secretary Abby Rhodes.  The Goat doesn’t occupy more than 300 square feet.  The Goat’s bottles of booze occupy another 100 square feet.

Chaya Notis called the Police Department motzei Shabbos in order to report the following to Officer Dickerson:  “Chaya Notis stated she saw someone earlier drop off a bag behind the dumpster earlier in the evening.  She stated the individual looked nervous.  I observed a black duffel bag containing underwear, pants, lotion, toothbrush and assorted paperwork.  I explained to Chaya the bag could belong to a homeless individual and they could be coming back for it.  I also explained to her if its not gone by tomorrow afternoon to call me back to the location.”

Chaya Notis told Officer Diamond Dickerson that she resided at 963 Bellevue Avenue, in Lakewood NJ.  Chaya gave her cell phone number as 848-448-8667.  You may be able to call her before sundown and ask her why she is helping the Goat.  You are hereby deputized as a senior staff reporter for the Larry Noodles blog.  You will get a certificate and a package of spiral noodles mailed to you in two weeks.

Does Rabbi and Rebbetzin Notis reside in Lakewood, NJ or New Haven, CT? Everyone knows that these people live in Dov Greer’s old apartment next to the Goat rape center shul.  Was Chaya Notis too embarrassed to tell Officer Dickerson that she lives rent free in a Goat owned apartment?  Was Chaya afraid that Officer Dickerson would arrest her and her husband for aiding and abetting a pedophile?  Officer Dickerson should go back to the compound and arrest Chaya for lying to a police officer.

The owner of 963 Bellevue Avenue in Lakewood, where Chaya Notis claims to reside, is Blimy Itzkowitz Lemberg, wife of Daniel Lemberg.  The house in Lakewood is appraised at $611,000.00. Is Rabbi Notis paying Blimy to rent a half a million dollar house in Lakewood?  I doubt it.  Rabbi and Chaya Notis just filed bankruptcy a couple of years ago.

The Lembergs own a ton of real estate in Lakewood. They are principals in many real estate investment companies such as 1114 Realty LLC, 308 Falcon Dr LLC, Arosa Realty LLC, and numerous others.   They are prominent members of the Board of Directors of a number of Lakewood non profits, such as The Blessings For Life Foundation, Inc. and The Alliance For Jewish Unity, Inc.  The Lembergs and the Goat have a lot in common.  Real estate.  Non profits.  And they both provide safe havens for Rabbi and Rebbitzin Notis.

Are the Lembergs the puppet masters behind Rabbi and Rebbitzin Notis?  Rabbi Notis is a nobody.  Notis has no power, no prestige, and no assets, other than the Goat gold he gets paid each week for running the compound. You can view a copy of his bankruptcy petition by clicking this link.  Are the Lembergs hiding behind Rabbi Notis? Is Rabbi Notis a patsy? Are the Lembergs waiting for the Goat to crash so they can take over the compound?

Yesterday the Goat had his attorney William Dow appear in court and get his criminal case continued once again.  The next court date for the Goat is October 3, 2018.

You can read a copy of the police report prepared by Officer Diamond Dickerson by clicking this link.  Back in the old days if the police were called to the compound Dov Greer and Ezi Greer would be outside waiting for the patrol car to arrive.  Dov and Ezi would be sure to kiss up to the cops and provide a serious narrative to the situation at hand. They would follow up with phone calls to police headquarters.  In prison we called inmates who brown nosed the officers rats.

I wonder if any New Haven cops were privy to the rumors over the years that the Goat was a depraved child molester.  The Goat was very close to Mayor DiStefano, who served as Mayor of New Haven for 20 years.  During these years the Goat was running a child rape center.  Yale graduate and reporter Paul Bass started to investigate the Goat in the late 1990s.  Mr. Bass wrote a few articles about the Goat and reported about the Goat’s non profit scams and other goat like behavior.

The newspapers with the Goat articles were placed in New Haven Advocate boxes all over the city.  The Goat sent out an army of little goats to remove every newspaper from every box in the city.  Shortly thereafter Paul Bass went dark.  No more reporting about the Goat.  Paul became friendly with Ezi Greer, Avi Hack, Harold Hack, Avi Greer and even the Goat in the mid 2000s.  Eli Mirlis was getting raped by the Goat in 2005.  The Goat aiders and abettors left Dodge in 2016.  Paul Bass no longer speaks to the Goat.  Nobody speaks with the Goat other than Rabbi Notis, the Ewe, and the Goat’s wet dream team of attorneys.


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