New Haven Police Closing In On the Goat

New Haven Police Closing In On the Goat

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The New Haven Police Department has assigned two officers to investigate the Goat.  Sargent David Zannelli is leading the investigation.  Zannelli is a long time veteran with the New Haven Police Department and handles cases involving the most dangerous criminals.  He gained notoriety when he was assigned to a special task force with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).  He busted 24 drug dealers and gang members in a raid in a neighborhood within a mile from the compound.

Officer Kris Cuddy is assisting Zannelli in the investigation.  Officer Cuddy has extensive experience involving rape cases.  For the past seven years Cuddy has worked in the Special Victims Unit to track down, arrest and incarcerate teachers who victimize students.  Cuddy was recently featured in a New York Times magazine article entitled “To Catch a Rapist.”

The New Haven Police Department is taking the Goat rape case very seriously to have assigned these prominent veteran officers to the case.

The walls are closing in on the Goat.  The Goat and his sycophant attorney William Ward played many games in the Federal civil trial.  The Goat will not be able to get away with his mishegas with Officers Zarrelli and Cuddy.  Zarrelli and Cuddy don’t play games.

Zarrelli and Cuddy are currently actively seeking any kind of information pertinent to the Goat investigation.  If you have information about the Goat, even if you think it may not be that relevant, please contact these officers immediately.  The sooner the Goat is locked up, the better.


Sergent Zannelli: 203-946-6304 ext: 1351
Detective Cuddy: 203-946-6304 ext: 1313

4 thoughts on “New Haven Police Closing In On the Goat

  1. If the Goat is stupid enough to offer them peanuts or cashews with cheap vino he is really going to get nailed.

    Besides bribery of a police officer, the Goat might have to add an attorney to his legal dream team who specializes in the open alcohol container law.

  2. If no one calls them with info, do they still have a case? Can they use all the info and depositions from the civil trial? I have dirt on them but nothing related to molestation, just emotional abuse. Do you think that’s enough?

  3. Mr. Greer seems to have a big ego which blinds him to his own failings, but he also seems to be made of Teflon. Will he get nailed after a lifetime of concealed scandal? Can the public school where Hack is employed continue to keep him on staff after it became clear that he was a school administrator who turned a blind eye to abuse.

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