New Jew Recruits At the Greer Compound

New Jew Recruits At the Greer Compound

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One of my spies send me a picture of two new recruits walking along Elm Street in front of a Goat building yesterday.  They were walking towards the Goat residence on Edgewood Park.  They are the newest recruits to the compound.  Rabbi Notis, who is running the compound for Rabbi Greer the Goat, is rarely seen outside of the compound.  These men were seen out in the open, merrily walking down Elm Street.  I wonder how much money the Goat is paying them to be his friend.

These Lakewood guys would never spend time in the backwater of New Haven without some financial incentive.   But they could be from Monsey.  Or Brooklyn.  Who knows where these guys came from.  They could have just been released from Federal prison in Otisville.  I could spot an Otisville inmate a mile away. If anyone recently released from Otisville recognizes these guys, please contact me immediately.

These guys are clearly over the age of 18.  The Goat keeps the minors well hidden behind the walls of the compound.  Teenage boys cannot be cooped up like prisoners for too long, especially with spring right around the corner.  The minor boys will eventually venture behind the walls of the compound, and there is nothing that the Goat can do to stop them.

The Goat doesn’t consider himself gay.  Gays are queer, effeminate. The Goat is a domineering dictator rabbi in the fanatical cult he built around himself.  The Goat is not some three dollar bill from Greenwich Village who frequents bath houses and hangs out with the gay crowd discussing the latest LTGB issues and the New York Times magazine.  The Goat is in a category all by himself.  When the Goat is in the mood for his female Ewe he goes into the barn with the Ewe.  When the Goat is in the mood for another male goat, he calls on Avi Hack.  When the Goat is in the mood to rape the City of New Haven, he sends bills for watering the trees to Mayor DiStefano.  When the Goat is in the mood to rape the New Haven Police Department, he rents his office building on the corner of Norton and Whalley to the cops and sends them a bill. When the Goat is in the mood for raping the State of Connecticut, he applies for government grants for his non-profits and the State sends him checks, no questions asked.

The men in the above picture have been described to be about 5 feet 6 inches in height, about 240 pounds, and about 25-30 years of age.  If you recognize these men please contact Larry Noodles immediately.  I would be interested in conducting an exclusive interview with these men before the National Enquirer, or Hamodia finds them.

Today I wanted to conduct an interview of the Goat’s eviction attorney Stuart Margolis.  I saw him walking out of the Goat’s criminal attorney Willie the Dow’s office while I was driving on Orange Street.  I yelled goat noises out of my window, which when translated into English mean, “Would you be interested in being interviewed at the offices of Larry Noodles.”  Margolis didn’t respond.  He kept walking.  He was wearing a grey suit, a red tie, and his hair was overgrown and disheveled, as usual.  He should have stopped in the barber shop next to Willie the Dow’s office.  His disheveled hair is probably the reason the Goat hired him.  The Goat sports a wild overgrown beard.  The Goat is not a domesticated animal.  I wonder if Margolis was conferring with Willie the Dow about the Goat today.  They have a lot to talk about, plus a lot of bills to prepare for the ornery goat. But it is almost sundown on a Friday, which means it is almost Shabbos, and the Goat does not handle money on Shabbos.  Mirlis testified that the Goat also refrained from raping him on Shabbos.  The Goat is very machmir about observing the mitzvots.

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