New Teen Recruits At The Compound

New Teen Recruits At The Compound

Child Rape victim Avi Hack can’t understand why his mentor Daniel Greer continues to behave like a goat

This past Shabbos I ran into a group of young teenage male Jews who were recruited to Rabbi Daniel Greer’s shul and compound. These 15-16 year old guys didn’t speak much English. One of them spoke Hebrew. The others spoke Spanish. They fled the compound when they found out that they were lured into New Haven under false pretenses. They thought that they were helping out a struggling shul. Little did they realize…

The boys ended up in a different shul in the neighborhood. They said that the Goat told them that there were no other Jews in New Haven. On their way to New Haven they googled New Haven and a few shuls came up. They didn’t understand why the Goat lied to them. They walked a few blocks from the Goat shul and ran into other Jews who warned them about the Goat. They didn’t look very happy about the situation. They couldn’t drive back to New York because it was already Shabbos.

There is one guy in the compound who is recruiting guys for the Goat. A new group of guys appear every week. I don’t know the name of the recruiter, but I have met him a few times. He is in his early twenties and I believe he is from Ohr Somayach. The few times I ran into him was by accident. He usually doesn’t venture far from the compound. When he figured out who I was he didn’t want to talk to me. He has been recruiting for the Goat for at least a year, if not more. What is strange about this guy is that he looks a lot like Eli Mirlis, the guy who won $15 million in the Federal child rape lawsuit against the Goat. Mirlis has red hair and is stocky. This guy also has red hair and is stocky. They are both about the same size in height and weight. Avi Hack testified in his deposition that the Goat referred to Mirlis as having a more manly body than Avi. The Goat used the word “gvarsdik” to refer to Mirlis. Avi testified that the Goat thought that Avi had more substance than Mirlis. The Goat was obviously flattering Avi. Avi has about as much personality as a bottle of seltzer.

The Goat’s next court date in his criminal case is scheduled for May 13th. His last court date was pushed off by a month. The Goat has a trial scheduled in his defamation case against me on May 2nd. It will be interesting to see whether the Goat takes the witness stand or whether the Goat takes the Fifth Amendment like he did in the Mirlis trial. The foreclosure case against the Goat’s yeshiva building is starting to move forward. New Haven Superior Court Judge John Cordani ordered the Goat to allow Mirlis to inspect the Goat building, over the objection of the Goat’s attorney Jeffrey Sklarz. Sklarz argued that Mirlis already had an appraisal done a year ago. Mirlis’ attorney Matthew Beatman argued that the appraisal is old. Beatman stated in his motion that the parties have been negotiating for the last year, but recently settlement “negotiations have broken down.” Judge Cordani sided with Mirlis and ordered the Goat to allow another appraiser to inspect the property. In the Goat’s appeal of the $15 million verdict, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals will be hearing oral argument on May 22nd. The release of the videotape deposition of Avi Hack will also be argued in that appeal. Avi Hack and the Goat appealed Judge Shea’s order to release the videotape. The Second Circuit has allowed me to appear and argue for the release of this videotape, on behalf of the public. I will be sending bills out to all members of the public for payment of my unlicensed attorney’s fees. David Grudberg will be appearing to argue on behalf of the Goat. The Attorney for Avi Hack indicated to the Court that he would rather stay in New Haven and not have to shlep to Foley Square to argue on behalf of Avi Hack. I can only assume that Avi Hack has an outstanding legal bill.

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