Newport Cops Ban The Goat from The Touro Synagogue

Newport Cops Ban The Goat from The Touro Synagogue

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Rabbi Daniel Greer the Goat is officially banned from praying in Newport, Rhode Island.  The Touro Synagogue served the Goat with a no trespass order informing the Goat that he is goat non gratis at the shul.  The Goat is also banned from entering the Levi Gale Jewish Community Center in Newport, Rhode Island.

The no trespass order was filed with the Newport Police Department.  If the Goat is found grazing on the Touro property he will be subject to immediate arrest and incarceration by the Newport cops.  If the Goat is found guilty of trespass the Goat can be subject to a $1,000.00 fine and one year term of imprisonment.

The Goat has two criminal cases pending in the State of Connecticut.  If the Goat gets busted in Rhode Island the Goat would be a criminal defendant in multiple jurisdictions.  These are the Connecticut cases the Goat has pending that I cut and pasted from the New Haven criminal docket:

Defendant (Last, First) Birth Year Court Next Activity/Status Next Activity/Status Date Docket No.
GREER DANIEL New Haven Housing Awaiting Plea 07/31/2018 10:00 AM XNH -CR17-0005854-S
GREER DANIEL 1940 New Haven JD Pre-Trial 07/10/2018 10:00 AM NNH -CR17-0177934-T

The Goat is a criminal defendant in housing court in which he is charged with housing violations as a result of a child who was poisoned with lead paint from an apartment building owned by the Goat.  The Goat ignored repeated requests from the New Haven housing code enforcement officers to get rid of the lead in his apartment.  He eventually was charged with a crime.  The Goat is also charged with raping Eli Mirlis when Eli was a student at the Goat School of Sodomy and Gemara.

Copies of the Newport no trespass order were personally served on the Goat at his condo in Rhode Island.  The Goat didn’t even attempt to evade Rhode Island process server and Constable Kevin Sullivan.  When Marshal Miller attempted to serve the Goat with papers in Connecticut the Goat hid in his barn.  The Newport cops mailed copies of the no trespass order to the Goat’s high paid attorneys David Grudberg and Willie the Dow.

The Newport Police Department provided me with a copy of the no trespass order.  You can read the official no Goat trespass order by clicking the link below:


The Rabbi and Board members who run the Newport Synagogue obtained this restraining order banning the Goat from entering it’s buildings and exposing himself to Jewish children of Newport Rhode Island.  Yet Rabbi Notis watches as the Goat interacts daily with Jewish teenage boys in New Haven at the new Goat School of Sodomy and Gemara.

Rabbi J. David Bleich, who is a Board member of the Yeshiva of New Haven, doesn’t have a problem with the Goat exposing himself to teenage boys in New Haven.  Bleich’s official position is “no comment.”  Bleich doesn’t want to say anything about the Goat lest it be interpreted as slander, evil talk, or loshen hora.

Over the last 40 years Bleich has published numerous books, articles and has made numerous public statements on a wide variety of topics.  I found a case where Bleich spoke loshen hora about Orthodox Jew Sharona Halickman.  Bleich told the New York Times that Halickman was ”part and parcel of a so-called feminist agenda that will ultimately cause a permanent schism in Orthodox Judaism.”  Halickman is a learned, dedicated Jew who teaches Torah and runs a Jewish non profit organization.  Halickman never claimed to represent a “feminist agenda looking to cause a permanent schism in Orthodox Judaism.”  Yet Bleich flippantly made his remarks about Halickman to the New York Times.  Did Bleich have the right to publicize his remarks about Halickman to the New York Times, regardless of truth of his statements?

Bleich maligned the reputation of dedicated female Orthodox Jews by making his comments about Halickman to the New York Times.  Without any thought Bleich spoke loshen hora about devoted Orthodox Jewish women to a wide audience of Jews and non-Jews.

Bleich continues to remain silent as a Board member of the Goat rape school. Bleich was named by the Goat as the Goat’s expert witness in the child rape case.  The Goat filed legal documents where he represented to Federal Judge Shea that Rabbi Bleich was going to appear at the rape trial and testify about Jewish law and ethics.  Bleich never showed up.  The Goat eventually dropped Bleich’s name from the witness list.

Bleich has refused to make any public comment about child rapist Rabbi Daniel Greer.  Bleich has refused to make any public comment about the $21 million child rape jury verdict rendered against the Yeshiva of New Haven in which Bleich sits as a Board member.  Is Bleich asserting his right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment like the Goat did during the rape trial?  Or is Bleich refusing to make any public statement because his lawyers advised him to remain silent?  When Harold Hack fled the compound after the Goat got sued he told a local that he had to leave the compound under advise from his attorneys.

At least Rabbi Notis, the Goat’s joke, had a comment when asked about the boys at the Goat School of Sodomy & Gemara.  His comment was a lie but at least it was a comment.   Notis lied when he told the press that boys under 18 would not be allowed on the compound.  There are boys under 18 who live on the compound.  I have seen them myself at Walgreens.  Notis also lied when he told a source who went into the compound that he had received permission from a prominent Litvish Rabbi to run his school with the Goat.  No prominent Rabbi gave Notis permission to run a rape school for boys.  Who is Notis trying to fool?

You can ask Rabbi J. David Bleich why he is mute when it comes to the Goat, and yet so talkative when it comes to spreading loshen hora about dedicated Orthodox Jewish women.

Is the Goat blackmailing Bleich?  What dirt does the Goat have on Bleich?  You can ask Bleich these questions yourself.   Bleich’s email is

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