No Indictments Filed Against Tiger Moms From China

No Indictments Filed Against Tiger Moms From China

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Lulu Chua, daughter of Tiger Mom Amy, is praying that her relatives in China don’t get indicted by the Feds

Amy Chua was born in Illinois to Chinese parents. Amy worked hard and excelled. Amy graduated from Harvard Law School and worked for four years at a Wall Street law firm. Second generation Chinese American Amy achieved the ultimate American dream. But Amy got burned out on Wall Street and decided to retire and take an easy job as a law professor at Yale Law School. Amy did nothing of any significance in her career as a lawyer other than write a book called “Tiger Mom.” Strike that, the Tiger Mom book had nothing to do with jurisprudence. Amy achieved ultimate success when she married an American born White man named Jed Rubenfeld. Strike that, Jed Rubenfeld is a Jew, he is not White. Amy and Jed have two daughters, ie., Lulu and Sophia. Both rug rats graduated from Harvard University. Sophia recently graduated from Yale Law School and has begun her career as a lawyer. Lulu is still trying to find herself. Lulu describes herself on Twitter as “the devilish cub, subtle Jew, Harvard ’18.” Lulu is not a Jew because Lulu’s mom is not a Jewess. Jed’s Jewishness doesn’t count. Yet Lulu posted on Twitter: “As a Jew who spends Christmas with a band of Asian relatives, the sheer amount of Chinese food that I’ll have to put into my body over the next five days is frankly astonishing.” Amy Chua was never indicted by the Feds in Operation Varsity Blues. Amy Chua didn’t have to pay anyone to get her kids into Yale and Harvard. Amy’s kids got into Harvard and Yale because they were considered “legacies.” This means they got preferential treatment in admissions because both their parents graduated from Yale and Harvard.

Sherry Guo was born in China. It is possible that Sherry Guo is related to Amy Chua. All Jews are related in one way or another. This theory must also apply to the Chinese. Sherry’s daddy is an extremely wealthy Chinese businessman. When Sherry was born Sherry’s daddy wanted her to go to a top University in America. Sherry was first sent to a high priced private high school in California. Sherry learned English in California. Sherry’s daddy spoke with his financial advisor about getting Sherry into a top American college. The financial advisor referred Sherry’s daddy to Jewish college consultant William Singer. Sherry’s daddy paid Singer $1.2 million to get Sherry admitted to Yale on a soccer scholarship. Singer and the Yale soccer coach each pleaded guilty. They ratted out many American parents, who are facing years behind bars.

You can’t blame parents for trying to help their kids get into top ranked colleges. The meritocracy-aristocracy rewards Ivy League graduates, regardless of whether they are complete deviants. All the top jobs in Washington DC and Wall Street are set aside for Ivy League graduates. If you can’t afford to build a new Yale library then your only choice is to pay college consultant William Singer. The Ivies won’t expand their class size to let in more kids. Too many Ivy League graduates water down the value of the Ivy League degree. The parents who paid Singer millions of dollars felt that the meritocracy-aristocracy was rigged against them.

Sherry’s daddy hired a high priced Jewish former Federal prosecutor from California named James Spertus. Sherry’s daddy hired a Jew lawyer because Sherry’s Chinese daddy is a big fan of American rap music. Rappers frequently boast about how they only hire Jew lawyers. Half Black – half Jew rapper Drake rapped: “Playin’ in the whip as they pull me over my sweet surrender, I gotta Jewish lawyer as my lead defender, a real Menschkeit as they say he’s a legal bender.” Half Albanian – half Jew Action Bronson rapped: “Employ a lawyer that’s been bar mitzvah’ed, never trust a goyim, see me sippin’ spritzer, hookers with Spitzer.” 100% Black rapper P. Reign rapped: “I caught a case and I’ll beat the case, Jewish lawyers, we need that yellin’ mazel tov on my seat back.” P. Reign was acquitted of weapons possessions charges in Toronto in 2011. P Reign’s defense attorney was Jew lawyer Ed Greenspan.

Sherry’s daddy hired the right Jew lawyer for the job. Attorney Spertus announced that the Feds would not be indicting his clients. Attorney Spertus told the media that his clients were “misled” by Singer and were “naive” about the American college application process. He said the fact that his clients paid $1.2 million proves that they were taken advantage of by Singer. Lawyer-splain. Most lawyers think that laymen are dumber than a class of fifth graders. Does Spertus expect me to believe that these Chinese mobster businessmen, prominent members of the Communist Party, who bribe people every day in China, are “naive” about the American college application process? Wealthy parents in China are obsessed with Yale and Harvard. They will do anything to get their little rug rats into the Ivy League. The Ivy League doesn’t make it easy for them. There are unwritten quotas on Chinese students. The old WASPS, and Jews with WASP envy, who sit on the Board of Directors at Harvard and Yale, don’t want to release an army of little Communists into the power centers of Washington DC, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley every year. The liberals and progressives who control Yale talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. The Yale board keeps out the Tiger kids but sets aside 10% of slots for their own children and offspring of their own generation, ie., the legacies. You are not going to find any Chinese legacies, other than Lulu and Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, who are only half Chinese. Yale also has 10% of slots set aside for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer players. When was the last time you saw a professional Chinese football player? Ping pong yes, but football or basketball?

There was another millionaire family from China who paid $6.5 million to Singer to get their rug rat into Yale. Yusi Zhao, who also goes by Molly, was admitted to Stanford in the spring of 2017 on a sailing scholarship. Molly was recently kicked out of Stanford after the Feds disclosed her name in court documents. Why did the Feds choose to publicly expose and humiliate Sherry and Molly? The only reason the mean spirited Feds exposed Sherry was to get freshman Sherry kicked out of Yale and kicked off the soccer team. As soon as Yale heard that Sherry bribed her way in she was escorted off campus. Sherry is no longer on the soccer team. The soccer team finally started winning some games. Jew lawyer Spertus told the press that Sherry was “devastated.” The Feds are heartless. The Feds could have let Sherry finish out her four years at Yale on the soccer team. The Feds could have remained silent and let little Molly stay on the sailing team and complete her education at Stanford. Why should the kids be punished for the sins of their parents?

The fact that these bimbos from China were able to keep up academically with brainiac Yale students only proves that the Ivies are a joke. The government should either shut them down or charge these non-profit billion dollar corporate tax evaders full freight. There should be an extra tax leveled on the Ivies, no different than the cigarette tax, gas tax and booze tax.

Mueller had no problem indicting a bunch of Russian citizens and companies in mother Russia during the Trump investigation. These Russians were out of reach of the jurisdiction of the American criminal courts. Putin was not going to have them extradited to the United States. NYET! Why did the Justice Department indict the Russians associated with Trump and yet leave these Chinese tiger moms alone? Conspiracy! I personally do not believe in conspiracy theories but I am trying to land a gig on Fox News.

May all the Jews, even Chinese Jews, be redeemed before Lag B’ Omer. May there never be a shortage of Chinese noodles or General Tso’s chicken in Gan Eden Gardens. Moshiach Now!

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  1. Good reads. Very informative. I’ve never seen anything like this. Can you give me a job? At 39 y/o, USMC Veteran, I served as legal assistant to the Staff Judge Advocate of the USMC only to come and become a convicted felon upon my return home from an honorable discharge with many awards and accolades 1998-2006 (I truly believe only because my first lawyer was not Jewish I am a convicted felon) I am in the process of expunging my criminal record. I have succeeded thus far and got it reduced to a misdemeanor and next is to completely expunge the convictions from my record. I wish I could tell you more and ask your advice. Life is hard in Silicon Valley/Bay Area, CA and I was completely blindsided by Santa Clara County’s money making bureaucratic bullshit court system. Its a racket. It’s a joke. Veteran’s have a vast array of mental and physical issues and are treated like shit when they come back home. I’d like to help veterans avoid getting caught up in the legal system and help these young men and women who served our country honorable. We come home with very little help how to adjust back to civilian life. A lot of good men and women could be integrated back into society and be productive and contribute to their communities. Instead we have veterans losing their fucking minds out here, because NOBODY gives a shit..even though we are still fighting the longest war in American history. Who really cares?

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