Non profit assets of “Rabbi” Greer Ordered Frozen

Non profit assets of “Rabbi” Greer Ordered Frozen

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You won’t find a Black Lives Matter sign in front of pedophile “Rabbi” Greer’s stately New Haven abode overlooking Edgewood Park. Daniel Greer was once dubbed “The Mayor of Edgewood” and had a Rolodex filled with political contacts that he groomed for 40 years. Even the New Haven Police Department was in bed with this old Goat. Daniel Greer infiltrated the City of New Haven with his child molester enablers, such as Harold Hack, the father of Avi Hack, who was molested by Daniel Greer. Harold is currently collecting a pension from the City of New Haven. Harold probably gets about $50K a year for sitting on his tuchos in Waterbury learning the Talmud. Harold’s son Avi, along with Dov Greer and Ezi Greer were active in New Haven politics for many years, and active enablers of child rapist Greer, until Eli Mirlis sued the Goat for child rape. Ezi, Avi, Harold and Dov all fled New Haven, never to return. Ezi returned briefly in order to drive his father to the Superior Court, where the old Goat surrendered himself to the Marshal’s office where he was was placed in handcuffs.

Daniel Greer currently spends 24 / 7 by himself in a 100 square foot jail cell. Greer’s wife, who stood by her pedophile man for years, can’t visit him due to COVID19 restrictions. Mr. Greer will be confined to this jail cell, in the Town of Cheshire, for the next 12 years. Greer recently filed an appeal to overturn Judge Jon Alander’s order sending the Goat back to jail after the Goat enjoyed a 90 day COVID19 furlough. Greer’s last ditch effort to break out of the Big House.

Rape victim Eli Mirlis filed a lawsuit against Greer’s numerous non profit entities in order to collect on the $20 million judgment he obtained against Mr. Greer in Federal court. Mr. Greer hired a team of high powered lawyers at the law firm of Day Pitney to protect the assets of his non profit entities. The Goat collects a $90K a year salary as an officer of these entities. Day Pitney filed a Motion to Dismiss the “reverse the corporate veil” lawsuit against Greer’s non-profits. In a corporate veil piercing lawsuits the plaintiff sues the corporate entities in order to go after the assets of the individual, who hides behind the corporate shield to commit fraud. In the Greer reverse piercing case Mirlis is trying to pierce the individual Greer to go after the assets of Greer’s non profit corporations. Mirlis must prove that Greer is using his non profit entities for fraudulent purposes in order to avoid having to pay Mirlis.

The high paid attorneys at Day Pitney argued that the Goat’s tenants shouldn’t have to suffer for the sins of the Goat, and would end up having to pay full market rent, or face eviction if the non profits are dissolved. The Goat argued that the tenants pay below market rent, which is debatable. The Goat’s rents are not that high compared to other rents in Edgewood, but the Goat’s properties look great on the outside but are run down on the inside. The Goat’s attorneys argued that “innocent third parties” such as the Goat’s “donors” and “tenants” and the “community of New Haven” would suffer for the sins of the Goat should the Court dissolve the Goat’s non profits. Give me a break! Day Pitney lawyers are getting paid $1000 an hour to make these ridiculous arguments on behalf of an incarcerated serial pedophile. They should be ashamed of themselves! When the Goat ran the non profits he was in possession of the keys to all the buildings. The Goat raped Eli Mirlis and Avi Hack for years in locked rooms in these buildings.

One such innocent third party is Jay Brotman, a partner at Svigals & Partners, a prominent architecture firm in New Haven. Jay is on the board of directors of Edgewood Elm Housing. Svigals was the architect that handled the renovation of the New Haven Jewish Community Center after a section of it was destroyed by a fire. The President of the Jewish Community Center is Jeffrey Sklarz, who is one of the Goat’s attorneys!

Federal Judge Charles Haight denied Greer’s motion to dismiss and concluded: “I am unable to conclude that the justice of the cause requires Plaintiff, on account of the situation of Defendants’ tenants, to forego a reverse veil piercing claim that constitutes Plaintiff’s only apparent means of enforcing his just judgment against Daniel Greer for childhood sexual abuse.”

Not only did Judge Haight deny the Goat’s motion to dismiss the case, but Judge Haight granted the motion to restrain the Goat from attempting to transfer 48 three family properties that are in the name of his non profit entities. Judge Haight further ordered the freezing of all other assets and bank accounts of the Goat’s non profits. The Goat’s non profits are only permitted to pay all employees of the non profits except for employee Daniel Greer. Daniel Greer will no longer be able to receive his $90K a year salary while he sits in a jail cell in Cheshire. Judge Haight stated in his ruling: “ORDERED that pending the Court’s decision on Plaintiff’s Application for Prejudgment Remedy the defendants, Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc. (“Edgewood Elm”), F.O.H., Inc. (“FOH”), Edgewood Village, Inc. (“Edgewood Village”), Edgewood Corners, Inc. (“Edgewood Corners”), and Yedidei Hagan, Inc. (“YH” and collectively, “Defendants”), are enjoined from (a) transferring or encumbering any of their personal property, other than to pay any of their employees, with the exception of Daniel Greer, and perform reasonable maintenance on real property they own; or (b)
transferring or encumbering any of their real property.”

Edgewood Elm Housing employee Sarah Greer will continue to receive her inflated salary as an officer of Edgewood Elm. Oy Gevalt! Stand by your mentch with the money! The only thing that matters in this world is money!

“Teach me Your way and lead me on the path of integrity, do not deliver me to my tormentors for there has arisen against me false witnesses and those who breathe violence!” Psalm 27

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  1. The solution to the “poor, innocent tenants” problem is for the tenants to pay their rent to a receiver, who then skims [percentage to be determined] from the collections, remits it to Mirkin, and gives what remains to the non-profit entities (after pocketing the receiver’s fee).

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