Norm Pattis Sued For Fraudulent Conveyance

Norm Pattis Sued For Fraudulent Conveyance

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Right wing maverick lawyer Norm Pattis was just sued for $250K by creditors of the estate of Fotis Dulos, the Greek Ivy League graduate who murdered his Ivy League Jewish wife Jennifer Farber, and then murdered himself. The Farber family gave, and loaned Dulos millions of dollars to start a home construction business that never got off the ground. Fotis swindled the Farbers out of their money and then killed their daughter and then killed himself. The bankrupt State of Connecticut will no longer have to pay the costs of incarceration for Mr. Dulos.

Before Fotis killed himself he paid Norm Pattis $250K in legal fees to defend him on murder charges. Pattis had Fotis sign a retainer agreement in which Fotis agreed that the fees were earned upon receipt. No refund, no return. Many criminal defense lawyers engage in this same scam with their clients. Clients are naturally frightened at the prospect of going to jail for many years. Clients beg, borrow and steal to come up with six figure retainers. I knew many guys in Otisville who paid prominent defense attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars just to spend a few hours negotiating a plea deal. The Farber attorney alleged that Norm violated the Connecticut Canon of Ethics that attorneys are supposed to follow. Sounds like an oxymoron. You can’t expect lawyers to follow a canon of ethics.

The Farber family alleged in their lawsuit that the payment to Pattis was a fraudulent conveyance. The $250K was paid to Norm Pattis while Fotis was insolvent, ie., bankrupt. The Farber claim is similar to the claims made against Bernie Madoff after he was busted. Madoff made many transfers of money to friends and family members just before he got busted and went bankrupt. Creditors were able to set aside those transactions and go after the money. Jeffrey Epstein transferred $500 million to his brother just before he committed suicide. Jeffrey Epstein was not insolvent at the time so creditors, ie., rape victims, were unable to go after Jeffrey’s brother.

The attorney for the Farber family also alleged that Norm got paid additional monies on the side. “Substantial monies” were paid “directly and indirectly by and to third parties unrelated to the criminal case.” Farber’s attorney didn’t get into details, but it would appear that Norm got paid additional monies by friends and business associates of Fotis.

Fotis testified in his divorce case that he was broke and couldn’t pay alimony, child support or his mortgages. When asked how he was paying Norm Pattis, Fotis testified that someone from Greece was wiring money to a lawyer in New York, who wired the money to Norm. Fotis testified that Norm’s high priced investigator Patrick McKenna was also getting paid on the side by someone in Greece. Norm got paid $250K while Jennifer Dulos wasn’t receiving child support or alimony.

The Farber attorneys tried to subpoena Norm in order to ask Norm directly how he was getting paid. Nobody believed Fotis when he testified that a guy in Greece was paying his legal fees. A Judge ruled that the Farbers couldn’t subpoena Norm because that information was protected by the attorney-client privilege. Norm didn’t say a word while Fotis lied under oath at his deposition about the source of Norm’s fees. Norm apparently got paid directly by Fotis. There must be some kind of ethical violation for letting your client lie under oath.

The Farber family alleged that after Norm was paid $250K Dulos killed himself 14 days later, which means Norm earned almost $20K a day in legal fees. After Dulos was dead Norm filed paperwork in court requesting that the State of Connecticut continue to pursue the criminal case against the Estate of Fotis Dulos so that Dulos could be acquitted post mortem. Norm had no legal precedent to support such a stupid legal theory. Norm was laughed out of court. The legal community thought Norm had lost his mind. The truth now comes out. Norm is a greedy evil genius. Norm wanted to bill the Fotis file until he burned up the $250K retainer.

Norm pimps out his legal services to the highest right wing criminal bidder. Norm has focused his solicitation on criminals on the far right, rapists, and conspiracy theorists. Norm represented Alex Jones, the man who was sued for inciting his followers to harass family members of murdered Sandy Hook children. Norm was kicked off of Facebook for a few years because he posted far right posts, according to Norm.

Norm’s latest right wing blog post states the following: “There is no epidemic of police shootings of people of color. A handful of folks were shot in the most recent year for which there are statistics, and the majority of them were resisting arrest.” Norm cited no statistic to support his opinion that only 5 “people of color were shot in the most recent year for which there are statistics,” whatever that means. There is no dispute among researchers that there have been thousands of police shootings over the last several years. Victims of police shootings have been disproportionately black, as a percentage of their population, with a fatality rate 2.8 times higher than whites. Most victims were reported to be armed but black victims were more likely to be unarmed. Researchers agree that police tend to misreport the details of police shootings so the statistics could be much worse for Blacks. Norm’s drivel is on the far right of the most right wing conservative commentators. Norm doesn’t care about truth and justice. Norm only cares about money. Norm only cares about $250K retainers.

Norm ranted against Yale’s diversity policy in his blog. Norm stated: “I represent individuals in crisis regardless of the color of their skin. In the market for goods and services, I no more owe you a discount, or free representation, on account of your accidents of birth than Yale owes you a point or two on your admission’s rating. The social justice wars brewing all around us are all about the next exchange, the next transaction.” Norm perfectly summed up the legal profession. Its all about the Benjamins. If you don’t have $250K to pay Norm Pattis you are going to get stuck with a crappy lawyer and probably end up in jail. Been there, done that.

Norm concluded his blog post with the following words: “Yale is wrong. Shame on Yale and on Peter Salovey, too. Do black lives matter? You bet. So do Asian lives and so do white lives.” The only life that matters is the privileged life of one percenter Norm Pattis. What does Norm Pattis do with all his money? Norm lives and works in a refurbished barn surrounded by farm animals. Give me a break! Get a life Norm.

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3 thoughts on “Norm Pattis Sued For Fraudulent Conveyance

  1. But Norm has a point. Three years ago Minneapolis police shot and killed a white Australian woman Justine Diamond, whose only crime was to approach a police car to report a crime. Was there a single demonstration about police brutality after this? Was there a national outrage? According to Washington Post statistics, 50 per cent of all police shooting victims are white. Can you name a single one? I only know about poor Justine because she was Australian and this was a big story here in Australia.

    You say Victims of police shootings have been disproportionately black, as a percentage of their population. Yes but not in proportion to the respective crime rate. Police naturally engage more with black suspects. I have looked at a number of studies on this. There was a paper clearly showing this in PNAS (proceedings of US Academy of Sciences) last year, which the authors were pressed to withdraw due to political pressure after it was cited in congressional hearings. The authors stand by their findings but it is politically incorrect so they withdrew it. I am a scientist and know how hard it is to publish a paper in PNAS, how rigorous the review is etc. it is a huge setback is to withdraw a paper that took them maybe a decade to a study.

    Above all, victims of police shootings are a tiny proportion of all murder victims in the US, most of them black. The hypocrisy of BLM is that they only care about a tiny proportion of black lives.

    Larry you have been very good in exposing the hypocrisy of Ivy League graduates. You smell hypocrisy very well. You should expose the hypocrisy of white youth BLM supporters who go on a march and then return to their parents basement without having a single black friend. Virtue signaling is distilled hypocrisy.

    I support affirmative action, and think a lot needs to be done to lift deprived communities etc. but It appears progressives’ solutions of public housing ghettos don’t work. Not sure what does. No one appears to have answers.

    1. the hypocrisy is right in my home town of Fairfield, CT, a wealthy suburb on the shoreline. My dad lives near the beach and watched the McMansions go up over the last 50 years. Almost every house on his street has a BLM sign. My dad’s black nurses aid, who comes to his house to help him every day, has gotten harassed by Fairfield police officers numerous times in a completely crime free area of million dollar homes. I wanted to file a complaint against the cops but she didn’t want to create any problems. Harassment of Black people by the cops is rampant. You aren’t going to find many videos of white guys getting shot in the back or beaten by cops, other than Waco. The cops lie on their reports so statistics don’t account for all the shootings, even accounting for a higher percentage of crime in the inner cities. Nobody cares if an unarmed criminal is shot in the inner city, the police have immunity so it is almost impossible to sue, and cities have become numb to the violence, nobody is going to raise a stink, as opposed to if the cops shot a white guy in a white town. Cops are going to be more trigger happy because they are more frightened in a violent city than in a rural town, so the intentional and unintentional shootings by cops has to be higher against Blacks, who mostly live in cities, regardless of the debate with the statistics. The statistics don’t account for the significantly higher rate of harassment experienced by Black people at the hands of cops than white people, as what happened with my dad’s nurses aid, and what happened to Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates (the Obama beer summit guy). To be frequently harassed by police officers from the day you are a teenager until the day you die based on the color of your skin should embarrass every American, right wing, left wing and center. BLM should focus on the lack of resources to address poverty and crime in the cities, which allows gangs to take over, while white towns waste millions on public safety, administrators, and paper pushers, a good example is Fairfield, which has the resources to constantly harass my dad’s nurses aid.

  2. Norm owns the Whitlock Book Barn in Bethany, which I imagine is not a money-making investment, but one that bolsters his persona as an intellectual type. Whether or not his house is a barn, too, I don’t know. As to animals, he used to write about his pet emu, but not for a while. Maybe they cooked it and served it for Thanksgiving, with a side of organic home-grown sweet potatoes.

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