NY Feds Jam Up Epstein, Dershowitz & Harvard

NY Feds Jam Up Epstein, Dershowitz & Harvard

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Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz has been dragged into the minor sex slave mess with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein, who dropped out of college, despite the Harvard sweatshirt

Back in 2006 Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by the Palm Beach Police for pimping out at least three dozen minor females in the State of Florida. Epstein ran a high end house of prostitution where he employed underage female prostitutes. The United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida opened a parallel investigation and conferred with the State prosecutors. The Federal investigation was led by a local Cuban goy named Alexander Acosta, while the State prosecution was led by Brooklyn carpetbagger Jew lawyer Barry Krischer. Jew and Gentile law enforcers, unknown at the time, worked together on the Epstein case. Epstein was defended by prominent Jew lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

US Attorney Alexander Acosta and Florida State’s Attorney Barry Krischer offered Epstein a deal of a lifetime. Epstein pleaded guilty to one count of solicitation of prostitution and did 13 months in an Epstein made to order Florida jail, with his own security detail, and his own compound, at the Palm Beach county jail. Epstein got to leave his compound for 12 hours a day in order to work downtown at his insider hedge fund trader desk. Club Fed South Florida style. US Attorney Acosta agreed to not file any charges against Epstein in the parallel Federal investigation. Acosta agreed to a non-prosecution agreement in which the Feds dropped their investigation in exchange for Epstein pleading guilty in the State case. Epstein was represented by Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. Harvard took millions of dollars in donations from Epstein over the years.

Florida State prosecutor Barry Krischer and former US Attorney and current Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta have gone on the airwaves and have publicly blamed each other for the Epstein deal they put together ten years ago. Krischer says that Acosta should have filed Federal charges against Epstein years ago. Acosta says that Krischer let Epstein off the hook. Who should we believe? Who does Larry Noodles believe? Larry Noodles takes the side of hardscrabble Brooklyn Law graduate Jew lawyer Barry Krischer over pampered Harvard Law Cubano Alexander Acosta. Acosta never tried a criminal case in his life before he was appointed US Attorney by George Dubya Bush. Acosta’s appointment was payback to the South Florida Cuban community for voting Republican. Bill “Bubba” Clinton got even when he got into office and ordered Federal storm troopers to raid the home of 6 year old Elian Gonzalez, kidnap him at gunpoint, and hand him over to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. It was ok for Clinton to use the Federal gestapo to round up illegals but it’s not ok when Trump wants to do the same thing. The return of Elian Gonzalez was a reward to the South Florida Jewish community for voting Democrat. Less Cubans in Florida translates into less Republicans in Florida. The pyscho narco State of Florida just increased it’s electoral votes to a whopping 29! The anointment of the next King of America could be determined by Cubans and Jews from Miami Beach, West Palm and South Beach.

Attorney Barry Krischer regularly got death threats as a prosecutor in the mosquito infested alligator swamp known as South Florida. Alexander Acosta regularly gets invited to speak at legal seminars and minority law group conferences, where he noshes on danishes and coffee cake. Acosta has a pile of appreciation medals and awards from the Justice Department of the District of Florida. Acosta hung on for two terms with King George Dubya Bush and continued on with Moshiach Baruch Hussein Obama. Acosta is now the lackey Labor Secretary for The Donald. Acosta is the only Spanish speaking person in The Donald’s Cabinet and kosher kitchen. White House sources have told me that Acosta added jalapeno peppers to the gefilte fish. Acosta will never resign. The Donald can’t afford to lose the only Spanish guy in the White House. If Acosta were a Jew lawyer who graduated from Cooley Law he would have been fired in a New York minute. Acosta would have been tarred, feathered and scapegoated for the entire Epstein mess. He probably would have been indicted. Since Acosta is a Harvard educated Cuban who has loyally served the Deep State his entire life, he gets a free pass.

Epstein’s Federal non-prosecution agreement deal of the century was never disclosed to the public. It was signed in 2008 and expired in 2010. Epstein was required to behave himself for two years or the agreement could be terminated by the Florida Department of Justice. The Feds never offer child sex offenders non-prosecution agreements. The Feds commonly offer such agreements to large law breaker corporations. The Feds would rather put a corporation on probation rather than shut it down and cause the layoff of thousands of voters. Non prosecution agreements entered into with large law breaking corporations are always made available to the public.

There were at least 40 female victims in the criminal case against Epstein that was brought in 2006. After Epstein signed his plea deal, a few dozen female victims, who were not part of the criminal case, filed separate civil lawsuits against Mr. Epstein. Epstein tried to get those cases delayed. Epstein claimed that he couldn’t defend himself in the civil lawsuits without violating the terms of his non prosecution agreement. The civil Judge in Florida didn’t know what to do. The civil Judge hauled the Federal Office of the United States Attorney of Florida into court and asked whether Epstein would be violating probation by partaking in the civil lawsuits. Acosta was no longer handling the Epstein file at this time in 2009. US Attorney Marie Villafana, an Ivy League grad, and fellow member of the Deep State, took over the file. Villafana told the Judge that she didn’t know the names of the dozens of victims in the civil case because each plaintiff was referred to as “Jane Doe.” Villafana told the Judge that she was only aware of the names of the dozens of victims in the criminal case. Villafana must have looked stupid telling the Judge that in spite of the fact that there were over 100 victims, Epstein was free as a bird noshing on bagels and lox at the Palm Beach Country Club. The Office of the United States Attorney of the Southern District of Florida must have been the laughing stock of every bar organization and law enforcement agency in the entire country. Villafana is currently taking heat for her role in the Epstein debacle. Villafana will never get fired. Villafana is a Spanish speaking Gentile woman. If Villafana were a Yiddish speaking Jew she would be Villifana-fied, tarred, feathered and fed to the birds.

To add further humiliation to the United States Attorney for Florida, the United States Attorney got sued by dozens of victims of Epstein. This case was filed shortly after Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008. The case is still pending. The Plaintiffs alleged that the US Attorney failed to properly represent the interests of the victims in the original Epstein criminal case. The Plaintiffs sued under an obscure Federal law called the Criminal Victims’ Rights Act. A big time personal injury law firm out of New York City and Florida brought the lawsuit, ie., the Edwards Pottinger Law Firm. Edwards Pottinger is not some a small town ambulance chaser with his name plastered on vans and box trucks parked all over town.

In the Crime Victims Rights Act case the US Attorney admitted fault but objected to the remedies proposed by the Plaintiffs. The Plaintiffs demanded an apology from the Federal government, as well as cold hard cash. Who cares about the apology, just take the gelt. The US Attorney stated in court paperwork: “the government believes that it should have communicated its resolution of the federal criminal investigation of Epstein to his victims more effectively and in a more transparent manner. Although we cannot turn back time and put the victims back in the position they would have been in over a decade ago, the government believes the following proposed remedies would respect their rights under the CVRA, balance the constitutional and statutory obligations imposed on the government, and bring some level of finality to all the parties.” Deep State US Attorney and Harvard grad Nathan Kitchens signed the memo admitting the Feds did a shlocky job in the Epstein case.

The Florida office of the United States Attorney damaged the reputation of the Office of the United States Attorney beyond repair with their handling of the Epstein file. How do you botch up a pimp prosecution? The Feds had to think of a way to salvage it’s reputation. The Deep State came up with the perfect solution. The bumbling prosecutors in South Florida were told to transfer the Epstein file to the made men in New York. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of the New York took over. The Southern District is led by US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who was recently appointed by The Donald. Berman brought cases against former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and Trump nemesis Michael Avenatti. The Southern District is known for bringing the most high profile cases in the country. I was locked up with many guys who were on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Berman charged Epstein with running a prostitution ring out of New York City and Florida. Berman has two former unnamed employees of Epstein who are cooperating with the Feds and ratting out Epstein. Berman has an entirely new group of victims. Berman has decided to assign this high profile Epstein case to the most seasoned prosecutor in his office. Harvard Law grad Maurene Comey, daughter of former FBI director James Comey, is leading the New York prosecution of Epstein. Comey’s resume is flimsier than Alexander Acosta’s resume. Comey has a mere five years of criminal law experience under her belt as an assistant US Attorney. The Feds may be setting themselves up for another Epstein embarrassment with baby girl Comey leading the prosecution. Or Berman is a total genius. The daughter of James Comey will have instant celebrity status with jurors. Plus she wears a skirt. Jurors need to focus on the victims. Plus half the jurors will be female. Female jurors don’t like to be malesplained by an old man lawyer in a dark suit. Epstein is being represented by high profile defense attorney Reid Weingarten, an old Jewish man. Epstein ditched old Jewish man defense attorney Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz was sued by some of the minor prostitutes who claimed Alan Dershowitz was a Jon. Alan’s Hebrew name is Aharon not Jon.

Epstein should have hired a female defense attorney. A female defense attorney can argue to jurors that she wouldn’t represent Epstein if she thought he was guilty. No jury is going to believe an old White Jewish guy who is getting paid millions and who looks just like Epstein.

For G-d, For Country, For Deep State female lawyers who graduated from Harvard, Moshiach Now!

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