OB/GYN Dr. Beyer & His Atty Wife Busted In Michigan

OB/GYN Dr. Beyer & His Atty Wife Busted In Michigan

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Dr. Roger Beyer, a OB/GYN doctor and urologist, ran a successful medical practice in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his devoted wife. Dr. Beyer’s wife Susan Wright, who was an APRN and an attorney licensed to practice in Michigan, helped run the medical office. Susan Wright practiced family law and health care law.

Dr. Beyer’s medical office specialized in pelvic muscle rehabilitation. A pelvic muscle rehabilitation procedure involvs inserting rectal and vaginal pressure sensors into the patients’ body in order to measure muscle contractions while at the same time providing electrical stimulation. I am not making this up. You can read the indictment yourself. I did not go to medical school, but I learned a lot when I worked on personal injury and medical malpractice cases as an attorney. I also learned a lot about medicine when I watched the tv series ER back in the 1990s.

Nurse practitioners, and licensed attorneys such as Susan Wright, made house calls to patient’s private homes to insert the pressure sensors into the patient’s body cavities. I believe Susan Wright was the only licensed attorney who inserted the pressure sensors. Usually it is the client who wants to apply the pressure sensors to his attorney, especially when his attorney screws up his case.

Dr. Beyer was busted for over billing Medicare about $500K for electromyogrpahy studies and anorectal mamometry that he claimed were necessary procedures related to the pelvic muscle rehabilitation procedures. Medicare found that these studies were not medically necessary and should have never been charged to Medicare. Dr. Beyer was warned by Medicare not to bill for this, yet Beyer billed anyway, and wasn’t caught until years later. Medicare fraud is the easiest, and most lucrative crime, I have ever blogged about.

Dr. Beyer’s wife was not busted for over billing Medicare. Dr. Beyer’s wife was busted for misprision of a felony, which means she assisted her husband in committing the crime. I don’t know why the Feds just didn’t charge her with conspiracy. I guess the Feds in the Midwest like to use fancy sounding crimes when bringing an indictment. The simpleton Federal prosecutors in the New York metropolitan area charge everyone with “mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.”

Dr. Beyer and his wife were both charged with “adulterated misuse of a medical device” after the medical device has entered interstate commerce. The adulterated misuse of a medical device is only a misdemeanor, but to be charged with such a crime is more embarrassing than to be charged with a felony. Dr. Beyer and his wife adulterated the rectal pressure sensor in the following way: After the rectal pressure sensor is used on a patient it is considered a “bio-hazard” by the FDA and must be disposed of. Dr. Beyer and his wife stuck the finger part of a surgical glove, or a condom, over the rectal pressure sensor before they applied it to a patient’s body. After the exam they removed the dirty glove, and / or condom, and replaced it with a clean glove and / or condom. They used the same rectal pressure sensor on other patients, making sure to replace the finger part of the surgical glove each time they used the sensor. They were very anal about replacing the surgical glove after each use. Assistant US Attorney Raymond E Beckering III, wrote in the criminal charge that the doctor and his wife engaged in “insanitary conditions contaminated with filth rendered injurious to health.” I think he meant “unsanitary,” not “insanitary.” It must have been a typo, unless he meant to say that what they did was total “insanity.” DISGUSTING! These people are animals, yet they wore surgical masks to Federal court when they pleaded guilty, see photo above. They probably wore used surgical masks.

Dr. Beyer and his wife both quickly entered into plea agreements after they were charged by the Feds. Their plea agreements state that they will cooperate with the Federal Government, the FDA, Health & Human Services, and the Inspector General. If they provide cooperation that leads to more charges against other defendants the Feds will submit a “5K” letter to the sentencing judge. A 5K letter is a letter that asks the Judge to go easy on them because they snitched out other co-conspirators. Who else would assist Bonnie and Dr. Clyde in these crimes of extreme revulsion?

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5 thoughts on “OB/GYN Dr. Beyer & His Atty Wife Busted In Michigan

  1. Isn’t misprision “the deliberate concealment of one’s knowledge of a felony.” In other words, not reporting the crime you knew about?

    1. Yes. The Feds can still charge you with conspiracy. Conspiracy is the easiest crime to prove, that’s why the Feds use it all the time. I was originally used in Mafia cases in order to indict as many people as possible. It has since expanded into white collar crime. I was charged with conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud. I did a handful of closings as an attorney and made NO money other than closing fees, while everyone else cashed in. The sellers made hundreds of thousands on run down properties. If I didn’t take a plea agreement the Feds would have presented evidence that I was negligent and / or reckless and / or had some knowledge, not complete knowledge of fraud, if I went to trial, in order to prove conspiracy, which doesn’t require much. The buyers, sellers, realtors and brokers in my case were ready to testify that I knew that large closing cost credits were given to the buyer from the seller, which were not fully disclosed on the HUD form, submitted to the bank, one very small part of the overall fraud, if at all, as the realtors in my case were holding the deposits, or said they were, closing lawyers don’t verify deposits or ask to see deposits, closing attorneys are not policemen, the banks at this time rarely asked for copies of deposit checks or deposit verifications, in most of my closings as the sellers attorney I don’t even sign a HUD form or even know if the buyers attorney is submitting a different, ie, fraudulent HUD form, to his bank. Nobody was going to testify that I knew that they inflated run down properties, bribed appraisers, falsified income statements, and were not planning on making any mortgage payments, the bulk of the criminal activity. Even the bank was in on the game, Wells Fargo was sued by the Feds in 2018 for mortgage fraud on a closing I handled, along with thousands of others, and paid the Feds $3 billion in damages, for deliberately underwriting mortgages that Wells knew were fraudulent. Wells was never charged with a crime, even though Wells was the biggest cog in the wheel of mortgage fraud criminal activity that occurred in the early 2000s.

  2. Not to mention that conspiracy charges can extend the the statute of limitations. If someone committed a crime 20 years ago (and there is the normal five year statute of limitations) the Feds can charge you with conspiracy many, many years later, as long as the conspiracy is still ongoing. This is what happened to the lady that wrote “Orange is the New Black”. She moved some cash for drug ring a long time ago, got a good job, a straight life and got busted (ratted out, of course) for some long-ago crime (as part of the ongoing conspiracy).

    1. The Feds have been extending the Statute of Limitations on every crime anyway, which allows them to indict a ham sandwich, a pastrami sandwich and a bowl of Cheerios whenever they want, they hold their handcuffs over the head of every citizen in the entire country. The statute of limitations in my case for mortgage fraud was increased from 5 years to 10 years while my case was being investigated for 5 years. It shouldn’t take more than five monhts, let alone 5 years, or ten years, for the biggest arm of the United States government to review a handful of closings and draft an indictment.

  3. You know what happened to the ham sandwich that got indicted?
    It got 54 months!

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