Official Otisville Purim Song

Official Otisville Purim Song

061411 (Damon Higgins / The Palm Beach Post)  PALM BEACH GARDENS - Moishe Butler is the Beit Hatikvah rehab facility's founder. Organizers describe Beit Hatikvah as a Êspiritual and holistic extended care addiction treatment center designed to provide clients with top quality, cost effective treatment.

The official Otisville prison Purim song for the official prison spiel, was composed and sung by inmate Moshe Butler, AKA “Teaneck Trouble” AKA “Jerzey Jew” AKA “Butt-Starr.”   He got the nickname “Butt-Star” because he was always bragging about big business deals he was working on, very much like inmate Ken Starr, who also fancied himself as a big wheeler-dealer.  Ken Starr was a financial adviser to such movie stars as Uma Thurman, Sylvester Stallone, Weslie Snipes, Martin Scorsese, and Natalie Portman.  He convinced the stars to invest in phony business ventures that enriched Mr. Starr at the expense of the stars.  He expanded his operation to include a ponzi scheme.  The main purpose of Ken’s schemes were to finance the expansive tastes of his stripper girlfriend.  She ended up ditching him after Ken got busted. While he was in prison Ken pitched wealthy inmates to invest in movie scripts and other worthless deals.  A few inmates took the bait and lost money with Ken.  One mortgage fraud attorney inmate Roman Empire said that the motto for Butt-Starr Enterprises was: “Why steal millions when you can rob thousands.”

Moshe Butler loved to sing, and loved to compose songs during Jewish holidays.  Here is the official prison Otisville Purim song:

Welcome to Purim 2015
A lot has changed over the past year and it sure hasn’t been boring
The community has had a lot of changes but now we’re beginning to thrive
but unfortunately Rabbi Leib is 0 for 5…
(Rabbi Pinter lost the inmate gabbai elections all five times that he ran)

Many characters have come and gone                                     from Blau to Tishler to Lipa Teitelbaum
but the kosher kitchen seems to still lose half of its food
because Sam is real slick and smooth….
(Inmate Sam was good at shop lifting from guys who ran the kosher kitchen and controlled the food supply)

Artie has been here for about 12 weeks
but still no one knows if his last name is Fried or Freed
if you’d like to learn about him or even try to make a dent
just spend an hour with him in anger management
(Art bared his soul during anger management classes, depressing inmates with stories of how he was abused as a child, failed marraiges, & estranged children.  The only time he was happy was when he got his toenails painted and his beitzim waxed, which could not be done in the prison)

Reb Naftali continues to amaze us each day
basically either listen to him, or just stay away
his love for the guitar is so great to hear
he’s now even throwing sliced bananas at the beautiful deer
(Naftali is the 80 year old pious Satmar Hasid. He can recite every verse in the entire Torah by memory. He got mad at inmate Dan Greenberg for singing and playing the guitar on motzei Shabbos, so he threw sliced bananas at Dan, nearly causing a riot.  Naftali doesn’t have much patience for other inmates, its either his way or the highway.  The inmates share the prison property with the deer, who walk around all over the compound as if they own the place)

Robert Pinkerstein has taken the Russians very far
he supplies them with everything they need including cavier from spring beds to jobs and even protection
Ari Glucksman you better watch your back for the next gabbai election
(Pinkerstein was a Russian inmate who was the assistant to Chief Blueboy Scalboni.  Tales of his powers were legendary, from supplying the Russian inmates with cavier, to getting spring beds for inmates who are forced to sleep on prison issued yoga mats, to getting inmates easy prison jobs, to selling protection to inmates who didn’t need protection.  Jealous inmates tend to exaggerate, especially when it comes to an inmate who is close to the blueboyz.  Ari Glucksman was the newly elected gabbai “in charge” of the Jewish inmates at the time)

Ari Glucksman has had to learn what to say
because he has had to deal with sheer craziness every single day
so when Rabbi Rickter signed off and confirmed his win was valid
I was so happy I could eat more of his potato salad
(Ari won the gabbai election by a close vote.  Some guys thought the election was fixed by the blueboy chaplain Lubavitch rabbi, known as “Lucky Charms,” because of his red beard and short stature.  Inmate Useless ran against Ari for the gabbai position.  Ari worked in the kosher kitchen so he promised guys extra food if they voted for him.  Useless was useless in this regard as he didn’t work in the kosher kitchen, he had nothing of any value to promise inmate voters)

Around Larry Noodles I need to be careful of what I say
because in the script he is writing I don’t know what role I’ll play
over the past three years my mind has started to turn to mush
but I still don’t eat more than Daniel Baddouch.
(I guess Teaneck Trouble was not careful enough around me about what he said. I would like to apologize to Teaneck Trouble. I know I am writing about special moments shared by inmates.  I know this breaks unwritten inmate codes of privacy.  But I think the world needs to know what goes on in a prison, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I disagree with the motto, “What goes on in Otisville stays in Otisville.”    Daniel Baddouch was a Lakewood rabbi, who learned Talmud all day and night, yet he ate large quantities of disgusting kosher meal mart airline food along with mass quantities of garlic.  He also had very bad breath)

Ben Turner runs his law practice from Two Mile Drive
when he sits in the powerhouse he thinks he can run and hide
one thing he is crazy about and he sure doesn’t mind
is starting every single davening precisely on time
(Two Mile Road is the address for the prison.  Ben was a mortgage fraud attorney who became a jailhouse lawyer,  like most of the lawyers who got locked up. He worked in the prison powerhouse, where he didn’t do much other than work on his legal cases.  He eventually went to the SHU (Solitary confinement) for some period of time for trying to sneak in a DVD player into the prison.  He couldn’t work on any legal files while in the SHU.

Gedalia Schleider thinks his accent makes him sound real cool
he relaxes all day like he’s back in school
he loves all the drama and tries to get into the fray
I guess that’s what happens when you only get a year and a day
(Schleider, with his English accent, only got a year and a day sentence because he ratted out a big time billion dollar ponzi schemer Eliyahu Weinstein.  He acted like he was on vacation and expected everyone to treat him like a king. He figured he helped the Feds, he was untouchable.  He spent most of his days doing homework and writing papers for his kids who were in college)

While we’re all here we should accomplish a new feat
whether its learning crazy dancing or facial grooming from Daniel Sweet
but if you want to learn how to hide your food through the summer and winter
then look no further than Rabbi Pinter
(Daniel Sweet was a pharmacist who ran a “pill mill freak show” operation in Florida which involved his wife and children selling Oxy’s.  His wife ended up ratting him out.  She said she didn’t know an Oxy from a Tylenol.  She said Sweet was sleeping with the customers   and trading sexual favors for pills.  Sweet and his wife ended up each getting ten long years.  The kids got less time, they claimed they were abused as children.  Sweet didn’t know how to groom, his beard was always out of control, and he couldn’t dance to save his life. In the spirit of Purim, inmate Sweet dyed his beard orange with oil from a can of tuna fish.  Inmate Rabbi Pinter used to store his food in homemade styrofoam containers he hid in his cubicle, which Head Blueboy Scalboni would find, confiscate and destroy at least once a month).

The youngest among us may surprise many of you
its actually Matt Getto, and he’s only 32
If anyone got any woman who is worth a real look
you all know that he is a dude who knows how to cook
(MG is the muscular inmate head cook in the kosher kitchen.  He is a cross between the “Soup Nazi” and Attila the Hun)

I have yet to understand a word the Satmar turned Lubavitcher Rebbe says
especially when he tries to get me out of bed
we all know that he’s the one who pulls all the strings
thats why I am trying to learn all the songs he sings
I wish you all mazel and brachas
that you should all go home real soon and have much hatzlocha (good health)
my advice to you is that you all shouldn’t be haters
because we are all controlled by the Satmar turned Lubavitcher, who is the real Dictator.
(The “Dictator” refers to Herman Jacobowitz, a  prominent Satmar Hasid from Williamsburg who got busted with his father and brothers for a  “pump and dump” stock fraud scheme and burning down their warehouse in an attempt to collect $100 million in insurance proceeds.  He converted to the Lubavitch religion and was considered the most powerful Jewish inmate in the prison. Teaneck Trouble used to call him “the Dictator” on Shabbos, and sometimes they would get in playful scuffle when the Dictator tried to keep Teaneck Trouble quiet.  The Dictator is very difficult to understand.  He speaks “Yinglish” a cross between Yiddish and English, and he is not very fluent in Yinglish.  He yells a lot and bangs into you with his stomach if he wants to make a point

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