Orthodox Jewish Media Reports on Rapist Greer

Orthodox Jewish Media Reports on Rapist Greer

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A major American Orthodox news organization reported on child rapist Greer this morning.  Vos Is Neias published an article entitled, “Rabbi Accused of Raping Student Ordered to Testify at Trial.”  This popular news source tried to contact the Goat and his team of attorneys.  According to the article: “Greer and his lawyers, David Grudberg and William Ward, did not return phone and email messages seeking comment.”  Vos Is Neias forgot to contact Attorney Amanda Nugent, who was recently added to the Greer wet dream team.

Vos Is Neias reported: “According to court documents, Greer invoked his right against self-incrimination at a deposition last year. His lawyers asked a judge to bar Mirlis from calling Greer to the witness stand, but the request was denied. “Parading Mr. Greer before the jury to repeatedly invoke the Fifth Amendment privilege will only serve to paint him as ‘a criminal who has probably eluded justice’ in the eyes of the finders of fact….”

Vos Is Neias has been reporting on the activities of Daniel Greer since 2007.  Most of the articles have focused on the Greer armed street patrol, Greer’s political connections, and other aspects of the compound.  Greer has always been portrayed as the powerful and politically connected rabbi in New Haven.  Greer’s right hand-job man, Avi Hack, has also been featured in the stories about the compound.

Greer’s power and political connections did not stop Vos Is Neias from running this article.  The article reported information that could have been cut and pasted from this blog.  There was not one  mention of Larry Noodles in the entire Vos Is Neias article.  Once again Larry Noodles has not received the credit he deserves.  To this day the prominent Yale graduate and reporter Paul Bass has failed to mention Larry Noodles in all the recent articles he has posted about Greer in the New Haven Independent.

Larry Noodles is a humble man and does not seek out public attention.  Saving lives is just another day at the job for Larry Noodles.  Destroying lives is just another day on the job for the Goat.

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