Orthodox Rabbi & Black Activist Support Roger Stone

Orthodox Rabbi & Black Activist Support Roger Stone

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Roger Stone’s prosecution resulted in the resignation of four United States Attorneys. How many convicted felons can boast that they didn’t rat anyone out in their Federal prosecution, and that they caused four Ivy League Federal prosecutor crybabies to resign in disgrace because they couldn’t calculate the Federal Sentencing Guidelines? Stone will be respected by his fellow bunkies, as well as criminals throughout the country for years to come.

The four prosecutors who resigned were Jonathan Kravis, who worked for Obama back in 2010, Adam Jed who clerked for Justice Stevens, Aaron Zelinsky whose parents were Democratic power brokers in New Haven and business partners with pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer, and Michael John Marando, who is married to Joanna Wasserman, whose father Michael Wasserman is a Democratic power broker who is currently in the middle of a scandal involving University of Maryland contracts he awarded to his buddies. See link.

Roger Stone may end up in Otisville with inmate Michael Cohen, who snitched out Donald Trump and his entire family to the Feds, to Congress, and to the New York Attorney General. King rat. Michael Cohen plans on writing a Donald Trump snitch book with anti Trumpster Rosie O’Donnell as soon as he is released from Otisville. Rosie O’Donnell is a wash out. Rosie hasn’t had a hit show in years.

Rosie O’Donnell shouldn’t be confused with rabid Trump supporter Roseanne, whose popular show was cancelled after she got in trouble for saying that she couldn’t tell the difference between Obama’s White House cabinet members and the characters in Planet of the Apes. The public should cut Roseanne a break. I have confused Rham Emanuel with characters from the Planet of the Apes all the time.

Roger Stone received a character letter at his sentencing signed by a guy named “Rabbi Dr. Henry A. Sheinkopf.” Rabbi Sheinkopf wrote that he has been friends with Roger Stone for over 40 years. Sheinkopf runs a public relations company out of New York City. Sheinkopf has worked on campaigns for sexual deviants and gropers Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and Michael Bloomberg. See link to Sheinkopf’s website. Sheinkopf wrote to Judge Jackson the following: “I have been a reasonably well known political professional. I am also a teacher of political science at the graduate school level and I am a member of the clergy. As such, an ordained Orthodox Rabbi, I ask the Court to please have mercy on Roger Stone’s future. I do not often agree with his politics. I do agree with all who attest to that which is best in his character.” Sheinkopf got smicha and was ordained a Rabbi by Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yaroslavsky of Kfar Chabad in 2011. See link. Rabbi Sheinkopf stated to the press in 2011, “I had to learn four portions of the Shulchan Orach [code of Jewish law].” Piece of cake! I should contact Rabbi Yaroslavsky and get my rabbinical ordination, open up a shul and make real money. Rabbi Noodles.

Roger Stone received a letter of support from a guy named Itzhak Bak, who claimed that he descended from a family that founded the State of Israel. Bak wrote about how Stone got President Nixon, in spite of Kissinger’s disapproval, to send war supplies to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Bak wrote the following: “Roger Stone helped save the State of Israel from total annihilation by Syria and Egypt. The Syrians crossed the border and advanced to within 4 hours of Israel. The Egyptians cross the Suez and were rapidly advancing. Mr. Kissinger held up re-supplies because he was trying to negotiate a truce to please President Sadat of Egypt. Golda Meir called Nixon and conveyed to him the grave situation. Roger Stone immediately sided with Nixon to send the weapons Israel needed. My family will forever be grateful to Stone for standing alongside President Nixon and save Israel from destruction.” Bak attached a copy of his family history in Israel that his printed off the internet for Judge Jackson to review. I couldn’t find anything on the internet about Itzhak Bak, other than some stuff about a guy named Irwin AKA Itzhak Bak from St Hallandale Beach, FL, who got in a nasty divorce with his ex-wife and has a following of trolls who say he is a deadbeat scammer. I don’t know if this is the same guy.

Roger Stone received a letter of support from a Black activist, and evangelical preacher, named Dr. W. Randy Short. Randy Short showed up to support Stone during Stone’s trial in preacher robes. Rev. Short wears his robes outside his pants, he doesn’t tuck them in like snags. Rev. Short graduated from Howard University, and got his religious studies degree at Harvard University’s School of Divinity. Rev. Short wrote the following in his character letter: “I met Roger during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests. I wanted the Republican Party to take a fresh look at the issues facing Black America. Roger shared this vision to unite Americans. The plan was to increase funding to historically Black Colleges and Universities, increase funding to Black farmers, abolish the death sentence, make amends to reconcile past racial injustices and atrocities, ie., Marcus Garvey, Abraham Bolden, Adam Clayton Power Jr., promote human rights in Haiti, West Papua and Libya. He has always lent his ear and his hand to help and encourage me.” Rev. Short addressed Judge Jackson as “August Juris” whatever that means.

Roger Stone received a letter in support from the victim of his crime, ie., Randy Credico. In most criminal cases, such as the case of former Chief US Attorney for the State of Connecticut Harold James Pickerstein, who was caught stealing $600K from his client, prosecutors don’t recommend jail time if your victim doesn’t want you to go to jail. Pickerstein only got 30 days in Club Fed after his client told the Judge Bolden that he didn’t want to see Pickerstein locked up. The disgraced prosecutors in Stone’s case wanted the death penalty even though Randy Credico didn’t want Stone to serve a day in Federal prison. Credico wrote the following: “I never in any way felt that Stone himself posed a direct physical threat to me or to my dog. I chalked up his bellicose tirades to “Stone being Stone.” All bark and no bite! I am the son of a survivor of the US prison system. My father spent ten years behind bars. The mental scars of those years never left my father’s soul. As kids my brother, sister and i could feel the pain radiating from him as though it were our own. As adults, we all struggled with addiction and / or alcoholism. It has taken a long time to heal those wounds and live a sober life. When I think of my father and others in prison, I think of a letter written by Oscar Wilde from his prison cell: ‘We who live in prison, and in whose lives there is no event but sorry, have to measure time by throbs of pain, and the record of bitter moments.'”

You can read the character letters mentioned above by clicking the link below:


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