Otisville Camp Opened For Passover Visitors

Otisville Camp Opened For Passover Visitors

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Former Otisville Inmate Earl Seth David, who was quoted by the NY Times, is happy that the BOP reopened the visiting room at the camp. This is a picture of David in his green Otisville windbreaker in the outdoor visiting area. David was an immigration attorney who helped thousands of clients gain US citizenship, some legally and some illegally, as alleged by the Department of Injustice.

According to the Yeshiva World website Otisville has been reopened to Jews looking to visit their loved ones locked up in the Catskills. There will be plenty of opportunity to hug a thug in Otisville during the week of Passover. The Yeshiva World reported that a child from Williamsburg with the measles attempted to visit his father at the camp, causing the Bureau of Prisons to shut down Otisville just before Passover, and Easter for that matter. Easter is this Sunday. The goyim were being punished because the Jews refused to get their measles shot. That’s not fair!

Religious Jews will not be traveling to Otisville on Passover anyway. No driving is allowed during the first two and last two days of Passover. The only visitor to Otisville during Passover will be the prophet Elijah. Elijah will have to apply to get on your visiting list just like everyone else. The goyim will have the entire visiting room to themselves on Easter Sunday.

I cannot figure out which inmate had the child with the measles. The inmate has to be a Satmar because the Jewish media reported that the child is from Williamsburg, the headquarters of the Satmar gang. The only Satmars locked up in Otisville are sitting in the medium. Only the camp was closed. I don’t know of any Satmars sitting in the camp. Mshulem Jacobowitz is already home. Mshulem is a Satmar who converted to Lubavitch. As part of his conversion Mshulem was required to conduct beginners High Holiday services at local Chabad houses. Mshulem was lucky they didn’t require him to speak fluent English.

The most infamous inmate who was locked up in the medium was Sholom Rubashkin. Rubashkin’s sentence was recently commuted by The Donald. Rubashkin got 27 years for a $27 million fraud, while Hassan Nemazee got 12 years for a $300 million fraud. I was locked up with Nemazee. Nemazee recently gave an interview for the New York Times. Nemazee got out early under Trump’s First Step Act. The Times wrote: “Nemazee said he kept busy writing and reading, exercising, mentoring other inmates and spending countless hours deep in thought.” Nemazee never mentored other inmates. Nemazee got in many fights with other inmates, including myself, but he never mentored anyone. He hardly spoke with anyone. I knew his bunkie well, Willie, who is standing behind me in the picture on the front page of this blog. Nemazee didn’t even talk to Willie. Nemazee spent most of his time reading and yelling at other inmates. Eventually he got in a really bad fight and was thrown into solitary and eventually kicked out of Otisville and sent to Cumberland prison.

The current religious Jews in the Otisville medium are Mordechai Samet and Sholam Weiss. Samet is an Israeli Satmar who lived in Kiryas Yoel who and 27 years for a $4 million fraud. Weiss is a Satmar from Brooklyn who got 835 years for a $125 million fraud. Weiss had fled the country after his conviction at trial. He was picked up a year later in Austria. Austria agreed to extradite him to the United States on the condition that the US grant him a new sentencing hearing and that his sentence would be similar to his co-defendants. His co-defendants all cooperated with the Feds and got less than 13 years. At the appeal the Judge knocked 10 years off his sentence. Human Rights organizations in Europe, and the government of Austria, have tried to get Trump to commute his sentence because the US reneged on their agreement to grant Weiss a full re-sentencing hearing, not to mention that the full $125 million in restitution was fully paid. You can’t trust the Federal mafia. I’m surprised Jewish groups have not mobilized to help Weiss, or Samet for that matter. What the Feds did to Weiss and Samet is far worse and far more outrageous than what the Feds did to Rubashkin.

Samet sued the Bureau of Prisons back in 2008 because he claimed he should be allowed a proper place of worship. In 2008 the Otisville medium required inmates to pray in their jail cells. Each jail cell contains an open toilet and a bed. Samet covered up the toilet when he prayed, which was against prison rules. Samet was punished for covering up the toilet. Samet argued in his lawsuit that he cannot pray in his little cell with an open toilet. The Bureau of Prisons eventually agreed to designate a separate room for prayer services. Samet’s lawsuit paved the way for additional religious freedoms. Sholom Rubashkin, Shalom Weiss and Mordechai Samet all prayed in this room designated as a shul, along with a few other non-religious Jews. They never had enough for a minyan. Occasionally I would see these Jewish guys from the medium through the barbed wire fence walking in the prison yard on Saturday afternoons. Every Shabbos, after a hard to digest bean chulent, a bunch of Jews from the camp would walk up to the perimeter in our camp and see the Jews from the medium walking by. We couldn’t wave or shout, lest we draw the attention of the sadistic guards.

When I was locked up a few young guys from Chabad parked an RV in the prison parking lot and came to visit us, as well as the Jews in the medium, on one of the Jewish holidays. They slept in the RV because it was a Jewish holiday and they couldn’t drive. I don’t think they were much more than 20 years old. I was surprised the prison exposed them to dangerous criminals. They were very nervous about being in prison. They didn’t have much of a clue about what goes on in prison. One of them said that he was told not to wear his watch when he came to visit. I told him I wasn’t going to steal his watch. We joked around with these guys. They took your mind off the drudgery, at least for a few moments.

According to the Bureau of Prisons Otisville website the visiting room at the camp is still closed. The Feds probably can’t afford to hire an IT guy to update the website. Or Yeshiva World news is fake news.

This year in Otisville, next year in Jerusalem, Moshiach now!

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