Otisville Campers Locked Down In The Medium

Otisville Campers Locked Down In The Medium

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When COVID19 first broke out the Otsiville Camp Prison administrator Robert Schreffler released almost half of the 120 inmates to home confinement. The remaining inmates were moved into a section of the medium prison that hasn’t been occupied in decades. Robert Schreffler and his gang of Otisville mall cops reopened this section of the medium, threw the campers inside, locked the steel doors and threw away the keys. The campers were exposed to medium guys with violent criminal records. Campers are locked up for non violent crimes and do not have criminal records. After one month Schreffler moved the campers back into the Otisville camp.

The camp facilities consist of a few run down one story construction site type buildings surrounded by a baseball field, parking lots, woods, a gazebo, a soccer field, an outdoor tin hut with exercise equipment, and a basketball court. In the summer campers spend most of their time outdoors when they are not sleeping in their bunks, watching television or taking showers.

Campers have recently been filing motions seeking early release to home confinement. Federal prosecutors have objected to most of these motions. Federal Judges haven’t granted any of these petitions, unless the Government agreed. The Federal Bureau of Prisons agreed to release a number of high profile guys to home confinement, such as Michael Cohen and Dean Skelos. The Bureau of Prisons has refused to release less high profile guys with similar sentences, health conditions and circumstances.

The campers who were not released to home confinement were sent back to the camp. There were only about 60 campers left occupying the camp. Plenty of room for 60 guys to social distance. The 60 guys would be spending most of their summer outdoors on acres of Federal property wearing masks. Visitors were banned. Only two or three officers guard the camp. The risk of spreading COVID19 in the camp is less than spreading COVID19 at your local supermarket.

The powers at the Bureau of Prisons, ie., Michael Carvajal and Gene Beasley, recently decided that the campers should spend their summer in the medium under solitary confinement conditions. Conditions that human rights organizations have protested for years. Lawsuits have been filed over such conditions but have gone nowhere with Federal Judges, who have done nothing to force the Federal government to alleviate inhumane living conditions in American prisons. The 8th Amendment of the Constitution states that no American citizen shall be subjected to “cruel and unusual” punishment.” Politically appointed Judges were never taught the 8th Amendment in American law schools. Most of them graduated from the “best” law schools in the nation, ie., Yale and Harvard. The only thing that they learned at Yale and Harvard was how to advance in politics and how to use their law degree to accumulate a mountain of cash.

The 60 remaining campers have just been moved back into the medium, where they are completely quarantined. They are not allowed to leave their jail cells other than to shower a couple of times a week. An open toilet is located on the floor of your prison cell. Trays of the worst prison food imaginable are delivered to each inmate in his cell. Inmate eat and defecate within the same ten square space of living space. “The true measure of society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” Ghandi.

The Bureau of Prisons recently posted on its website that it has implemented “modified operations” because of COVID19. Visits by friends, family members, volunteers and attorneys are “suspended.” “Inmate internal movement is suspended.” The Bureau of Prisons website posted: “Inmates are limited in their movements to prevent congregate gathering and maximize social distancing. Essential inmate work details, such as Food Service, continue to operate with appropriate screening. Inmate movement in small numbers is authorized for the following purposes: commissary, laundry, showers three times each week, telephone, to include legal calls, and access to email.”

Otisville campers have been subjected to far more extreme measures than what has been reported on the Bureau of Prisons website. Commissary is completely suspended. Campers have not been able to move at all for commissary, laundry, or food service jobs. Guys are locked up in a hot, windowless closet 24/7, without any family contact other than a few weekly phone calls. Cruel and unusual punishment.

American citizens should not be victimized by the American police state in which police officers are allowed to engage in random sadistic acts of violence. American citizens who have been charged with a crime should not be prosecuted by Federal and State prosecutors who withhold exculpatory evidence, lie to juries, comment on a defendant’s refusal to take the witness stand, violate court orders and allow cops to give false testimony. See link. Judges should not rubber stamp their behavior on appeal.

Americans citizens who have been convicted of a crime should not be subjected to a brutal prison system, the American gulag, that allows rich and powerful inmates to spend their time on home confinement, ie., The Donald’s rat Michael Cohen, New Haven pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer, and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who landed a sweetheart “deferred prosecution agreement” with the Department of Justice twenty years ago when he was represented by Alan Dershowitz. Alan Dershowitz recently drafted a letter in support of pedophile rabbi Daniel Greer, who was released to home confinement recently by State Court Judge Jon Alander, while all other inmates in Connecticut prisons, mostly African American and Spanish, languish in the gulag.

According to Otisville inmates, the Donald agreed to release Cohen to home confinement because Cohen agreed to keep quiet until after the election. You may think this is just a conspiracy theory, but so far Cohen hasn’t trashed his former employer since his release from Otisville. The silence is deafening!

Tune in for more news from the inside, and the outside…

For God, For Country, for the prisoners at Otisville! You paid your debt to society, ten times over, with all the suffering you endured under the knee of good ol’ boy Officer Uncle Sam. G-d Bless America!

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