Otisville COVID19 Death Camp

Otisville COVID19 Death Camp

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75 year old Rabbi “Prodfather” Mendel Epstein, inmate number 65960-050 is fighting for his life in Otisville. 76 year old Sheldon Silver, inmate number 71915-054 just arrived in Otisville. Silver has 78 months to go. Epstein has another 4 years. They will never survive. Otisville is no longer known as the Jewish Club Fed. Otisville is now being described, by the New York Post, as Club COVID19 death camp.

It has been reported to me from the inside that elderly inmates expect to eventually catch COVID19 from other inmates or guards and die. I know one guy who just got released to a halfway house from Otisville several months ago. He took a detour to a New York hospital on his way to the halfway house. He contracted COVID19 in Otisville at the peak of the pandemic. He watched patients die in the hospital. He refused to be put on a ventilator and by some miracle survived. After he recovered from COVID19 he caught pneumonia at the hospital. He wrote his will at the hospital. He bequeathed his unspent commissary account to Larry Noodles. By some miracle he survived pneumonia. He is still in recovery.

I heard that Sheldon Silver, like most new inmates, is still adjusting to prison life. I heard that Mendel Epstein was out on a medical furlough for a few weeks and is now in COVID19 quarantine waiting to return to the camp.

The guards are cracking down on Otisville inmates for the most minor infractions. I have been told that this is being done in order to build disciplinary records to use against inmates who file petitions in Federal Court to be released due to COVID19.

60 year old inmate Mickey Schlisser is the perfect example. Mickey filed a motion for compassionate release back in June of 2020. The US Attorney filed copies of his disciplinary record with the Federal court showing that he was given a number of “shots”, ie., disciplinary reports, right after COVID19 broke out. Mickey has been locked up for almost 4 years without any disciplinary problems. After COVID19 broke out Schisser was given three shots in two months for the stupidest reasons. Schlisser was given a shot for taking his mask off in order to kiss his tefillin. Schlisser was given three shots in the months of May and June, 2020, one for a messy bunk. Nobody gets three shots in two months, especially an inmate who had a clean record, and is on his second tour of Otisville. Schlisser knows the ropes. He is not wet behind the ears. Schlisser is a veteran inmate just looking to pass the time and not make trouble. Schlisser’s shots were signed by Officer DeLeo, the camp administrator, who has a reputation for cruelty.

US Attorney for the Second Circuit Elizabeth A. Hanft, a graduate of the Yale Ivory Tower, argued to Federal Judge Valerie Caproni the following: “Schlisser’s disciplinary records demonstrate two citations for failure to follow safety or sanitation regulations. On June 12, 2020, Schlisser was found not to be wearing a face mask as required, and was sanctioned for that conduct. Schlisser was also sanctioned for an incident on May 23, 2019, for leaving his personal space in disarray.” Give me a break! When Hanft was at Yale Law School was she ever disciplined when her dorm room was in “disarray?” I don’t think so. Yale law students are privileged brats who talk about social justice and then end up working for the Department of Racial and Human Injustice and filing motions to guarantee that Schlisser will suffer a painful COVID19 death in Federal custody.

Hanft made her argument that the COVID19 death sentence be imposed upon Schlisser to Federal Judge Valerie Caproni, a judge appointed by Harvard law professor Barack Obama, another Ivy League spoiled brat who eloquently lectured about human and racial justice to his students at Harvard. Obama forgot about human rights the minute he was sworn in as Commander in Chief of Penal State USA. Obama appointed Judge Caproni, who was excoriated by Obama’s fellow Democrats in Congress. The Judiciary Committee issued the following statement calling for her resignation: “The FBI broke the law on telephone records privacy and the General Counsel’s Office, headed by Valerie Caproni, sanctioned it and must face consequences. I call upon the FBI Director to take immediate action to punish those who violated the rules, including firing them from the agency. This must include Valerie Caproni, who had approved the continued use of exigent letters and provided legal advice that was inconsistent with federal law. Between 2003 and 2006, the FBI improperly obtained personal telephone record information from U.S. telephone companies for more than 5,500 phone numbers, including private details protected by federal law, in some cases agents sent letters with information known to be false.”

Former New York cop Nicholas Tartaglione, who is charged with the gangland style execution of four guys in a drug deal dispute, filed a request that he be transferred out of Federal prison in Manhattan, ie., Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) and incarcerated into a State prison due to the “inhumane” conditions at MCC, and due to his exposure to COVID19. Tartaglione was briefly locked up in the same cell as pedophile Jeffrey Epstein at MCC before Epstein killed himself.

Tartaglione was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by the guards at MCC after Tartaglione’s attorney filed a motion describing the deplorable conditions at MCC. Tartaglione’s attorney wrote the following in the motion he filed two days ago: “Guards have threatened Mr. Tartaglione when he complained about the conditions of his confinement. For example, after a court appearance, everyone on his tier was subjected to a cell search while Mr. Tartaglione was pulled into ‘the bubble’ (visible to every other inmate) to speak to someone he believed was an Associate Warden. Mr. Tartaglione was then escorted around the area and asked to point out the problems listed in defense counsel’s email. When Tartaglione pointed out the mold, he was told it was mildew. When he pointed to standing water, the inmates were blamed. When he mentioned the rodents and insects, he was told ‘it’s New York City.’ When he pointed out the failure to deliver mail and newspapers, he was told he didn’t understand the process. The unmistakable message to everyone on the tier was that they were subjected to a search because Mr. Tartaglione’s made complaints through his lawyer. Worse, the next day, every inmate was patted down to search for contraband, but in a loud clear voice for everyone to hear the supervisor said, ‘Don’t worry about Tartaglione. He is good.’ Mr. Tartaglione was the only inmate not searched. This treatment put Mr. Tartaglione at risk of inmate retaliation. In addition, Mr. Tartaglione’s meal had feces in it.”

The US Attorney for the Justice Department handling Tartaglione’s case is Maurene Comey, the daughter of former FBI Director James Comey. Maurene Comey grew up in Greens Farms, Westport, CT, one of the wealthiest, and liberal, enclaves in the United States. Maurene graduated from Harvard Law School. When Maurene was at Harvard Law she passionately argued for social justice, human rights and racial equality. Don’t expect Maurene to cut Tartaglione a break. Tartaglione may be a complete thug, but he is still entitled to basic human rights recognized by the Constitution in a modern democracy. This is not Iran, China or Russia. Expect Maurene to file a legal memo before Federal Judge Kenneth Karas arguing that the COVID19 death penalty be imposed upon Tartaglione. Welcome to Police State USA.

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  2. Nobody cares about old Dirty jews that are in prison at 77 75 60s ect….They should’ve thought about that before.so again Nobody is going to feel sorry for them . What they should feel sorry for if that bar a soap they use once a month taking a shower….U SHOULD DO YOUR NEXT COLOUME DIRTY JEWS WHY THEY DONT LIKE SOAP AND WATER…

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