Otisville Furloughs On Hold Due to Coronavirus

Otisville Furloughs On Hold Due to Coronavirus

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The inmates in Otisville camp have been complaining that furloughs are being held up because of fears that the furloughed inmate could bring the coronavirus back into the prison and infect the entire prison population, including the guards. The guards could care less if all the inmates died of coronavirus. There is no way that the guards are going to die because some lowlife inmate brought this plague into the prison.

The Jewish inmates are currently applying for Passover furloughs while the goyim are applying for Easter break furloughs. The guards don’t want anyone to leave because of the coronavirus. Complete lock down. The guards could just as easily catch this plague and bring it into the camp and infect the inmates. Iran just released 70,000 inmates to prevent them from spreading the coronavirus in their prison incubators of germs and disease.

The Feds should learn a lesson from Iran and grant early release to guys close to the end of their sentences. Who cares? Public schools are closed. Universities are closed. Everyone is working and learning from home. Let inmates go home early on home confinement. What difference does it make?

I heard that Michael “The Snitch” Cohen got denied a furlough because of concerns for his safety. Who would want to harm Mr. Cohen while he is on furlough? The Feds have suddenly become very concerned about the safety of high profile inmates ever since Jeffrey Epstein killed himself at Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC). If you are not high profile the Feds could care less whether you live or die in jail.

MCC has been on lockdown for the last week. The “official” reason for the lockdown is because they are searching for a gun. You can’t believe anything that the officers tell you about what goes on in a prison. The guards were caught falsifing reports about Epstein’s “suicide.”

The Head Warden in charge of MCC is Ms. Licon-Vitale, who used to be in charge of Otsiville. I wasn’t there while she was in charge. I heard horror stories about her dictatorial rule. She has continued her reign of terror at MCC. Inmates at MCC reported that a SWAT team came in and made everyone lie on the floor. Inmates were strip-searched, and then brought to the visiting room while the guards ripped apart their cells and dorms and broke their urinals. There is only one toilet for every 26 inmates. Inmates’ sheets and blankets were confiscated. Laundering has been prohibited. Inmates have been washing their clothes in the sink, showers and toilet. Lawyer visits have been suspended. So far the Feds have recovered drugs, cell phones and a few shanks. Big deal. What did they to find in a dangerous prison?

I heard that Warden Licon has been transferring inmates from MCC to other prisons, including Otisville, so that she may rip apart the MCC under the guise of “an investigation.” Does Licon expect the inmates to behave themselves after her storm troopers finish having their fun? I would expect the inmates to become more dehumanized, angry and hostile. As long as the Government’s official policy is to treat inmates like animals who need to be punished and tortured the madness will never end. You don’t need a degree in psychology to know that anger creates more anger. Violence begets more violence. In prison every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints.


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