Otisville Grad Leads Brooklyn Protests

Otisville Grad Leads Brooklyn Protests

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One of the first guys I met in Otisville prison was Boro Park resident Heshy Tishler. Heshy was loud and outspoken. Heshy wasn’t very popular with the other inmates. Heshy had a few friends who were impressed with his rants. But in private Heshy is cool and rational. Heshy liked to make a scene in public. Heshy craved the attention. I guess you could best describe Heshy as a mini Trump.

When you first arrive in Otisville the guards take off your shoes and give you a pair of prison issued rubber flip flops. You have to buy shoes on the overpriced commissary. Heshy saw that I was shoeless so he gave me a pair of sneakers. Heshy made sure that the other inmates knew that he welcomed me with a pair of sneakers. I was very grateful and told the other inmates what a great guy Heshy was. Most inmates rolled their eyes. One inmate told me that Heshy fished the sneakers out of the garbage bin.

After I got out of prison Heshy invited me to talk on his radio show. It was a set up. Heshy had an Otisville inmate call into his radio show from Otisville. The inmate, whom I knew from Otisville, ranted at me about my blog. I wished the inmate well and told him that I felt bad that he was still stuck in Otisville. I told Heshy that I had nothing against this inmate and I hoped he got out of Otisville soon. Heshy laughed and moved on. Heshy took me out for dinner in Brooklyn and we had a few laughs.

Heshy was part of a huge immigration fraud conspiracy ring run by shady New York immigration lawyers. They were paid tens of thousands of dollars to submit false immigration documents to obtain green cards. They submitted paperwork showing that the green card applicant worked for phantom companies. They bribed government employees who worked for the INS. They set up phony marriages with American girls.

Heshy did less than a year in Otisville. I’m not sure if Heshy was on the top of the criminal conspiracy or at the bottom. Most guys in his conspiracy didn’t do much time, other than attorney Earl David, who ran the 10 year conspiracy from his law office on Wall Street. The Feds made an example of Earl. After Heshy checked out of Otisville, Earl checked in. It was a revolving door. Heshy was the goofy Donald duck while Earl was the Rainman. Earl was a Biblical encyclopedia. Earl had every verse of the Bible, including the prophets, stored in his head. Earl wrote books on the gematria. Earl walked around Otisville all day writing notes and quoting verses from the Bible. The inmates Rabbis couldn’t keep up with Earl.

Heshy is running for Brooklyn City Council, a job that pays $150K a year, an honest living for a reformed criminal. In order to get media attention, and Hasidic votes, Heshy has been leading maskless “protests” against Mayor DiBlasio and Governor Cuomo in Boro Park. Heshy’ followers are all Hasidic Jews. Heshy is not Hasidic. Heshy speaks fluent English, unlike his followers who only speak Yinglish. Heshy can rant against the Mayor on their behalf.

Heshy’s recent rant has been against Hasidic Boro Park activist and political writer Jacob Kornbluh, who told Heshy to stop his maskless crowded antics in Boro Park. Heshy responded with a video this morning, taken inside a Jewish cemetery, as “a memory of all the Jews who were killed, all the Jews who were given away by kapos, this gentleman here, Jacob Kornbluh called me and texted me last night saying that we did bad things and that he will continue to rat me out to the Mayor, he calls the news people and told them to call the police on me, he sent me text messages telling me to stop or he will get me in trouble, Mr. Kornbluh, this rat, you understand where rats belong, I’m not threatening you, he’s a murderer, he put a lot of our people here in this cemetery, this kapo, this illegal alien from London, who illegally got his papers, he hates the Jewish community, when you see him tell him what Heshy said, this is what he has done to our people, this is where he wants to put our people, here in the cemetery, Mr. Kornbluh, you are a rat, a cockroach and a moser, Heshy Tishler here from the Just Enough from Heshy Show, watch my show, not you Kornbluh, not you DiBlasio, for sure not you Cuomo, thank you…” Heshy waved a picture of Kornbluh as he ranted.

Hundred to one odds that Heshy helped Kornbluh get his “illegal” American citizenship paperwork. Heshy should know.

Last night Heshy ranted in Crown Heights from a giant platform set up in front of 770. Heshy was surrounded by a crowd waving yellow Moshiach flags and chanting “We want Moshiach Now!” Heshy announced over his loudspeaker: “MOSHIACH WILL COME THIS YEAR… WE ARE NOT GOING TO CLOSE OUR SHULS ON SIMCHAS TORAH! I LOVE YOU, MAY HASHEM BLESS YOU! Can I get a front seat at 770…”

Heshy announced in his cemetery video that he is leading a protest tonight in Boro Park on 13th Avenue between 50th and 46th Street. May Hashem have mercy on Heshy’s soul.

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  1. Thank you Larry for your rollicking laugh filled blogs! You have made my self isolation from killing me! I can’t stop laughing when I read your blogs! Keep up the good work!

  2. bsd


    fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son.

    Moshiach NOW!

    1. He is not a drunk. He is fat and stupid, but not drunk. But he is not as stupid as most stupid people, he committed immigration crime for years before he got caught, and made a lot of money , which was pretty smart

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