Otisville Prison Camp Shutting Down

Otisville Prison Camp Shutting Down

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I’ve been hearing different news from different sources, some on the inside, some on the outside. At times I have to rely on criminal minds as a source of my information. Most times I cannot tell the difference between a criminal and an honest man. Are there any honest men left in the world?

The mainstream media has reported that all the inmates in camp Otisville will be sent home for 30 day furloughs. Some people think that the mainstream media is controlled by the Jews. I believe that the Jews control the price of jars of gefilte fish mixed with a clear jelly like substance, but I don’t believe that they have a monopoly on the mainstream media.

The alternative press, located deep within the Deep State of Williamsburg and Boro Park have reported, in Yiddish, so that the Goyim don’t understand, that Otisville will be closed permanently. This is cause for a celebration. The Hasidim have brought an end to Camp Otisville. But this creates a new problem for the Hasidim. Where will all the Jewish criminals go once Otisville is closed? They will be forced to live with Gentile criminals and scrape by with Shabbos scraps that they have to buy on the commissary. Oy vey!

Rabbi Moshe Margaretten is the most powerful Hasid in America right now, yet you probably never even heard of Margaretten. Margaretten got Donald Trump to pass the First Step Act. Margarettan raised millions of dollars to help out Mordechai Samet, who got his 27 year jail sentence modified. See link. Margaretten got Sholom Rubashkin sprung from the Otisville medium, a dangerous gulag mostly populated by ex-gang members and pedophiles. Rubashkin was doing 27 years. Margaretten was able to get the legendary inmate Mshulem Jacobowitz released from the Camp as the first inmate released under Trump’s First Step Act. I was locked up with Mshuuulem. He was a decent guy. Alittle mshuuuug, but he tried to keep the peace between the various Jewish tribes who were in a constant state of civil war. Margaretten is a miracle worker. Margaretten is Moshiach material. Is there any significance to the number 27?

Margaretten has told the Hasidic community in Brooklyn that Otisville will be closed for a long time, possibly for good. Every inmate who is being released will never have to return. If this is true it would be the end of a long era. There will no longer be an unofficial Jewish prison in America. I am proud to have been part of the Otisville Jewish experience. I think that Otisville should be listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites. There should be a statue of Mshulem erected next to the tennis courts in the visitor’s parking lot.

Guys right now are being quarantined for 14 days. Contact with inmates at the camp will be limited for the next 14 days. Once the 14 days is up these guys will be sent home, just in time for Lag B’Omer and Shavuot. I heard from other guys on the inside that the camp will only be closed temporarily, for renovations. Once it reopens guys like Jon Braun, who is doing ten years, will have to leave his family and check back into Otisville.

There is another media source that I have been checking, but haven’t seen any updates since March 30th, ie., the Michael Cohen twitter account, see link. Michael Cohen hasn’t mentioned anything about his impending release on Twitter. Cohen’s lawyer has announced that Cohen is getting out early, never to return. Former tough guy Cohen likes to tweet about the great things he is doing in Otisville in helping the Jews gather a minyan. Cohen also spends much of his time trashing his former boss Donald Trump, or lawyers at the Justice Department. Cohen has yet to apologize for all the years he spent trashing and threatening Trump’s trailer trash bimbos, strippers and porn stars. I guess there are worse guys out there than Michael Cohen. Cohen doesn’t even come close to Jeffrey Epstein or Harvey Weinstein.

Tune in for more news from the inside, and the outside…

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  1. Spot in once again thanks for your message, Otisville will never close the bop needs it for all the Jews who think that the law does not apply to them,

  2. To return also will be Moshe Butler, John Savoy,. One way or the other

      1. Your pal Marcus, Moshe Butler. One way or the other he will be back.

    1. Which shooting? Someone shot a bb gun at the Westville shul causing $5K in damages, the same shul where “Rabbi” Feldman, the zealous advocate and vocal defender of the depraved pedophile Daniel Greer, is the Rabbi Emeritus. https://larrynoodles.com/westville-shul-rebukes-rabbi-feldman-over-the-goat/
      Is it possible that someone read my blog about Feldman and got mad and shot bb pellets at the shul? I will have to investigate further…

  3. Never will they shut down. Aleph needs the funds to keep coming in. As a matter of fact they are open for business. Butler also will need a place to stay.

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