Otisville Prison Lockdown

Otisville Prison Lockdown

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It was reported in the Jewish media yesterday, and today, that “Rabbi Moshe Margereten, a prominent prisoners’ advocate, said that the prison – both the camp which houses prisoners with lighter offenses and medium security lockup for prisoners serving longer sentences – well be closed to all visitors for the time being.” Rabbi Margereten is a Skverer Hasid active in politics. He helped get the First Step Act passed.

On the Otisville Federal prison website there is a large banner in red that says only the camp is closed to visitors. Margereten says the entire complex is closed while the Bureau of Prisons says only the camp is closed. Margereten has a twitter account. Margereten did not post anything about Otisville being closed on his twitter account. Margareten had recently posted that Mshulem Jacobowitz was the first inmate released under the First Step Act.

Margareten was quoted by the Jewish media as stating, “Both prison complexes in Otisville, N.Y, were closed indefinitely – at least until after Pesach – after a child who was infected with the measles was there as a visitor. The child, who was from Williamsburg, was visiting his father who was incarcerated. The father is due to be released after Pesach.” There is nothing on the Federal website that mentions anything about the measles or whether there would be visits after Pesach.

The New York Law Journal reported: “Fearful that New York’s measles outbreak could infiltrate the federal correctional institution in Orange County, the facility has been closed to outsiders after the state health department revealed a sick child had been a visitor. The child visited the satellite camp at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville on March 28. The New York Health Department notified the staff on April 3 that the child had recently been diagnosed with the illness, according to a press release.”

Otisville is very hyper vigilant when it comes to vaccinations. Everyone gets vaccinated for everything all the time. It’s not that the Bureau of Prisons cares about the inmates, they don’t want the officers and guards to get infected. When I was locked up in Otisville during the 2014-2015 Ebola scare the correctional officers posted signs in the visitors room advising visitors that they should advise the guards if they just returned from a trip to West Africa. The living conditions in prison are equivalent to living in a sardine can. Everyone is living in bunk beds, literally on top of each other. Guys are sharing the same bathrooms all day. The Feds pack 100 guys in about 4000 square feet of space. Germs spread fast. If you get shingles or the flu they throw you right into the SHU until you recover, ie., solitary, so you don’t contaminate anyone.

Rabbi Margareten mentioned that the infected child came from Williamsburg, which would mean that the child’s father is a Satmar. Everyone will be able to identify the offender. The inmates will be very angry at this Satmar inmate. But there are no Hasidim left in the Otisville camp. There is a Satmar sitting in the medium.

I once got in trouble for taking a nap near the baseball diamond during the count, where the inmates line up and the officers count all the inmates. The officers had to recount the inmates a few times until they found me sleeping and woke me up. The visiting room was shut down during the count. The inmates were furious at me for causing the shut down of the visiting room for a half an hour. I almost got thrown in the SHU. They wanted to kill me. I can only imagine what is going on over there now.

Otisville, New York is located in ground zero of the Jewish anti-vaxxer movement, ie., Orange County, which includes the towns of Kiryas Yoel, Monsey and Monroe. Guards and inmates are constantly getting checked that their vaccines are up to date. The odds of a child infecting anyone in Otisville with measles are extremely remote. The Otisville Warden overreacted. Or the Warden was responding to the anti-vaxxer movement right in his back yard. The Warden was anticipating a lot of Jewish visitors over Pesach. Keep the Jews out of Otisville until after Pesach, or until the Jews start getting vaccinated in mass. The Jews of Orange County need to heed the wise words of President Donald Trump, who tweeted in 2014: “I’m not against vaccinations for your children, I’m against them in 1 massive dose. Spread them out over a period of time & autism will drop!”

Save Jewish children, give them the vaccine. Moshiach NOW!

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