Otisville Update: Gov Rowland, Moshe Butler, Ephraim Frenkel, Peter Ressler, & Dov Greer

Otisville Update: Gov Rowland, Moshe Butler, Ephraim Frenkel, Peter Ressler, & Dov Greer

The latest news from Otisville has been trickling into this blog from various sources.  Moshe Butler was recently busted by the Feds for a crime he committed a few days after he was released.  He had just finished doing about five years in Otisville.  My sources have informed me that Moshe started his scam while he was still in Otisville.  Fellow Otisville inmate Attorney Ephraim Frenkel was responsible for getting Butler cash to invest in his bogus rehab company.

Ephraim Frenkel was the attorney for infamous fraudster Moses Stern.  Stern got Citigroup to lend him $126 million to buy 11 shopping malls back in 2007.  Frenkel told Citigroup that he was holding $26 million of Stern’s funds in escrow, which induced Citigroup to extend the loan.  Frenkel was never holding that kind of money.  Stern said that at that time, just before the 2008 real estate crash, it was very easy to get the banks to extend millions in credit.  Stern got busted when the loans failed.  Stern went undercover for the Feds and helped the Feds bring down many corrupt New York politicians.  Stern was a snitch, a rat, as they say in the Big House.

Ephraim Frenkel and Moshe Butler were inmates in Otisville together.  The came up with their business plan while they were still locked up.  Butler got released in 2016.  Frenkel is still in Otisville and has another year to go.  After Butler got released Frenkel asked investors to send money to Butler to start their rehab business.  Instead of using the money for the business Butler blew it all at the casinos.  It was predictable. Frenkel’s frantic calls to Butler from Otisville asking about the money went unanswered.  Frenkel didn’t lose any money.  His investors lost hundreds of thousands.

If you lived with Butler in Otisville for almost two years you knew that Butler had no self control when it came to gambling. Butler admitted it. He shouldn’t have any access to money.  Frenkel should have known that.  It was obvious.  It leads me to speculate that Frenkel set up Butler.  At this point it doesn’t matter.  The Feds busted Butler for a crime that happened two years ago.  Frenkel may have had some role in getting Butler busted.  Frenkel may have also had some role in getting Scalboni kicked out of Otisville

I was locked up with Frenkel.  He was a quiet guy.  Some guys didn’t trust him.  I was locked up with Moshe Butler.  He was a sad case.  He wasn’t devious enough to be a good criminal.  His gambling took control of him.  He enjoyed trying to come up with plans to make it rich.  He had many good ideas. He was addicted to the tv show Shark Tank.  He could never get a business off the ground because of his gambling habit.  He has a very devoted family.  You can punish Moshe all you want but why punish his family?  There is a new chief prosecutor in Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, who is currently trying to bring about radical change in the system and end mass incarceration, read about it by clicking this link.

I was locked up with Rabbi Dov Greer, not in a jail cell, but in the Otisville visiting room.  When Dov came to visit me he couldn’t leave the visitors room any time he felt like it. He couldn’t just get up and go.  The guards had to give him permission to leave.  The above picture of me and Dov Greer was taken in the visiting room of Otisville prison.  This was long before Dov fled the compound and left cult leader and child rapist Rabbi Daniel Greer.

When Dov came to visit me in Otisville he was heavier and his beard was untrimmed.  Now Dov is thinner and has a trimmed beard.  Dov also now has color in his face.  It will take years for Dov to shake off his old man, ie., the Goat.  It will take years for the Goat’s rape victims to shake off their experience with the Goat, which could have been prevented had Dov Greer ratted out his father to the authorities twenty years ago.

Former Connecticut Governor John Rowland was locked up in Otisville for a few months.  He transferred out and got into a drug program which cut his jail sentence.  He is now a free man.  My sources told me that while Rowland was in Otisville he worked in the warehouse loading and unloading food trucks.  I also worked in the prison warehouse.  Rowland had plenty of access to good food.  On the outside Rowland enjoyed dining in fancy restaurants. The Feds made a point at sentencing to mention that Rowland lived an extravagant lifestyle. The Judge in the Manafort case put his foot down when the prosecutors tried to make this argument about Manafort.  The Judge said it was not a crime to spend money on expensive stuff.

My sources told me that Rowland kept to himself and read a lot.  He must have been well liked because the inmates made him the umpire of the softball game.  Or maybe he was really bad at softball and nobody wanted him on their team.  At least they let him on the field.  At one point when I was locked up the inmates got mad at me for not telling them about a blog I was writing about them.  I guess that’s understandable.  The guys punished me by not allowing me to play in soccer games.  I guess the punishment could have been worse, they could have shanked me.  Eventually they let me back on the field.

Speaking of Connecticut convicts, former bankruptcy king Attorney Peter Ressler is now locked up in Otisville.  Ressler had the biggest bankruptcy practice in the State of Connecticut.  Ressler ran his office like most attorneys: he spent retainers before doing any work on the file.  He was constantly looking for new retainers to cover office shortfalls.  After 40 years it caught up with him.  He was too big to run a ponzi scheme out of his law office.  A bankruptcy judge referred him to the Feds.

Ressler did some months at MDC in New York before getting transferred to Otisville.  MDC is not a good place to do jail time.  There are no windows.  Florescent lights are on 24/7.  It’s crowded and cramped.  At least in Otisville you get to go outside and get fresh air.

When Ressler was an attorney he flew to Florida almost every other week.  When he appeared in bankruptcy court in New Haven his face and head were always sunburned.  He grew his hair long on the side and swooped it over his red head.  His hobby was collecting boats.  One of his boats burned up in a fire while it was out to sea.  Nobody was injured.  At sentencing the Feds made a point to tell the sentencing judge that Ressler had no remorse for his victims and yet he cried when his boat burned up.

Why must the Feds turn every criminal sentencing into a morality play?  Give me a break!  If you are looking for the most self righteous, judgmental people on earth all you have to do is pay a visit to your local prosecutors office.  I would also say to visit your local police department, but I think most cops lose their moral indignation after a few months on the job.  They quickly realize that humans are flawed.  Their job is to collect the evidence, round up the defendants and deliver it all to the prosecutor.  It is the prosecutor who makes all the big decisions.  It is the prosecutor who must mount his white horse and argue to the judge that the defendant belongs in jail.

I heard that Peter got in trouble in his first week at Otisville for mouthing off to an officer.  Peter had an arrogant side to him.  Peter was always the center of attention in bankruptcy court.  He enjoyed the attention.  He marched into court wearing fancy three piece pin striped suits, colorful ties, flashy jewelry, and a Florida sunburn.  You don’t find flamboyant lawyers in bankruptcy court.  Peter was the first and the last.  Bankruptcy court is like a funeral parlor.  Nobody is happy.  The mood is somber.  The most flamboyant lawyers are found in divorce court.  These guys, and girls, are professional actors.  They know how to put on a show, for their client and for the judge.

I figured Peter would get in trouble with the guards.  I’m sure it was a very hard for Peter to fall from being the king of bankruptcy to being inmate number 24817-014.  Peter will not get of Otisville until October of 2022.  I hope he still has his marbles when he gets out.  A lengthy prison sentence can easily cause one to lose his mind.

9 thoughts on “Otisville Update: Gov Rowland, Moshe Butler, Ephraim Frenkel, Peter Ressler, & Dov Greer

  1. Sorry to hear about Ephraim. Wondering if he is the Ephraim I occasionally babysat for in Birmingham Alabama. Had a brother named Gary that I went to school with.

      1. If you have time, Larry, and don’t mind, that would be so nice..
        I hope Ephraim is able to soon return to and again find success in his outside-the-walls life.
        It would be wonderful to reconnect with Gary. After over 50 years our class group of under 30 people is meeting in two weeks. What a blessing it would be to have Gary with us!
        Thank you for your offer.

  2. bsd

    Mr. Noodles,

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may Hashem have mercy on your soul.

    Moshiach NOW!

  3. I have been reading your blog for several weeks now . I am awaiting sentencing for Distribution of Scheduled Drugs and live in Baltimore. I am thinking about having Schuykill as my first choice as its only 2 hours away.What do you think?

    1. Sorry to hear that you are another victim of the Federal government’s failed policy of mass incarceration. I read online that Anthony Weiner was thinking about going to Schuykill but he ended up in Devons, for whatever reason. Schuykill has over 200 inmates in the camp, as opposed to Otisville camp which has about 100. Sometimes it is better to be in a bigger prison because there are not enough guards to monitor whether you have a cell phone, or they just don’t care. I don’t know anyone who went to Schuykill but i can ask around. Your prison “experience” can be good or bad depending on who is locked up with you at any given time, as the population is always changing. You don’t know who to trust when you first get in, and many guys will think that you are a rat for the prison, so you have to stay low key until you get to know the guys. If you are Jewish there is an inmate with connections named Mshulum in Otisville who pretty much takes care of the Jews, or at least tries to. If you have money you can take care of yourself no matter where you go. If you are broke it can be tough to survive. If you expect a lot of visitors the Otisville camp is by far the best place for visitors compared to all Federal prisons, there is an outdoor patio, the prisoners get to relax and interact with visitors in the visiting room, there is good food in the visitors room, and the visiting days and hours are almost three times as much as any Federal prison, and you can sometimes convince the guards to give you extra hours. Visits from the outside are crucial to keeping your sanity in prison. Unfortunately prisons discourage visits because it requires them to do more work. Most prisons are very strict as far as mingling with visitors, Otisville can be strict at times depending on who is on guard duty, but because there are so many visiting hours you can time your visits to coincide with a decent guard, some guards are actually human. If you want to talk more, feel free to PM me or give me a call at 2037108137. No matter what the judge tells you at sentencing your real effective sentence is only two days, the day you go in and the day you get out. All the best.

    2. Rich
      Be sure to choose a prison with an RDAP drug rehabilitation program, even if you have only briefly been addicted to drugs or alcohol in the past, your sentence can be reduced by up to 18 months by attending this RDAP program. I believe Schuykull is not one of those prisons, if I’m not mistaken, it is offered in Lewisburg and Allenwood. Google “RDAP federal prison program” for more info and all the best to you and your family for your upcoming incarceration.

      I met Mr Noodles in Otisville, I was a fellow tenant of the camp. He’s a good guy with a sarcastic and twisted sense of humor. Guys like him can help make your time go by easier. It’s definitely an experience you’ll look back on and hopefully be able to laugh at. Be well.

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