Passover at the Compound

Passover at the Compound

A very subdued Passover was celebrated by Daniel Greer in the compound.  None of his children showed up for the holiday.  The old Goat’s new family kept him company.  The Goat’s new family consists of two rabbis who are running a yeshiva for wayward teenage boys in the compound.  Rabbi Notis and Rabbi Feuer appear to be running some kind of school while the wayward boys come and go as they please.

The Goat still has a few friends left in New Haven.  Actor Bruce Altmann and his wife Public Defender Darcy McGraw still support this monster.  Song writer Gary Lynes still is a loyal soldier in the goat army.  The old Goat had to recruit a few clueless young men from Jewish outreach organization Ohr Somayach to fill the ranks for Passover as the wayward boys all went home for the holiday.

The last remaining Hack in the compound has packed his bags and is ready to move out.  Harold Hack listed his house for sale one month ago.  The listing now indicates that the house he lived in for the last 30 years is “on deposit.”  It was listed for sale on 3/3/17.  The listing now shows that there is a pending sale.  Hack can’t wait to get out of Dodge.

I spotted Hack Senior over Passover at the local synagogues.  He was very rude and didn’t say hello to me.  But he reached out to some of the very people he attacked over the last 40 years at the Goat’s bidding.  The old Goat did the same thing around the time his empire began to crash because of rumors of the child rape lawsuit.  The Goat reached out to local rabbis whom he showed nothing but contempt for since he landed in New Haven. The Goat never wanted anyone poking around the compound, lest they discovered his crimes.

Yet the Goat recently turned on people who never said a word against him.  The Goat is still trying to evict the Undertaker, who has lived in a goat owned apartment for the last 30 years, and continued to appear at the goat’s minyan even after the child rape lawsuit was filed.  The Goat started a few other evictions against religious Jews in the compound who did nothing against the goat other than to make regular monthly rent payments.

The Goat showed nothing but contempt for his own children, and grandchildren, whom he regularly abused in public. Avi Hack testified that he submitted to the goat’s depraved acts because he was afraid that the Goat would yell at him and abuse him.  Avi also testified that the Department of Child and Youth Services came to the compound to investigate allegations of abuse against children in the school.  The goat was locking up children in unheated rooms in the winter.  Nothing ever became of the investigation.  The Goat had many high level friends in the police department at the time.

The citizens of New Haven are calling for the goat to be tarred, feathered, and thrown in jail.  Read the comments following the recent Paul Bass article excoriating the Goat.  It’s about time Paul Bass exposed the Goat, albeit 30 years too late.

3 thoughts on “Passover at the Compound

  1. Are you sure a new yeshiva is under Greer’s roof?
    Do the directors/hanholo know? Have you called them?
    Same guestions with Orh Somayach. The Monesy Ohr is very reputable, they wouldnt let bochrim spend time with Greer.
    Something must be wrong with the info you have.
    Have you called Ohr Somayach?

    1. I sent out emails to a number of people at different Ohr Somayach offices. I only got one reply and the rabbi didn’t know anything about it. The young rabbis at this “yeshiva” know what is going on with Greer. They don’t seem to care. I can take you for a tour of the yeshiva and you can see for yourself. Some of the bochurim would probably speak with you. I have spoken with a few in the past.

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