Paul Bass Could Have Stopped the Goat 20 Years Ago

Paul Bass Could Have Stopped the Goat 20 Years Ago

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Think of all the lives Paul Bass could have saved had he followed up on the explosive article he wrote about the Goat almost 20 years ago.  In 1998 Paul was brave enough to take on this “complex, fascinating power broker” as he put it at the time.

For some reason Paul backed off from the Goat.  He was working for the New Haven Advocate at the time.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Goat threatened to sue the little New Haven Advocate.  The Goat threatened to sue me for posting a few harmless goat pictures on Facebook.  He eventually did sue me when I wrote about his crimes in this blog.

Everyone is afraid of getting sued by the Goat.  I contacted the Jewish Community Watch before the rape case was even filed.  They never got back to me.  They never exposed the Goat to the Jewish community.  I just contacted them again last week.  I still haven’t heard from them.

Paul could have taken on the Goat himself without the New Haven Advocate.  He could have poked around the compound.  He could have contacted a few people who left the compound over the years.  Who knows, maybe someone would have revealed what was going on behind those “8 foot high stockade fences” as Paul put it.

In 1998 Paul Bass described how the Goat ran from local community activist Scot Esdaile:  “Scot wanted a figurative peek over the fence, a chance to learn some of the secrets of the mysterious Rabbi Greer, when he drove his Jeep through the light at Elm and Norton.  His eyes met Greer’s as the Jeep stopped at the curb:  ‘Soon as he sees me, he takes off, he physically runs across the street.’  Greer disappeared into the permanently locked doors of fortress Gan, the fenced-off brick building with a security camera out front.”

When Paul wrote these prophetic words how could he not think that the Goat was mad?  How could Paul not think that this Goat was more than just some eccentric rabbi?

Putting clergy child rape cases in historical context, the Catholic priest cases didn’t start to get publicized until the 1980s and 1990s.  The scandals involving rabbis didn’t start to get publicized until the early 2000s.  It  may not have occurred to Paul at the time that the Goat was a child rapist.

Even if did he did not think the Goat was a child rapist, how could Paul not come to the conclusion that the Goat was trying to start a freakish cult with the Goat as leader?  The Goat used the Orthodox Jewish religion as cover.  How could Paul Bass allow a Goat cult to operate right out in the open in the streets of New Haven?

I know a person who was standing next to Paul Bass at the Goat school when Paul tried to interview the Goat.  Paul wrote, “when I tried to enter the building to make another appeal, he rushed at me, shoved me out the door and threatened to call the cops.”  My witness said that the Goat charged out of the front doors and pushed Paul down the stairs, while he yelled at Paul.  The Goat then apologized to my witness and said that Paul was an evil man.

I recall at the time the Goat saying that if you read the New Haven Advocate you needed to take a dunk in the mikveh bath, in order to purify yourself.  Meanwhile, the Goat was showing teenager Avi Hack pornography, and taking him to Provincetown, RI, for romantic getaways.

Paul Bass eventually made up with the Goat.  Paul started to go to the compound.  How did that happen?  I still don’t understand why I went to the compound.  I always had my suspicions about Avi Hack.  I was never so sure about the Goat. I heard some rumors but I never saw anything. Avi clearly liked to touch teenage boys.  He didn’t even try to hide it.  He groped boys right in front of his father Harold Hack, Ezi Greer and Dov Greer.  At times I was conflicted.  How could anything be wrong if Harold, Ezi and Dov didn’t say anything?  At other times I was sick to my stomach.  I knew it would be very difficult to set up this sick little man.  I always befriended the boys in the school.  I would be there if one of them decided to rat out this little monster.

Future articles by Paul Bass about the Goat were much kinder.  As he aged, he lost his rage.  I will never be as good a writer as Paul.  But I will try to channel the anger that Paul once had for the Goat.  I will try to pick up where Paul left off.

The attorney for Mirlis just filed an extension of time to file his legal bill that the Court will require the Goat to pay for causing court delays.  Attorney Ponvert needs additional time because he is currently preparing to take to trial a child rape case involving a number of teachers and administrators at the Indian Neck School, in Litchfield County, Connecticut.  The allegations made in the Indian Neck case are not much different than those made in the Goat case.

Paul Bass should be forgiven for letting the Goat get away.  Paul was younger then.  The Goat is a depraved creature. Paul was no match for the Goat.

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