Paul Bass Interrogates the Mayor About The Goat

Paul Bass Interrogates the Mayor About The Goat

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New Haven Independent reporter Paul Bass, the man who was the first to expose the crooked Goat thirty years ago in his New Haven Advocate article, conducted a radio show today which featured the Mayor of New Haven, Toni Harp.  Bass dropped the ball thirty years ago and didn’t write another scathing article attacking the Goat.  The mystery still remains as to why Bass backed down.

Paul Bass interrogated Mayor Harp about Rabbi Goat.  Bass asked Harp what she thought about the Goat getting arrested.  Her Highness said she was glad that he was in jail and that he wasn’t going to a bother to anyone.  Bass corrected Her Harpness and told her that the Goat was out on bail and that he was still around children every day at the goat school.  Yale graduates Paul Bass and Toni Harp need to be corrected by convicted felon and disgraced attorney Larry Noodles.  The students at the Goat school are home in Lakewood NJ for summer break and are not living at the Goat compound.  The Goat is currently trying to recruit locals to his Goat Temple of Pedophilia.

Paul Bass told Mayor Harp that the Goat controls 40 properties in the Edgewood Elm neighborhood and that the Goat’s children who ran the properties skipped town.  Paul asked Her Harpness if she had a contingency plan if these 40 properties were taken over by squatters and reprobates after the Goat went to jail.  Her Harpness responded with a fib.  She said that she knew others at the Goat’s non-profit organizations and that she was confident that things would be fine.  She did not mention the names of the people whom she knew at the Goat’s many non-profits.

The only people still listed as officers of the Goat’s non-profits, from the latest public tax filings, are Sarah Greer, Mark Roffman, William Gallagher, Rabbi Emmanuel Gettinger, James D. McAdam and the Goat himself.  William Gallagher was a prominent New Haven lawyer who left a million dollar hole in his client’s trust account, which only came to light after he died.  Gallagher’s building on Ella Grasso Boulevard was recently foreclosed.  Rabbi Emmanuel Gettinger died two years ago.  James McAdam also died a few years ago.

It is possible that Her Harpness did not tell a fib to Paul Bass.  It is entirely possible that Her Harpness has been in close contact with remaining corporate officers Sarah Greer and Mark Roffman, and has discussed contingency plans for the 40 Goat owned properties.  It is also possible that the Mayor has been channeling the spirits of the deceased members of the Board of Directors in the basement of the Goat Temple in the spot where Avi Hack repeatedly got raped by Rabbi Goat.

Larry Noodles extends a public apology to Her Harpness, and also extends an apology to Yale University for suggesting that Yale grads Paul Bass and Toni Harp are not smarter than a classroom of New Haven fifth graders.

One thought on “Paul Bass Interrogates the Mayor About The Goat

  1. For the benefit of the Orthodox readers of this site who are restricted by the Code of Jewish Law to only read sad content on the 9th day of Av, this website qualifies.

    The Talmud relates that when the Temple was destroyed 2000 years ago, a ship filled with 400 child captives was on it’s way to Rome to be forced into immoral acts with aristocratic pedophiles. This is no different than the pedophillic Goat surrounding himself with underage prey while he thinks he’s hot stuff as an elitist Yale Law grad. (The fact of the matter is that while the Goat THINKS he’s hot excrement on a silver platter, he’s nothing more than cold diarrhea on a paper plate).

    One area of study that is permitted on the 9th of Av is the laws governing excommunication. The Goat certainly meets the criteria of someone deserving to be excommunicated. Although it’s an interesting trivia question if a Jewish beth din court has ever excommunicated a ruminant goat before.

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