Plaintiff Amends Child Rape Lawsuit to Go After Greer Non-Profits

Plaintiff Amends Child Rape Lawsuit to Go After Greer Non-Profits

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(May 24, 2016)  It was Larry Noodles who first reported two days ago that Rabbi Greer was attempting to transfer his personal real estate holdings into his non-profits entities in order to shield his personal assets from the Federal child rape lawsuit.  (See blog below May 22).  Today Plaintiff Mirlis filed an amended complaint and added Greer’s non-profit entities as defendants in the Greer lawsuit.  Paul Bass at the New Haven Independent spoke with Attorney Ponvert, who represents Mirlis.   Ponvert told Bass that Greer’s non-profits were his “alter ego” and subject to liability.  In legal jargon this is called “piercing the corporate veil.”  You cannot lead a life of crime and child rape and then hide your personal assets in non-profit entities in order to shield your assets from people who sue you.  The Plaintiff is allowed to pierce the corporate veil and get at corporate assets that you control.  Greer’s entire New Haven empire could come crashing down in the event of a multi million dollar verdict.  A boy scout who was sexually molested by a troup leader in the 1970’s just won a $12 million dollar jury verdict against Boy Scouts of America in Superior Court in Waterbury, CT. Larry Noodles is a dismayed that he is not taken as a serious investigative journalist, and was not permitted interviews with any of the attorneys in the Greer case.  Regardless, Larry Noodles will continue to provide the latest developments of the Greer saga as they unfold.

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