Plot Thickens In Case of Murdered Jewish Mom

Plot Thickens In Case of Murdered Jewish Mom

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Guillaume Vidallet allegedly received a $75K loan from Fotis Dulos through Gal Pal Michelle Traconis. Vidallet is not related to Art Vandelay

Jennifer Farber Dulos’s aristocratic Jewish family founded the Liz Claiborne fashion company. Jennifer’s family were prominent members of the historic Temple Emanu-El Synagogue located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Let’s face it, every member at Temple Emanu-El is prominent. This isn’t some Chabad Rabbi’s makeshift living room / shul located in Brooklyn.

Jennifer married Fotis Dulos, a Turk raised in Greece, and sired two sets of twins, and a single, five total. The two oldest twins are nationally ranked in snow and water skiing. Fotis trained them in the Avon pond that the police have been searching. Fotis’ encouraged unhealthy competition between the boys, as if they were Spartans.

Jennifer and Fotis have been embroiled in two years of vicious divorce proceedings. After they split up Fotis hooked up with Michelle Troconis. Michelle and her daughter moved in with Fotis in his mansion in Farmington. The mansion was paid for with money Fotis borrowed from Jennifer’s family. Jennifer’s family is suing Fotis for defaulting on millions of dollars in loans.

Jennifer disappeared from her house on May 24th after she left her kids off at a private school in New Canaan. Blood was found in her mansion in New Canaan. Police have videos of Fotis and Troconis driving around the Hartford area dumping large plastic bags containing items, such as sponges, stained with Jennifer’s blood in dumpsters all over Hartford.

In paperwork filed in the divorce proceedings Fotis is alleged to have loaned $75K through his Fore Group to his gal pal Troconis, who somehow funneled the money to a Frenchman named Guillaume Vidallet. Vidallet used to work for Fotis. Vidallet still maintained a business relationship after he left Fotis. The divorce paperwork alleges that the $75K loan was made at the behest of Sue Morin, of Farmington Bank. When asked about the loan under oath Morin asserted her right against self incrimination. It’s not clear if Sue still works at Farmington Bank. Her link to Farmington Bank no longer works. The Feds may be on to her. I did 18 months for bank fraud. Sue should skip town now before the Feds catch up to her.

In paperwork filed in the divorce proceedings the court order stated that Fotis was not allowed to have his girlfriend Michelle Troconis present during visits with his children. Fotis had Michelle’s daughter present during visitation. Jennifer told Judge Donna Heller that Fotis violated the Court order. Fotis argued in court that he did not violate the Court order because the Court order only applied to Michelle and not her daughter. Chutzpah!

The ultimate chutzpah is when Fotis tried to get Judge Donna Heller disqualified from presiding over his divorce case. Fotis contacted Judge Heller’s husband, a Stamford divorce lawyer named Norman Heller. Fotis asked Norman Heller some legal questions over the telephone. Fotis never met or hired Heller. Fotis then filed a motion to disqualify Judge Heller on the grounds that her husband “represented” him, which would make her “impartial” in his case. In his motion Fotis claimed that when he called Norman Heller he had no idea that he was related to Judge Donna Heller. Chutzpah!

According to the court appointed psychologist, Dr. Lopez, Fotis exposed his children to extreme emotional harm. Fotis told his two oldest boys that their mother had hired someone to break his legs. The children repeated this to their mother. Jennifer filed a motion in court to terminate visitation. Fotis claimed in court that all he said to his sons was that their mother “could have hired someone from the Mafia to break his legs.” Fotis said he never told his children that Jennifer actually hired someone to break his legs.

At another point Fotis lied to the Court about having his girlfriend Michelle Troconis over during a visit with his children. Fotis testified under oath that his girlfriend was not at the visit. Fotis tried to get his kids to cover for him and lie about her being at the visitation. When told that Jennifer had pictures taken by an investigator of Michelle with Fotis and the kids during visitation, Fotis changed his tune. He said he was mistaken when he previously stated under oath that his girlfriend was not present during visitation.

Partially redacted divorce court documents indicate that at one point the Court appointed psychologist almost reported Fotis to the Department of Child and Family Services. Dr. Lopez contacted Attorney Michael Meehan, the guardian ad litem appointed by the Court to represent the interests of the minor children. Lopez told Meehan that as a mandated reporter he would have to contact the authorities unless Meehan did something immediately. Dr. Lopez never reported Fotis to DCF. It’s not clear what was done or what sort of abuse was alleged by Dr. Lopez as the court documents were redacted.

Fotis is represented by Attorney Norm Pattis. Norm also represents Info Wars madman Alex Jones. Norm was with Alex Jones on the Info Wars show the other day. See link. Norm is in the last 20 minutes of the show. Norm complained that he is being shunned by other Connecticut attorneys because of his clientele, such as Fotos and Jones. Who is Norm kidding? Norm is just looking for sympathy. Norm still has a loyal entourage of abnormal Normies who worship every bone in Norm’s body and every bone in Norm’s giant cranium. Norm calmly sat next to Jones as Jones ranted against the attorney who is suing him over Sandy Hook, ie., Christopher Mattei, of the Koskoff Law Firm, the same firm that got a $15 million verdict against Rabbi Daniel Greer. Jones called Mattei a “white shoe boy.” “White shoe” refers to lawyers who work in big law firms. The transcript submitted to Judge Bellis says that Jones called Mattei a “White Jew boy.” I heard “white shoe boy.” I never heard anyone use a slur “White Jew boy.” Listen for yourself. Jones pounded a picture of Mattei on his desk with his fist. Jones accused Mattei of planting child porn in Jones’ emails. The emails were sent by Norm to Mattei as part of millions of items of electronic data. The child porn was embedded in a few emails and unopened. The techies working for Norm and Alex Jones obviously didn’t notice the child porn before sending it out to Mattei. Mattei’s techies found the child porn and notified the Office of the United States Attorney. The US Attorney determined that Alex Jones had nothing to do with the child porn. Jones accused Mattei, who is a former US Attorney, of trying to set him up. Norm tried to act lawyerly and keep Jones under control during the show as Jones screamed and cursed out Mattei and Obama. Norm was no match for Jones. Norm looked like Jones’ water boy. When Jones asked Norm if he had any closing comments all Norm could say was, “Hi Mom.” Grow some betzim Norm!

The cops still haven’t found Jennifer’s body. They have been searching all over Farmington, Avon and Hartford. Jennifer lived in New Canaan. Fotis lived in Farmington. The cops need to search the 69 miles between New Canaan and Farmington. There are plenty of woods, lakes and ponds that Fotis could have dumped her body. The cops need to ask the public to search all wooded areas off the Merritt Parkway, Route 69, Route 63, I91 between Farmington and New Canaan.

For G-d, For Country, for Hillhouse!

Moshiach Now!

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