Police Activity At the Compound

Police Activity At the Compound

New Haven Police were called to the compound this past Friday night during Sabbath Eve religious services.  One of the teenage students living at the compound either had a mental breakdown or suffered from some kind of emotional trauma.  This poor soul escaped from the compound.  He made his way over to the rival yeshiva located down the street.

The rival yeshiva had banned the goat boyz from their building some months ago.  The goat boyz had been caught trying to steal booze at the rival yeshiva.  This time the rival yeshiva offered the boy sanctuary. I do not know the reason why this boy decided to go to the sanctuary yeshiva.

Larry Noodles witnessed the entire event.  The boy made his way to the basement of the sanctuary yeshiva.  He appeared to be hallucinating.  About ten other boys from the compound were there to support him.

The New Haven police and ambulance arrived.  They assessed the troubled youth.  They determined the boy had to be admitted to Yale New Haven Hospital.  They escorted him out of the building and put him in an ambulance.  They admitted him to the psych unit.

The rabbi who runs the yeshiva renting space at the compound walked to the hospital to visit the boy, as he could not drive as it was Shabbat.  The next day the boys’ friends walked to the hospital to visit him.

The Goat merely rents his buildings to this yeshiva for a dollar a year.  The Goat does nothing more than collect rent checks and leer at the teenage boys in the compound.  The Goat never went to visit the boy in the hospital in order to see how he was doing. The Goat could care less about the suffering of others.  The Goat’s entire purpose in life is to cause pain and suffering to others.

I wish the young boy a full recovery.  I hope his parents realize that the compound is not a safe place for children.

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  1. What a horrifying place. Hopefully this young man will have the courage to help put the goat where he belongs; unit j, two mile rd, Otisville, NY.

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