Police State USA Under Siege

Police State USA Under Siege

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Five years ago legendary trial attorney Gerry Spence wrote the book “Police State” about the rampant abuse of power in the American criminal justice system. Gerry’s biggest fan is Connecticut attorney Norm Pattis, the man who defended wife killer Fotis Dulos. Norm grew a pony tail and bushy eyebrows in order to emulate his hero. Norm hired an associate who also grew a pony tail, ie., Kevin Smith, AKA mini Norm.

The Harvard and Yale educated power brokers who occupy the offices of the United States Department of Justice, the Halls of Congress, and the White House have been baffled by riots spreading throughout the country. Didn’t the peasants read the stay at home orders?

The American Dream is defined as democracy, liberty, opportunity and equality in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and upward social mobility achieved through hard work, with opportunity according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

The American Dream has been taken over by American greed. Equality cannot be achieved when the only people in this country who are allowed to achieve prosperity, freedom, and success are the ones with money, power and Ivy League diplomas.

After the civil rights movement in the 1950s, and the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s, there was an explosive increase in money spent on law enforcement, at the behest of the American oligarchs who control Wall Street, the military industrial complex, the drug industry, and big business. These oligarchs also control Congress and the White House. Small police departments suddenly got Federal grants to increase their fire power and turn themselves into para military operations. The US Attorneys Office and the FBI expanded into areas of the law previously handled by local police. Congress enacted racketeering laws, conspiracy laws and three strikes laws in order to give the Feds more power to indict, prosecute and incarcerate. The result of all this spending is the current police state.

There are 169 towns in the tiny State of Connecticut of 3.5 million people. Almost every town and city in Connecticut now has its own police force. There are 932 towns and 62 cities in the Empire State of NY of 20 million people. Almost every town and city in New York has its own police force. There are 93 Federal United States Attorneys Offices that employ over 100,000 attorneys, support staff and special agents. There are over two million Americans locked up in jails and prisons right now. There are probably about 50 million cops, prosecutors, investigators, judges, court personnel, probation officers, support staff, public defenders and criminal judges to handle the caseload.

There is no unified police state run by a chief crime czar. There are thousands of individual police departments and law enforcement agencies located throughout the country, each with its own individual culture. Not all police departments are created equal. Former public defender Larry Krasner was voted top prosecutor in Philadelphia. When he took office he fired one third of the prosecutors in his office and sidelined bad cops he couldn’t fire. He has sought to reform the entire department.

The cops have been beating, abusing and shooting citizens for many years before the invention of cell phone cameras. Cops have just been following the orders of city politicians. Keep the peace in high crime areas with a bare bones budget, out of date weapons and run down police cruisers. The cops can’t keep the peace without backup. Veteran cops don’t go into high crime areas in the cities. Veteran cops eventually quit their city jobs for more lucrative, and safer police jobs in the suburbs. You can’t blame them. It is usually a 25 year old unstable cowboy cop, Black or white, man or woman, who ends up imposing the death sentence on a suspect to a crime who is “presumed innocent.”

The politicians have refused to spend taxpayer dollars in poor cities, where the police are needed the most. Rich parents in the suburbs spawn drug addicts and mental patients who end up dirt poor in the cities. The government has refused to spend money on drug treatment centers, homeless centers, employment opportunities, affordable housing, day care, and mental health centers in the cities. All the money gets spent in the suburbs. The US Supreme Court ordered that States desegregate their schools in the 1950s. The States failed in their attempts to desegregate, which led to white flight, segregated housing and segregated schools, worse than the Jim Crow era. Is it any wonder that there are violent racists, lawmen and laymen, of all colors, involved in mass shootings and acts of violence?

The result is a Balkanized Police State America ruled by the rich and powerful Ivy League liberal Americans, of all colors, living in their gated communities in the suburbs. It wasn’t that long ago that Donald Trump threatened to send in the National Guard to Chicago to clean up the streets of violent drug gangs. The Donald never followed through on his threat. The Democrats in Congress never threatened to clean up the streets of Chicago with Federal dollars spent on jobs, day care, affordable housing, education, health care and desegregation. It was the Donald who passed the prison reform bill the First Step Act, not the Democrats. Bill Clinton passed the Three Strikes crime bill which led to mass incarceration. The Democrats passed the 2005 law that made it harder for poor people to file bankruptcy, a law that was financed by the credit card industry, and is enforced by the Office of the United States Trustee, a division of the Department of Justice.

The rich and powerful Harvard and Yale graduates, the meritocracy of America, of all backgrounds and colors, who rule this country, would have you believe that everything is fine in America. The system is working great. We just need to learn to get along better. The peasants need to sit down for a beer summit with the Yale graduates and see the light. We need to “create a new normal” in the recent words of Harvard grad and Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama. Obama also stated: “It will fall mainly on the officials of Minnesota to ensure that the circumstances surrounding George Floyd’s death are investigated thoroughly and that justice is ultimately done. But it falls on all of us, regardless of our race or station — including the majority of men and women in law enforcement who take pride in doing their tough job the right way, every day — to work together to create a ‘new normal.’ Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in a South African prison. Natan Sharansky spent 9 years in the Soviet gulag. America has no Nelson Mandelas or Natan Sharanskys. Obama is no Nelson Mandela. America only has Larry Noodles, who did 20 months in Club Fed, to speak out on human rights. We are all in trouble. Oy gevalt!

For God, For Country, For Yale.

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9 thoughts on “Police State USA Under Siege

  1. A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who’s been arrested.

  2. And yet when a black Minneapolis policeman shoots and kills an unarmed and innocent Australian woman, no one outside of Australia is interested, and the police chief continues her vacation. When a black man is killed by a white policeman, the whole country, the whole world erupts in anger. Seems like black lives matter a lot more than white ones.

  3. … an anarchist who has been mugged and arrested become baal tshuva!

  4. More seriously, I never realised the US has this decentralised police. In Australia, every state has one police force (plus Federal Police similar to FBI). Not sure what is better. Theoretically, local police should be closer to the people and to the elected local government, no?

    1. Connecticut is still stuck in the 1800s with the legal concept of “home rule” each of its 167 towns having its own police force, fire dept, town clerk, land records, etc…, which is completely inefficient and a waste of tax dollars, the reason taxes are so high in Connecticut, whereas other areas of the country have regional governmental centers to address problems in high crime areas in the region, where in Connecticut towns with no crime you have wasted resources spent on police departments when said resources could be better utilized in the cities.

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