Ponvert Accuses Sarah Greer of “Unapologetic” Contempt of Court

Ponvert Accuses Sarah Greer of “Unapologetic” Contempt of Court


Today Attorney Ponvert filed paperwork opposing the Motion filed by Sarah Greer’s attorney asking the court to waive sanctions against Sarah Greer for blowing off her deposition.  Ponvert accused “Mrs. Greer” of an “astonishing and unapologetic contempt of court.” She sounds like the female version of the goat.  Ponvert stated that to this day Mrs. Goat has still not offered any excuse as to why she blew off court after she was served with Court paperwork warning her that she would be held in contempt.

Sarah Greer was referred to as “Mrs. Greer” by Attorney Ponvert.  At the compound Sarah Greer referred to herself as “Rebbetzin” Greer.  Rebbetzin is a title that gives a woman special honor and respect for being married to a prominent rabbi.  In Sarah Greer’s case there is no honor being married to the depraved goat.  Sarah Greer should be ashamed of herself for staying married to this monster for 40 years.

At the compound Sarah Greer sat in the front row of the woman’s section of the Goat Temple. This was a room that had enough space for 100 people but typically only had about 20 people showing up for services.  In the women’s section it was mostly empty.  Even though it was mostly empty, the front row was reserved for Sarah Greer, regardless of whether she was sitting there.  If a woman tried to sit in the front row other than Sarah Greer, the goat would trot over to the women’s section and chase her out of her seat.

The goat and his loyal wife have each hired their own attorneys to file  motions objecting to everything filed by Attorney Ponvert.  Two attorneys means two attorneys’ billing hours that the non-profits will be stuck paying for.  The goat has no problem wasting money that he figures will go to Mirlis anyway.  He would rather that the money be spent on two separate attorneys rather than to compensate a man who was abused by this disgusting goat.


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